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  1. We are scheduled to sail on the Esprit December 9th. From past cruises, they say they keep the AC on the ship very cold and unable to control in your stateroom as there is no thermostat?  Anyone on the Esprit right now in Caribbean to let us know, also is the dining room ice cold as well?  Need to plan accordingly what to pack. Thanks in advance!

  2. Has anyone recently disembarked after an Alaska Cruise. It says disembarkation begins at 8am. Do we have to clear customs in the morning on the ship? My flight schedule has changed and now is 1045am from Vancouver. Thanks in advance for information.

  3. A couple of times now I have been on flights where we were lucky enough to have the ship wait for us, but I always thought that was a given when one used Crystal air(oV4208 Tokyo-LAX and V3207 Miami to Lisbon(I think that is the cruise number).Does anyone know why they do this, apart from not having to put us up overnight at a hotel? Has anything changed this year with the new program for 2015 onwards? A post on the roll call for V5308 got me thinking about this. Coming from the west coast it is always cutting things a bit close flying in the day of sailing. In Miami thankfully they depart late. I hope coming in a day early is a choice with the new program-of course if I come in a day early I probably could save money by booking on my own and wouldn't need to use Crystal air. Any thoughts?


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