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  1. When we were there in January the rule was according to the resort we were at that outside of the resort unless you were exercising you had to wear a mask. At the resort it was up to you. So when we would go into town, we had them but if we were walking we pulled it down. If we took a cab or went into a store or restaurant we wore it unless eating or drinking.
  2. But again of they bring you the water I've never heard of them asking to see it.
  3. I was just about to ask this same question. How did they know she didn't have it???
  4. I agree. By the time I pay for a carryon it's cheaper to fly a major airline and I'm not restricted on what days I can fly
  5. It was open when we were there in January just limited hours. The Thirsty Cougar was definitely open
  6. We still have our tickets printed at the airline counter. We know ahead of time know where are going and print maps for the inlaws. The inlaws are in there 70s and will not get a smartphone. They would have no clue how to use itDH leaves his phone at home while we are on vacation and mine is in my purse turned off and only turned on in an emergency. So yes we are those people who do not use our phones on vacation and there are people who will not have a smart phone.
  7. The point was first I agree subjecting children to a vaccine this new is not something I would do nor would I ever put a child in a drug trial. I agree there is no data the vaccine prevents Covid19 but there are a lot of people who think it does.
  8. I agree. Children don't need to be subjected to an unproven vaccine. I know a family that put their children into the Pfizer trails. After the trial they were told if the children received the vaccine or not during the trial. One did one didn't. The one who did has covid now. Proves to me the vaccine doesn't necessarily prevent anything. And the drug companies can't be held liable for issues arising later from taking the vaccine.
  9. So my sister and her husband both work in the health care industry. They both had Covid19 twice. They both say there are too many of my questions that can't be answered, therefore they don't feel comfortable tell my parents or us to get the vaccine. The chance of dying from Covid19 is 1%. We flew to Cozumel in January with our doctor saying as long as we took the normal precautions we were fine to travel. We both have autoimmune issues. The doctor said they were comfortable with us using our own discretion about if we wanted the vaccine or not. At this point there is not enough evidence
  10. Then try the onion rings. Soooo good.
  11. I saw that on Airbnb! If you haven't already been you need to go to the Thirsty Cougar. The Jalapeno poppers are amazing
  12. And how would you know if it was a vaccinated or unvaccinated person that got sick? You can still get the virus if you are vaccinated. I know someone who was fully vaccinated in the first round of people who could be vaccinated and is in the hospital with Covid now.
  13. We do for certain things. The little town we live in you have to pay the water bill by check. Can't do it online
  14. And medical records are protected by HIPPA at least in the US. All I'm saying is someone will figure out away around the vaccine requirements. There are always those few.
  15. Proof of vaccinations can and will be faked. So how do you truly enforce the get vaccinated or don't sail?
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