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  1. I've tried Truly, Whiteclaw, Smirnoff, Bon and Viv and Cape Line hard seltzer. The only one I won't buy again are the Cape Line.
  2. A friend said they had Truly Hard Seltzer which I want to day is very low in carbs, sugar and calories
  3. We spend 2 weeks in Cozumel every January. Its beautiful weather
  4. See it's not just us that finds these things annoying https://www.thetravel.com/cruises-people-do-crew-cant-stand/
  5. Mailed off for renewal on July 2nd. Had new on July 31st
  6. Right? When spending $3k (lowside I know but just giving a number) another $200 is like spending $20 more dollars. Makes no sense why you wouldn't spend it.
  7. Passport card you don't need. Photo $15 @Walgreens.
  8. Ours are in the back pack. That said when we get in the car, I say passport check, we stop for gas I say passport check before we leave the gas station. We check into the hotel for the night I say passport check. Before we leave the room the next morning I say passport check. Get on the shuttle you got it passport check. Get off the shuttle one more passport check. Hubby used to get annoyed but now there are times he will request a passport check before I can say it. Over kill? Maybe but we've never been without the right documentation
  9. We spend 10 days in cozumel every January on the beach
  10. Still has it's own laws. It's a US territory not a state
  11. But because this happened in Puerto Rico this could very well happen. Different country different laws. Not saying it should or will happen just that there could be a possibility
  12. You realize the baby can't use the pools?
  13. If you had stated in your first post you wanted to hear others experiences, instead of just making a statement maybe that would have made a difference
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