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  1. I have learned so many things from these boards and wanted to pay it forward! Here are this years Boston to Bermuda Freestyle Daily from each day. I will also be doing a review later. Hope someone finds these helpful! Scan_20190604 (2).pdf Scan_20190604.pdf Scan_20190604 (2).pdf Scan_20190604.pdf Scan_20190604 (2).pdf Scan_20190604.pdf Scan_20190604 (2).pdf Scan_20190604.pdf Scan_20190604 (2).pdf Scan_20190604.pdf Scan_20190604 (2).pdf Scan_20190604.pdf Scan_20190604 (2).pdf Scan_20190604.pdf
  2. We didn't need luggage drop off, as long as you can pull your own luggage it's a very flat easy walk to the terminal
  3. We came in from the other direction, Summer Street end to Dry Dock Ave, and none of those roads were one way. There seemed to be plenty of parking last week, we got there around 10am.
  4. We just got back from the port Friday. It is an easy drive in and out, the ramps for Interstate 93 are about a mile away from the dock. We went to the garage (12 DryDock Ave, Boston) first but was told by a worker at the garage we were not allowed to park there, but to park in a lot. You have to drive around the corner (which is bascially across the street, you can see the parking garage from this lot) to the parking lot. It is all under construction in this area and the signage is small and less than ideal, but it is there. The parking lot is right at the front of the ship and approximately an easy 1 to 1 1/2 block flat walk along a sidewalk next to the water. It is on Terminal Street right after the police station. It is easy in and out once you find it and it was $25 a day. You pay as you drive in, with credit card.
  5. We just got back from Bermuda, we used Ricky's Island Tours and Minibus Services Ltd. I read lots of good reviews on several sights before booking and he did not disappoint! He was great with communication from the start and I cannot say enough good things about his tour! He had a very comfortable clean bus, he used a microphone and was very clear and easy to understand. I think he can hold up to 10 in his minibus. He loves Bermuda and it shows. You will see lots in Bermuda!! He has a facebook page and website. Have fun!!
  6. Thanks we are due in around 1:30, I had read not a lot is open on Sundays, so I thought going to the beach would be perfect, as long as the mini bus were running! Thank you for your help!
  7. We had a family balcony booked for 5/24 Gem . I bid the lowest offer $200 per person for a minisuite and was accepted 🙂 on Tuesday at 10:30am. I was happy with the balcony, so I didn't really care if we were upgraded or not, but I am pretty excited about it! It is definitely supply and demand and we were lucky enough to be on a cruise with lots of openings in the categories above us.
  8. We arrive on Sunday afternoon by cruise ship does anyone know if the minibuses run regularly on a Sunday to horseshoe bay? Thanks in advance for your help!
  9. Thank you all so much for your knowledgeable and helpful replies!
  10. Anxiously awaiting our cruise in a couple of weeks. We can't make the dinner reservations at Moderno (we are a party of 3), once on board where do we go to make these? Thanks for your help!
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