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  1. Thank-you, Petoonya. We would prefer a taxi if we knew they would be available rather than a prearranged transfer as a less stressful and worry-free not having to meet a certain sailing or wait around for a certain sailing. Maybe will still hear from others a little later. I have noted your transfer service as a plan B and appreciate you replying
  2. We too are looking at taking a ferry from Moorea terminal to the Hilton and would appreciate some advice. Flight arrival to Papeete ariport at 5:05 am. I *know* - would prefer to arrive later but this is what it is. Corrections or comments appreciated. Putting this together from other posts too From reading other posts could be fast or slow getting luggage and through customs so maybe ready to take a taxi at 6:00 am ish I believe taxis are more expensive before 06:00 I understand taxi will be waiting / available 15-30 minute drive to ferry terminal. Cost xpf 2000 (also $USD20-30 if necessary) Ferry tickets can be purchased at the ferry terminal. No advantage to buying ahead on-line. It seems maybe could make three crossings (Monday Nov 12): Terevau at 06:40, Aremiti Ferry2 07:20 or Terevau 08:10 Assuming all that is reasonably correct now my issue is: will there be taxis available at the ferry terminal on Moorea? If the advice is that I should book a transfer rather than take a chance on a taxi then I have to select one of the ferry times above, i.e 7:20 or 8:10 and take our time leaving the airport or cooling our heels at the ferry terminal What would you suggest?
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