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  1. I had information wrong (my birthday) and contacted them via email (twice). They fixed it. The website did another whatever they do and it reverted back to wrong information. I've given up! I hope you have better luck than I did
  2. My aunt and uncle cruise Princess a lot (HAL occasionally). You can pre-order the Kosher meals but they aren't enamored with them. They order off the menu but stay within the boundaries. She eats a lot of salad and he eats a lot of the salmon. And I believe they only eat 2 meals a day.
  3. When I took my 14 year old niece I was told that she could everywhere with me. NO restrictions. Obviously they won't serve her alcohol but she was able to order and be served Shirley Temples without me being present. have a great cruise! Edited to add: The ship was the Veendam
  4. I wear glasses and one time the jewelry department onboard was able to fix a screw issue for me. Another time I walked into an optical store in a port and they were able to help me. They are used to cruise passengers wandering in.
  5. One of our local donation groups takes all those small ones and combines them into one big bottle. I felt sorry for the volunteers who were opening them and putting them in a larger container.
  6. I just got off the Prinsendam on Oct 13. The above chart were the quoted prices, however when I actually signed up for the social plan - it only cost me $99 for 14 days. I missed having access to the internet but I was able to take care of what I needed to. It looked all the plans had some sort of discount applied if you signed up for the whole voyage.
  7. I was in cabin 1085 I think (it's been a couple of years) and loved it. I too have issues with movement and I barely felt anything. Do you have any specific questions? I travel solo and won't pay for a balcony - at least with OV I get a discount, so I can't compare for you.
  8. I do a mix of both. I'm a female traveling solo so safety and comfort level are concerns. It depends on what others have arranged and what HAL offers.
  9. I'm like you and have to be prepared. I found ginger capsule very helpful. And when I was in the Tasman sea it wasn't choppy at all. Goes to show that you never know. I'm on this sailing with you - see you onboard :-)
  10. I know you said you don't want an inside but on the Zaandam (and her sister ships) the back wall has a curtain and is backlit so it almost seems as if there is a window there. Something to consider. I've done a mix of both inside and oceanview and have traveled many solo trips now (my longest and first solo was 28 days to/from Sydney Australia - talk about brave).
  11. Gee thanks! Now I want Dutch food and I'm not going to Amsterdam for another year..... :D:D
  12. I was on her a year ago and in the cabin next to yours. I love that cabin location (my TA thought I was crazy) and booked that cabin on many cruises. Thanks for bringing back wonderful memories.
  13. yes, I did on my last visit. Very interesting. I liked the children's section but be forewarned, there's no English there so it could be hard to follow. I then walked around the corner to the Holocaust Memorial and decompressed in their courtyard. I stayed at the Sint Nicolaas Hotel. Not a bad location. City center and near a tram line had been my requirements. The other hotel I stayed at is no longer open but it was out by Vondelpark. Nice and quiet out that way.
  14. Thanks for sharing. Pictures are bringing back wonderful memories of Killybegs, Galway, Kylemore Abbey, and I'm sure more places to come. And, Happy Belated Birthday
  15. I did this a couple of years ago. I found it interesting and our tour guide was very informative especially on the ride over. I can't remember where we docked but it was NOT Southampton. It was about a 2 hour bus ride. You do not get very close to the stones - I'm not good at distance. There was an audio tour. I'm glad I went even to just say I'd been there.
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