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  1. Just adding on a similar comment. We've taken 3 TA"s out of Barcelona. On each one, we've either gone back down to the duty free shop in the terminal after checking into cruise and bringing our luggage to our cabin, and or bringing something on from the port city, as well as from the duty free shop. First time we did it, we were traveling a group. My wife and I brought 12 bottles of wine back up to our cabin from the duty free shop. After the rest of our group of group showed up, we estimated between all of us we brought on over 60 bottles of wine!!!
  2. Guess I'm confused on what the OP's issue is. Carnival's site, or at least the one I look at for the Horizon cruise we have booked clearly states the prices is SET at $32pp....with a $25 cancelation fee if a reservation is canceled with 24 hours of reservation time. Where did $38pp come from?
  3. We're booked on the Horizon for May of 2020. Back this past May 11ish, I made reservations for Bonsai Teppanyaki. I received the confirmation email confirming our reservation for the night and time I requested, so far that is the only "proof" I have for the reservation. Should this be showing up somewhere in my cruise manager/planner? I've heard of changes being implemented to the specialty dining reservations process ie. paying for whichever specialty dining requested when making a reservation, but really more curious if the reservation should be showing up somewhere in our cruise manager. Thanks.
  4. The "Brand Ambassador" posted this on his FB page this morning. "Cecelia allegedly blasted him on FB stating how Carnival needs to more to help first time cruisers, and "Cecelia" asked had he read on the "Carnival Cruise boards" about the lady denied boarding not having the proper ID documents.
  5. Thanks Jimbo, would love to see that...can do my own before and after pictorial!!
  6. Would love to see a picture from the "deck" around the funnel. The mini golf course is up there right? We were in Bermuda back in May on a RCI cruise, and the Sunrise was docked next to us. I could see "palm trees" near the funnel, wondered what the heck they were!! Then later looked up deck plans, and saw the mini golf was there. FWIW....Looked like this back in 2008.
  7. I'll second this!! I started looking at "reviews" of the Sunshine after we'd booked the TA cruise following the dry dock and handful of European cruises. The negative "reviews" started well before the dry dock was complete...some of the worst crap I've read on here..some stuff was just outright lies. Many other negative "reviews" were done by posters that never have, would or did sail on the Sunshine. Since, we've done that 16 day TA and 3 other 8+ day cruises on the Sunshine, is one of our favorite ships. I never base what I do or don't do cruise wise based on reviews from here on anywhere else. We've got the Sunrise on our cruise radar to do hopefully in the near future. We sailed our first cruise on the Triumph, so would be fun to see how different she looks or feels. But I agree, go with open mind and plan on having a great time!!
  8. I thought I'd toss this in here relating to specialty reservations, particularly for the steakhouse. A sort of frustration we encountered back in May 2018 with the steakhouse on the Sunshine. We made reservations onboard for the steakhouse, we are not pre-cruise planners for many things cruise related. The reservation we had was for 8:30, later than we like/prefer, but the "risk" we take waiting until we board. However, we tried to do something we had successfully done on past cruises with later than we preferred steakhouse reservations. We showed up at the steakhouse around 8pm...thinking we could get in earlier than our reservation time. Host was nope, we're booked, you have to wait until your reservation time. A scan of the tables showed, easily 75% of the tables were empty. I pointed this out to the host, who insisted, those were for existing reservations. I did not push it, we left found the nearest bar and had a drink, then returned at our assigned reservation time only of course to find, those same empty tables, still empty, and remained empty the entire time we were there. Someone tried to explain the steakhouse is not staffed for full capacity, which I felt is total BS. We have been in steakhouses on other ships at times and it was jumpin with most tables full. I tend to think it's the reservation system.
  9. We bailed on the whole dress up thing after 2 cruises,. Now for me it's my most Hawaiianest Hawaiian shirt, khaki's and my most formal canvas deck shoes....sometimes I even wear socks!!
  10. Scotch and ice...sometimes just scotch and scotch
  11. I booked an interior cabin on the Anthem for a cruise on May23 (last week basically), back in January. Kept watching prices drop..decided to "take the chance" on a balcony guarantee as the price for those went lower than what I booked the interior for. We were assigned 6552 about 30 days out...no other "upgrades" were available I was told...but we were VERY happy with that cabin....we were forward of the lifeboats, so NOT an obstructed view.
  12. Technically, yes, 2 drinks...ordered 5 minutes apart or whatever their silly "rule" is. But a double, pretty much not happening with Cheers. Pretty annoying though if you have Cheers. Without Cheers, it's one drink...a double pour of...whatever..one price...$8 or whatever + $3....but oh no, you have Cheers...no doubles for you!!
  13. I was advised the same, but emailed them about 5.5 weeks out and got a response within a few days.
  14. Did you try the web_reservations@rccl.com email? I emailed them and got a response, then checked the FB of the band to more or less to confirm.
  15. Something else you could do, though somewhat tedious, is for bands you could be interested in, check to see if they have a FB page where they may list their upcoming tour schedule or upcoming events. May not be a year out, but I looked up a couple bands I was curious about for our upcoming cruise next month on Anthem.
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