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  1. No major upgrades for Magic during this routine maintenance dry dock. The new paint scheme is probably the most "major" change. https://www.cruisehive.com/carnival-cruise-ship-completes-dry-dock-with-new-livery/51468
  2. We love the Sunshine, have spent 44 days sailing the Sunshine on 4 cruises, which includes 16 days straight on the TA cruise that brought her back to the US after the dry dock where the Destiny was converted to the Sunshine. Definitely one of our favorite ships. We have never based any cruise we've taken on any review posted here or elsewhere. I've found way too many out right lies in what are passed off as reviews, that they are of little to no value or use to me. As others have said, try the ship you could like it. When it was first sailing it had the most varied food selections
  3. Nope....have not more than doubled. With the cancelations and other shifting around we've done with our booked and rebooked cruises, we've rebooked an 8 day Southern Caribbean ABC cruise on the Horizon from Miami, 3 times...May 2020, 2021 and now May 2022. Same balcony cabin category...may even be same deck 10 cabin. Cost for May 2022 is about $400 higher than when we first booked for May 2020.....May 2021 was somewhere in between. So I'm going with not doubled.
  4. We did something similar. We were booked for May 2020 on a southern caribbean cruise on Horizon, which of course was canceled. Rebooked that to a cruise out of NY for last July 2020...canceled..moved that to May 2021...rinse repeat...well...not exactly..we moved, before it was canceled the May 2021 cruise to a similar itinerary for November 2021 on Magic. But, being somewhat determined to sail on the Horizon, we've booked the same southern caribbean itinerary for May of 2022, that we originally booked for May 2020, canceled for May 2021, now....figuring third time HAS to be a charm for May 202
  5. I certainly don't know how many cruises/ships you've been on, but I find or have found that most reviews are very over-exaggerated. I very rarely read reviews, and have never made any decisions based on any reviews, so I've no worries about being on the Magic hopefully in November...certainly more concerned the ship will sail than it's alleged condition...but...thats just how we roll!!
  6. What I've seen says the dry dock will for be "routine maintenance", no major updates planned. Magic had a major update in 2016 when a lot of the "Funship 2.0" stuff was added.
  7. the dates for Magic's dry dock this year have changed a few times, however last I saw Magic is scheduled for dry dock later this summer Sept/Oct. and it's first scheduled cruise after dry dock is the one we're booked on that is scheduled to sail November 6 from Port Canaveral.
  8. Looks like Celebrity is going to start a few cruises out of St. Martin in June. https://cruiseradio.net/celebrity-cruises-to-sail-from-st-maarten/?fbclid=IwAR33AwQZrnWf0Cg1Ln-FI4tCEAgNMXuSUWG48rIytt0fcg16UXfnUDWTDkY
  9. Hi. I canceled and rebooked through my PVP who handled all it, very efficiently I must say. Even the refunded amount was credited back to our credit card within 2 weeks. Now fingers crossed November can happen!! Good Luck!!
  10. We moved a cruise we had booked in May that have been previously canceled twice, to a cruise in November 2021. We kept the $600 OBC and even received a refund of the cruise cost difference.
  11. We've stayed in several 4J's on several different ships, including the Breeze which is a sister ship to Magic and we love them. We've had them under the bridge and there is zero noise...as well as other decks...noise is not an issue. We love them in part because the views from the front of the ship are some of the best on board. Some worry about people looking in through the window, which could happen...we've never given it a second thought. We try and book 4J's first, and when we are not been able to get them, we book interiors as close to the 4J's as we can get so we have easy access to the
  12. I hesitate to ask this question, but decided to go ahead. Anyone heard of Carnival giving refunds of cruises paid for with Carnival gift cards, directly back to individuals vs back to more or another gift cards? I realize when we originally purchased these cards, well over 18 months ago and booked a cruise with them, any refunds for canceled cruises or other reasons would go back to another gift card. Obviously things have changed dramatically. We like many have had several cruises canceled, rebooked, then canceled again. Our current and now only booking is in May 2021,
  13. No downsides whatsoever to ATD. Will never go back to set times as long as ATD is available.
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