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  1. I got me Booster at CVS. The pharmacist added the booster shot info to my current card. No new card
  2. I was on 9/26th sailing. MDR was open on embarkation day. Had the Cheesesteak..yummy. Wore masks in elevators as well. Other then that I felt pretty safe indoors without.
  3. Average temp websites not the best indication of what the weather will be for your sailing. I'd go to weather.com on 11/4 and get the 10 day forecast.. Should be a pretty good indication of weather day and night. You can then pack accordingly. Enjoy your cruise
  4. DW found 2 duckies on our 9/26 Breakaway sailing. The little note attached said she can post pics on a certain social media site and had the option of keeping or hiding them again. She took a few pics, then "re-hid" them for someone else to find.
  5. Not sure of the cost. Reading the link I would be concerned about their turn around time. Also I'd be concerned for possible delays in shipping of sample to lab. For my NCL cruise I opted for CVS PCR test. Scheduled 2 weeks out for a Wed. DW got her results Thursday afternoon. I got mine Friday early morning. Uploaded everything to Bermuda Website and had our TA's by Friday afternoon. I'm quite sure that Carnival will have same requirements if they are to visit Bermuda. Definitely don''t rely on anyone you speak with a Carnival Customer services..
  6. Bermuda does indeed allow for a proctored PCR test. It isn't a rapid Antigen test like the Binax that people are using for Carnival and Royal. Per Bermudian government the link below explains a test that is acceptable. https://www.costco.com/covid-19-saliva-pcr-test-kit-with-video-observation-for-travel%2c-by-azova.product.100722920.html
  7. The two PCR tests are a Bermudian requirement to obtain a TA (travel authorization) The rapid Antigen test is an NCL requirement for all sailings. This is done at the pier everywhere NCL sails from. It is in lieu of the Pre- Test Carnival and Royal require passengers take 2 days before departing. The whole process wasn't too bad. The only nerve racking part was worrying if the Wed. PCR test results would be back in time to upload to Bermuda site. We opted for "free test" at a local CVS. Some folks paid as much as $225.00 for a rapid PCR test to assure results were back in time.
  8. Just returned from the 9/26 sailing on Breakaway to Bermuda. I can say that NCL did a very poor job explaining the Bermuda Travel Authorization requirements. That was evident in the fact that we departed at 9:00 PM. The word on the street was that 25% of the passengers did not have their TA in order to board. Thank goodness we had a very active Roll Coll so we were very well prepared. For a Sunday cruise DW and I had to get a PCR test Wed. Results came back Friday afternoon. We had to go on the Bermuda TA website pay our $75.00. Then we received a link to upload a copy of PCR results and vaccine card. Roughly 5 hours later we received out TA (Travel Authorization) On Sunday we showed up at the pier in NYC. They used Pier 90 as a testing center. There we received a rapid Antigen test (a requirement for all NCL salings) and a PCR test that would be sent to Bermuda. About an hout later we got our negative rapid antigen results and were given a pink Bracelet . With that Bracelet we were allowed to proceed to pier 88 . There check-in was just like the old days except we were wearing a mask. Once on the ship we were told to remove mask for facial recognition. Since pax and crew are 100% vacciniated that was the last time we had to wear a mask on ship. Only needed a mask in Bermuda and when we went back in terminal in NYC. Once we got through the testing it really felt like a regular cruise. I'd imagine that if Carnival sails to Bermuda the process will be the same.
  9. Took our test at local CVS 10:00 am I'll get back to all once results are in. In the mean time you may want to check out 9/26 roll call. Lots of info rolling in today
  10. I agree. I'm on the 9/26th sailing. Just hoping if we do sail into Bermuda most everything isn't shut down.
  11. On a 7 day cruise out of NYC the only alternative to 3 days in Bermuda is Canada/NE (which isn't an option these days) or Bahamas/Florida. Not enough time to go to to many other places. I don;t see NCL going to Bermuda for less then the planned 3 days unless they have to arrive late or leave early due to weather.
  12. I'm on the 9/26 sailing. Fingers crossed.They wouldn't cancel. They would simply change itinerary to Bahamas.
  13. Carnival is currently sailing to multiple islands. I haven't hear of any folks indicating they had to apply for a travel authorization or were subject to any additional testing.
  14. Are you sure that the Visa requirement is for ships calling on the Bahamas for the day ? Oasis of the seas left Cape Liberty for the Bahamas this past Sunday. I didn't hear of anyone applying for a Visa.
  15. Jamie, I'm on same cruise as you and share all your concerns. On our roll call I expressed my suspicion that NCL is going to wait until 14 days prior to sailing to drop the hammer that we are sailing to Nassau and GSC . I really doubt Bermuda has the infrastructure to process 2000+ TA requests and PCR tests.
  16. Yay. Just printed my e-docs for 9/26 Sailing.
  17. The Bermuda TA website hasn't been updated to allow for registration. The latest cruise departure date is 9/12 You are supposed to be able to start the registration process 30 days in advance. Two things will make me feel better. One the BA leaves Europe and heads to NYC Second, we get a link for all pre-cruise testing and registration requirements.
  18. Or 5 Divert ship to Nassau and GSC in the bahamas.
  19. I have been lurking on the Crystal Board trying to get any info that I think may be helpfull for mt cruise on BA 9/26 Click link below and read posts 493 and 494 I really don't know how they are going to handle all these additional TA applications
  20. On the first cruises to Bermuda on Crystal you heard stories of folks having issue getting their TA approved. They had to call Bermuda to expedite. That was happening with a less then 200 passengers. What's going to happen when they have to process a TA requests from a ship as large as BA ?
  21. I absolutely agree. There's a big difference in testing 180 passengers on Crystal vs 2500 on a reduced capacity Breakaway. I keep questioning Bermuda's capacity to process and test so many TA Authorization applications and PCR tests. Bermuda is now a 3 on CDC site. Just recently they were a 1 Cases on the rise there. I hope Bermuda doesn't panic and suspend calls.
  22. Thank you for clarifying. I 'm even more concerned on how long it will take for Bermuda staff to collect over 2370 samples onboard (more if testing crew) off the ship, preform PCR tests and e-mail all passengers their results ? Day one would certainly be lost..That figure is based on 60% occupancy. Could be higher on later cruises.
  23. I tend to agree. Since I'm on the first Bermuda cruise on the BA I've been lurking on Crystal boards to get an idea what to expect in regards to testing. It was reported that Medical Staff flew up to Boston and sailed with the ship to Bermuda. The MD staff from Bermuda tested pax onboard the evening before scheduled arrival. Then the ship was met in Bermudian waters by a motor launch who left with all the samples to preform PCR tests in Bermuda. The ship stayed in international waters that evening. Once all passangers tested negative gthe ship was given clearance. In the morning the ship arrived in Bermuda at scheduled time and everyone was free to disembark. Mind you there were only 175 passengers. Not sure how Bermuda MD staff will be at testing some 2500 NCL passangers ?
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