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  1. I am the original poster on this thread, and all I wanted to know was which deck plan was correct! I am not looking for "free" drinks as I can afford to buy what I want. I was looking for a quiet place to sit in the afternoon when my DH likes to take a short nap. I thought the diamond lounge would be a good place, if on our deck, and maybe have a coffee. We haven't been on Royal for a few years, but we were on the Oasis years ago and I seem to remember the lounge on deck 4. But I get all these "Of The Seas" mixed up and I know the Oasis is remodeled . For a poster to look for hidden meaning or think I'm trying to get something for free is offensive.
  2. We are going on Oasis in March and I booked us on deck 11 as it shows the diamond lounge on that deck. Yet it also shows diamond lounge on deck 4. And yet a different deck plan for the same ship and sail date show deck 11 having a card room. So, how do I figure out where the diamond lounge really is?
  3. So, why do they call it formal if they don't really mean formal? I remember years ago on Celebrity on a formal night we saw darling young couple come into the dining room on formal night. She was wearing a short cocktail dress, he had on a shirt and tie, long pants. They would not let them into the dining room because he didn't have a jacket on. My husband got up handed the young man his jacket so he could get into the dining room. Lots of men take off the jacket when they sit down anyway. Just another reason I love my hubby. Shame on Celebrity for embarrassing a guest.
  4. My days of dressing "formal" are long gone. I do country club casual, it this is good enough for Oceania, it is good enough for Royal.
  5. We will be on Oasis March 22nd. Will you still be there?
  6. That's great, since this is a family cruise it will be nice to have. Thanks!
  7. I looked on the crown and anchor benefit for diamond but didn't see the free photo on there. Did they take that away? We haven't been on RCCL in awhile, but going back for a family cruise in March. Thanks.
  8. Were in a b3, extended balcony but on the other side of the ship. Love to hear what they tell you! How are you enjoying the ship?
  9. Whats your cabin #? Were going on Riviera in a few weeks.
  10. Your right, not all scooter stores take Medicare. I went to a local medical supply store that worked with Medicare for me. It was a process because the Doctor had to fill out the form just so. But we got it done and it was worth is for me. My scooter only cost me $20.00 for my insurance deductible. I live in Palm Beach County, Fl. If you are in this area, I can tell you ware to go.
  11. I have a question regarding the casino free cruise. How much $$ does one need to lose in order to get a free cruise offer, or does it just go by how many hours you gamble? I have 2 daughters who are constantly getting free cruises from the casino. They must be down a bundle on each cruise! Thanks
  12. Does anyone know the phone number for the head office in Miami?
  13. We are diamond on Royal but haven't sailed with them in a couple of years. What does diamond do for us? I know about the diamond lounge, but what are their hours? When do we book shows and fill out our doc. info, ie passports. Thanks.
  14. Can I ask what is a block? We are diamond member but haven't sailed on Royal in 2 years. Thanks
  15. So if the poster was going on Super Bowl Sunday, not rush hour, probable 1 1/5 hr?
  16. That's so funny, whether or not the Dolphins are playing. They are so bad who would pay to see them? I wonder if they even get 10,000 in the stadium. I feel bad for the vendors working inside, they can't make money if no one is there.
  17. I would guessI about 1 hr to 1 1/2 hr. Just take 95 S If your going to get on a ship you'll be well north of the traffic and many hours early. You'll be at sea when the game starts.
  18. We live in Palm Beach, people should try hotels in this area, only about a half hour north of Port Everglades.
  19. Port Everglades is North of Miami, anyone coming from North Florida in the morning should not have any problems. Leave yourself extra time and you'll be fine.
  20. We didn't have a problem, just asked our cabin steward and he opened it, didn't ask anyone for permission. It's certainly worth a try.
  21. Yes you can, or a least your cabin steward will do it for you. We had friends next to us in PH cabins on the Marina and had the balcony partition open.
  22. We sail the middle of Dec. and got our docs on Fri. or Sat. They came directly from Oceania, not our TA.
  23. Just a FYI, Medicare will pay for a mobility scooter if your Dr. says you have to have one. I had to go to a couple Dr's. to get the form filled out correctly, but it was worth it. Dr. visits were a $10.00 co pay and the scooter was $20.00. Do your homework!
  24. Last cruise with Oceania out of Miami, we got an upsell at the last minute and asked to porter for blank luggage tags and were told they didn't have them! Hard to believe but that's what they said.
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