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  1. we are not in Aqua for our upcoming cruise on Reflection....hoping someone who was recently on board could advise how much a weekly pass would be, since I can't seem to find a consistent price mentioned. Thanks!
  2. if the ship docks at 3:30pm, that doesn't mean you will be OFF the ship at 3:30pm, I wouldn't risk it, unless its a tour booked through the ship then they will wait for you.
  3. we are already booked in CC for an upcoming cruise and won't be upgrading to Aqua, just curious if we are able to purchase a pass, I've seen everything mentioned from less than to more than $100 for a week's pass. I can wait til I'm onboard in a few weeks but was curious how much it would set me back.
  4. also wondering about this, if it can't be pre-booked, does anyone know how much it is to purchase on board? We will be on Reflection, CC.
  5. Thank you both so much for confirming!
  6. excellent, thank you! We are Concierge so I will happily keep that bottle cold and ready for breakfast. Looking forward to it already!
  7. If I want (and I DO) Mimosa(S) for breakfast on my veranda, do I have to go fetch one at the Oceanview or is there some hack you can share with me. Was wondering if I should bring a bottle of bubbly on board and order orange juice with my room service breakfast? I believe I cannot order alcohol with room service, is that correct? Thanks for your tips!
  8. I apologize if this is a repeat question, but my X app shows a Tiffany & Co on deck 5 mid ship on the REFLECTION PLEASE tell me this is true, and if so, how is the inventory? Definitely want to spend some of my OBC there! THANKS!
  9. oh good, I'm so happy to hear this about Eddy....I really appreciate a good CD, especially one with a great sense of humour, which sounds like is the case with him. I believe a previous CD told me his contract was 12 weeks, perhaps there is some variance in that depending on if another ships needs them, etc. If I can figure out how to report back to you, I'll try to ask Eddy how long he's on board and let you know. What date do you sail? Based on your user name, I'm think you are a fellow Canadian! 🇨🇦
  10. thanks for the info about Capt, I'm sorry that he won't be on board when I am, he makes the daily announcements more fun to listen to, otherwise it is just boring nautical miles and knots info, zzzz. 😆
  11. Thank you! I don't know Eddy, but based on his Instagram, he looks to be a hoot! I love his "fake bios" on his IG. 😂
  12. Thats wonderful! I hope they are still on board when we are, Dec 21-28.
  13. We are boarding Reflection for the 3rd time for the Dec 21 Holiday Cruise. Will Lewis Power Stannard still be the cruise director? please don't refer me to the "who's on Board" chart because no matter how many times I look at it, I can't figure out when the next changeovers happen 😀 Lewis' name is highlighted in yellow on the chart, and I don't know what that means. Looks like Captain changeover date was Sept 30, does that mean Capt Kafetzis will still be on board? Thank you and Happy Sailing to all! ⚓ Karen
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