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  1. Unfortunately, that's been my experience too on HAL. On the NA and the Prinsendam. I tend now to go to the bar and place my order directly with the bartender.
  2. I've done the whale watching twice in Juneau and both times, plenty of whales. The company HAL used I believe has seen whales every excursion! Enjoy your cruise!
  3. Actually on the Rotterdam last month and yes, Post Modern Jukebox and Step One Dance Company were there. Totally enjoyed them.
  4. I had information wrong (my birthday) and contacted them via email (twice). They fixed it. The website did another whatever they do and it reverted back to wrong information. I've given up! I hope you have better luck than I did
  5. My aunt and uncle cruise Princess a lot (HAL occasionally). You can pre-order the Kosher meals but they aren't enamored with them. They order off the menu but stay within the boundaries. She eats a lot of salad and he eats a lot of the salmon. And I believe they only eat 2 meals a day.
  6. When I took my 14 year old niece I was told that she could everywhere with me. NO restrictions. Obviously they won't serve her alcohol but she was able to order and be served Shirley Temples without me being present. have a great cruise! Edited to add: The ship was the Veendam
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