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  1. Less people flying, shorter lines for checkin and security.
  2. Ours is May 16 and still hasn't been cancelled. We have no problem going if it doesn't get cancelled. Someone has to be first right? After over a month in the house other than groceries and hikes we are ready for 7 days, even if it's just at Sea.
  3. We are cruising May 16th, no plans to cancel. However, we booked an Aft balcony so quarantine would be less stressful, my husband is retired and I can work remotely so it's a different situation. Everyone has to decide what's best for them. I'm sure they would just replace them, plenty of Comedians that probably need the work.
  4. No one knows if it will get worse. it isn't the plague like the Media would have you believe. Everyone has to make their own decisions about whether to cruise or not. We choose to Cruise, we chose to go to the Mall, Grocery Store, Movie and Dinner on Saturday. I was in Seattle last week (ground zero as the media said), saw zero masks, people were out and about, my Daughter was at a Conference. It could be anywhere and I refuse to live in fear.
  5. I am right there with you(not bachelorette party, mine was 41 years ago)! We cruise May 16th and have no plans to cancel. I also work in IT and we have always been encouraged to work from home when sick, way before this. We are on a 7 day and have a Balcony, I too will bring my laptop just in case. Congratulations and enjoy your Cruise!
  6. I agree, it is an individual choice. We are not cancelling our May 16th Cruise out of Long Beach. We are very healthy and have ALWAYS taken precautions(didn't need to be told to cough in our sleeve or wash our hands LOL). We also splurged on a Havana Balcony so if we get quarantined at least we have a Balcony 🙂 My Husband is retired and I can work remotely so that is something else we took into consideration.
  7. Yes I told her the wrong place, thanks for clarifying. I was just coming back to do so after checking 🙂
  8. Act like you are going to print out your booking documents. It's at the very bottom of the first page.
  9. We always get a balcony and splurged this time for Havana Aft balcony. SO, while being stuck for 2 weeks would suck, it'd be better to be able to see daylight 🙂
  10. Settle down, I never said YOU were political. I said I wasn't going to get political and I was trying to be polite.. Also you as well, don't try to diminish what I have said. There was not a single bit of outrage or panic last year was there? Good Day.
  11. Over 12,000 people died from the flu in the last quarter of 2019. Why no Media coverage? Why no Panic? We all know what this is about but I am not going to get Political. We can politely agree to disagree 🙂
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