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  1. I am on October 28th cruise on Arcadia. Not in a suite! Let's keep this thread going, it will be useful. I have booked with an agent. Haven't checked recently the payment date. Fingers crossed we go.
  2. I feel the same about masks. We have done click and collect for the last few months, but have had a few weeks away in our touring caravan and have been in supermarkets for our groceries etc. Can't wait to get the mask off. Normally we would browse the shops when we are away, but really couldn't face putting a mask on unless it was a necessity we wanted. I can't imagine we would be happy on a cruise with the situation as it is at the moment. We have one at the end of January to decide on, but unlikely we will go if it is still on. Cancelled this October cruise and transferred to 2021 but
  3. Thanks Harry. I have emailed P&O in the first instance, as I hear people have problems getting through on the phone. I guess we will have a wait for a reply but it seems there is no desperate rush until balance due 1st November. At the moment I am inclined to transfer to 2022. I have already done that with our October this year to next year.
  4. Help! Has anyone used Tesco vouchers with P&O and had to cancel their cruise, or had their cruise cancelled by P&O? In February this year we booked for 30 Jan 2021 and used vouchers as instructed. I have just re-read the email from Tesco giving me details and it says the voucher expires 19th August 2020. Would that mean that we should have booked by then, or that it will not be valid for the cruise next year. Anyway, it might be that we will cancel this cruise and transfer same to 2020. I hope this makes sense. Any help gratefully received.
  5. We are off in our caravan next Tuesday, just down to the South Coast. We are self contained and will take all precautions when filling with water and emptying toilet. We have not been in any shops yet, and will limit this to necessities, I think. If there is a pub serving meals outdoors, we may do that, but will not go inside. I think we will be ok, can't think of any other holiday that will be any safer. We have however transferred our November cruise to same next year. We have another end of January to decide on later. I think all the restrictions that cruises must have to keep people
  6. I think we are sociable people and will chat on board with anyone, but prefer to eat on our own. You wouldn't go to a restaurant and expect to have to share a table with strangers. We have shared twice in many cruises, once at a dining room breakfast, and sat with the rudest man imaginable, and recently because we didn't want to wait as we wanted to see a show. The people were nice enough but we felt a little awkward, there were 8 of us.
  7. Quite agree. P&O isn't as luxurious as Saga. but it's not exactly roughing it, and compared to a land based holiday offers generally better food and certainly better evening entertainment. All round good value. You are well looked after by the cabin staff and staff in general around the ship greet you and are helpful, especially to disabled in the buffet etc. Unlike other lines you can take a couple of litres of your favourite spirit for a drink in your cabin. We avoided P&O for several years, but now after 2 cruises have 2 more booked.
  8. Good one Andy. I think the CEO, whoever he is, has opened a can of worms with his "Saturday night ITV audience". To me he is saying this ship will attract a more downmarket passenger than the usual upmarket passengers on the other ships. Not so. I think it will attract a younger passenger, and as a 70 something myself, I don't think that will be a bad thing. We had a great cruise on Oceana and met some lovely people, but a mix of ages would give a more diverse aspect to conversations with other passengers.
  9. This is getting worse! Just had to look up C1 and C2 and DE. I presume P&O passengers are normally AB's. We have just started cruising with P&O because it is cheap, and as pensioners we have to economize on holidays a bit more these days. We like it well enough but upmarket it isn't.
  10. Can someone explain the "Saturday evening ITV crowd". I have just booked Iona for next year. I don't like Paddy Mcguiness, but quite like Ant & Dec, so don't mind if they are on board!
  11. Has anyone seen the pics of the Virgin ship? Outside cabin has some sort of sofa bed that converts at night. Maybe the ship will appeal to younger clientelle, but can't see it appealing to your average cruiser.
  12. Firstly, how can Saga passengers be any older than the Oceana cruise I've just been on? We are in our early 70's and felt quite young at times! They keep sending us brochures and the ships do look lovely. But and it's a big but, they are so expensive. At the end of the day, they are doing the same itineraries, but at luxury ship style prices. Enjoy your special cruise next year and I look forward to reading all about it.
  13. I think P&O is particularly difficult to book, regarding select fare, saver fare etc. I couldn't make head or tail of it, what should I book? The agent, not my usual one, explained it all very clearly to me and I decided select was for me. Was glad I spoke to someone and not just booked online.
  14. I was surprised on my first trip on P&O earlier this year to use a tray at the buffet. The other 4 lines I have been on don't. Thinking about it I don't recall using a tray on any other land based buffet either. Cutlery is generally on the table.
  15. P&O seem to have a different buffet system to all the others I've been on. I got told off on the first visit on Aurora. If I remember rightly I had got something on my plate and just wanted some veg to go with it. People were queuing for the mains and there was no-one actually standing in front of the veg section. So I just went to get some and was told off in no uncertain terms that I had to join the queue. So I did and had to wait while everyone else got to the veg, and then I could at last get what I wanted.
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