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  1. I haven’t sailed with Royal Caribbean yet but my husband and I were booked on a 4 night a Bahamas cruise in 2020 from a Hilton promo. Now we have credit to use us - but only around $660. I need to decide if I should rebook or do something different like Alaska or Europe. I’m in Canada so sailing from Vancouver is appealing. Are there certain sales I should be looking at - I know one ends today but the prices seem misleading, as the total price is much higher. We originally had an inside cabin, but wondering if we would regret not having a view. as for Alaska - any advice on routes, dates or cabins. I know Royal is not going to glacier bay.
  2. Hi - we have $660 credit total from a canceled short Bahamas cruise for 2. Trying to decide if I want to rebook or use it as a credit to do something different. I had been looking at Alaska, Baltic’s or other European destination. I live in Atlantic Canada and have to fly no alter what port we use. Are there any Royal Caribbean Alaska cruises that you would recommend - trying to figure out ports, if any include Glacier Bay?
  3. What sites are you checking on? I am seeing Atlantis Day pas as $168 or beach pass as $65 but don't see breakfast. We are going in July
  4. I had read about the comfort suites thing years ago and wasn't sure it if was still a thing. What does booking a room get you at Atlantis exactly and how do you avail of that. I also heard of people booking day rates at some of the fancy resorts and getting food/beverage credit for most of the fee. As for missing the ship, there is a post on here somewhere about a guy who missed the ship in Nassau and all the hoops he went through to meet up with it at another port (he was supposed to meed his kid at designated spot but his buddy took the kids back to ship instead) quite an ordeal.
  5. Just wondering what the options I have on going to Atlantis (either waterpark or beach). I typically like to book excursions on my own as I find ship options costly. It will only be my husband and me for this trip and we have never been to Nassau.
  6. By promenade you mean deck 5. As it has to be a 4V or 6V we are looking at either forward or aft. Some of those dead spaces concern me as I don't know what they are. As well some are perpendicular to other rooms so not sure if a good or bad thing. We may combine with a summer meeting hubby has in Orlando and sail ~July 6 from Port Canaveral. Availability on Deck 3 forward, Deck 6 aft, Decks 7-10 forward and aft and Deck 11 forward just outside fitness center.
  7. Yes that is what I am looking for. It has to be 4V or 6V which are forward and aft in various places on 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. I know certain floors get Lido/pool noise, dining etc noise or could be right under the gym or next to an elevator. I need to be somewhere convenient to those places without getting the noise from them
  8. We have voucher we will be redeeming for a 2 person inside cabin (need to clarify if virtual view or promenade view included) and wondering which ones are best or which to avoid. We have never sailed Royal Caribbean before. Thanks
  9. It was part of a HGV offer from 2 years ago, I was late staying at their property so just getting the 2nd part now.
  10. Yes I knew about the $500 credit, just wasn't sure if it's a better deal/discount to just stick with what's included. We have cruised from Miami, Port Canaveral and Ft Lauderdale. We usually always fly down at least 2 days in advance as our weather is unpredictable and usually have a connection (there is a seasonal direct flight to Orlando that we've never hit schedule wise). We rented a car for Port Canaveral as we had the kids. Dropping off and picking up a car in Port Canaveral can be crazy so we might use a shuttle if we did that. I have one in university, the other will be in senior year of high school and prob picking up a university course, so trying to not leave them at a bad time while they have mid terms or exams. I think Feb is ok but not sure it would be warm enough.
  11. My husband and I have cruised 4 times with our children (now 16 and 19) on Carnival 7-8 night cruises. We have a voucher for 4 night Royal Caribbean for just the 2 of us and were looking at Mariner from Orlando or Navigator from Miami - both go to Nassau and Cococay - we haven't been to either. Looking at sometime between October and May, trying to balance schedules, airline rewards and weather. Any suggestions as to which ship, departure port or best time to go. And anything we should know about cruising on Royal Caribbean. Also I know it's an inside cabin, just not sure if we get to pick which one, but any advice on that is appreciated as well. Thanks
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