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  1. agreed. they said with the rain their were dozens and dozens of waterfalls
  2. plenty of traffic in the sound but Ovation hasn't sent out a signal for 11 hours on marine traffic which is where I saw her do the long slow circle as David said.
  3. And then realised where he had hid them. . .
  4. Looks like they may have been killing time. . .
  5. haha, not tracking her. Just interested in their progress. She was complaining about the speed of the ship. And you're right. I'm off to bed.
  6. I'm not on board. My wife is cruising with her Mother and I've been keeping track of their ship on Marine Tracker. There were no smaller ships on the (re)route they took. As I said, they are now retracing their exact path but I don'tthink it would be a man overboard as they are travelling at 10 knots. I think if it was an issue like that they would be going a lot slower.
  7. They have gone back about 60km's and are now retracing their exact route. Could be a man overboard scenario. . .
  8. Ovation of the seas was due into Dunedin tomorrow morning but turned around about an hour ago and is heading back towards Christchurch. Weather looks fine with 1 to 2m swells. Does anyone know what is happening?
  9. Anybody have any idea why the Ovation has turned around and is heading back toward Christchurch instead of continuing to Dunedin?
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