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  1. With all do respect, they are not rumors anymore. The CL are being converted to Suite Lounges and Diamond + are out. As for the rest of the cuts, it is a rumor on these boards, but confirmed when I was on freedom by the staff.
  2. What some on here don't understand is that this policy affects many. Yes, it does affect Diamond, Diamond Plus and Pinnacles. When I was on the Freedom of the Seas, the changes were mentioned by the Concierge crew and Loyalty Ambassador. Changes were coming, but was told on the ship and Royal Caribbean has yet to announce these changes. But staff know! Eventually, Diamonds will not be allowed in the Diamond Lounges! That will be a significant change for them. Only have 3 Drink coupons, if they are lucky. All Concierge Lounges will be converted to Suite Lounges, with Diamond Plus being restricted as soon as all conversions occur to the ships. Pinnacles eventually will be affected also, Royal is just keeping it on the down low for now. Pinnacles and Diamond Plus will eventually be the only ones allowed into the Diamond Lounges, and Pinnacles soon will be restricted from the Suite lounges as soon as all the conversions occur. Too many Pinnacles affecting the "exclusive Suite Lounge" experience per the loyalty ambassador and Concierges. These are huge changes!. Also, some "dilution" of Diamond Member benefits will be occurring, to reduce expenses?? I'm scared as to what that might be! What bothers me is that Royal and its staff are aware of what's happening and what's coming down the line and do not make some kind of press release to their members so that no surprises and let downs occur once your on the ship! Give your loyal cruisers a heads up Royal. Not surprise us when we expect a certain level of benefits and experience, for our significant loyalty.
  3. Got off the Freedom of the Seas a couple of weeks ago and the Diamond Plus cutbacks are so evident. Even including Pinnacles!! Reserved seating for theater shows no longer exist, on Freedom of the Seas anyways. Studio B Ice skating shows are reserved seating for Suites only. No Diamond Plus or Pinnacle reserved seating like in the past, just last year we had this. Royal seems to be catering to the Suite crowd and not there loyal repeat guests who frequent the ships. On another note, priority debarkation wasn't offered either, even though its still listed as a perk , along with reserved seating at shows was listed but gone. Priority tendering is gone also. In room Diamond Gift is now 3 cookies, LOL! 2 small bottles of water and 2 cans of soda or juice whichever is in your preferences. Diamond/Diamond plus used to have a small section in the lido buffet, like chops or Giovanni's to sit in to bring your breakfast. Now that is only for Suite guests! Its unbelievable how much Royal dilutes the membership in Crown and Anchor. No excuse for this. More troubling is that I spoke to the Concierge lounge ambassador and he mentioned that there is talk to restrict Diamond members from the Diamond Lounges!! (overcrowding) As the ships go into drydock, the Concierge Lounges eventually will be Suite only lounges (renamed). The Diamond Lounges will convert to Diamond Plus/Pinnacles only Lounge. Diamond members would no longer be admitted to the Diamond Lounge and will be able to only use there 3 Vouchers at any bar in the evening as there perk. This is ridiculous and unacceptable if its really going to happen. What's with the drooling over Suite guests, that may only cruise once a year or two. All this catering to them, when Diamond/Diamond Plus and Pinnacles cruise much more often and keep there ships pretty full with repeaters. Royal needs to stop this nonsense!! They are going to start alienating and losing the "bread and butter" cruisers on there ships in my opinion. What is the incentive to stay and generally pay more to cruise Royal? Just to get a few free drinks?! Don't get me started about the other evident cutbacks in food quality and staffing, along with the barrage of nickel and diming. The selling of popcorn at the main theater shows is tacky also. $2.50 for a small bag and people chomping on this and spilling everywhere. No place to put your drinks, let alone eat popcorn! LMAOF My 2 cents.
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