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  1. Hi Jim, This is Paula. We met in the Retreat on the Edge on the TA in November. We really enjoyed the Edge. Thank you for 99% confirming what I thought was correct! We added a cruise to our B2B on the Eclipse after Celebrity changed the dry dock dates and added new itineraries. We will be getting off on Nov 10, as you are boarding! Hope we cross paths again someday.
  2. I just read on a thread about the Sunset Suites that you are currently on the Eclipse. You mentioned that Eclipse will now be shifted for renovation dry dock to October of this year. Is this an official new change? The dry dock was originally scheduled for October of 2020 and was changed late last year to April of 2021. We are booked on Eclipse on B2B2B in September and October of 2020, so very important to us!! Thanks much!
  3. Thanks for the laugh!! You point out a mistake on Celebrity's part, but then you can't use the correct word. It's "their" not "there". How hard is it to post on Cruise Critic????
  4. Can you use OBC to purchase one of these packages pre-cruise? Thanks!
  5. Thank you very much for your reply. I will give you a brief explanation of what we experienced. We left the ship and got on the shuttle bus at 8:15 am. The bus driver had NO idea where he was going. We drove and drove aimless around the city. We stopped at a police station for directions. Another bus was sent to lead us back to the port and the terminal. That did not work either; that bus drove us down two dead end roads in the port and both buses had to back out. The other bus backed into a concrete barrier and did substantial damage to the left rear of the bus. Finally, a passenger with cell service on her phone used GPS to help the driver find the terminal. Coincidentally, there were three Celebrity staff members on board going to work at the terminal, and they assured us a full report of this debacle would be made. Someone with Celebrity had to notice they were missing!! We were on the bus for ONE HOUR AND TWENTY MINUTES. We were standing on the bus the entire time, with our carry on luggage leaning against our legs. We were packed in like sardines and were hot and uncomfortable. When I reported this to Celebrity, I was told that I must be mistaken and imagined seeing the same sites over and over during our drive. They claimed I should have expected an extended drive to the terminal. They said they contacted Customer Relations on the Eclipse, and they claimed no knowledge of any such incident. This is the first time I have every raised an issue with Celebrity and I am very disappointed in their response. I do not appreciate being told this did not happen. I wanted an apology and a sincere effort to make sure it did not happen again.
  6. We enjoyed a fantastic cruise on the Eclipse from Barcelona to Buenos Aires. The only negative experience was on the last day of the cruise. I reported the issue to Celebrity after returning home, but was rebuffed, as if my concerns were unfounded. I am not seeking retribution or reimbursement, but felt Celebrity needed to be aware of the unfortunate circumstances we encountered. I would appreciate input from people who disembarked in Buenos Aires at the conclusion of the Celebrity Eclipse cruises beginning on 11/23/18 or 12/9/18. Could you please tell me how long the ride was on the shuttle bus from the ship to the terminal where luggage was collected? For example, were you on the bus for 5 minutes, 20 minutes, etc. Thank you in advance. Paula
  7. The cabin you mentioned, 1121, is on Deck 11. The buffet is on Deck 10.
  8. That is a disembarkation tag from a previous cruise on Royal Caribbean that you forgot to remove. Pinnacle is the RC equivalent to Zenith on Celebrity.
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