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  1. Posting this out of interest for any wine lovers. Currently on NCL Spirit and noticed that there have been considerable changes to the wine offerings on the Viva Vino list. For example, there is no longer a Cabernet Sauvignon or Chateauneuf du Pape in the connoisseur offering, instead they have been replaced by blends. Seems like the previous better wines were removed despite prices remaining the same between the previous and current Viva Vino packages. Doesn’t seem like the Viva Vino holds as much value now, but this is just my opinion. first world problems! 😜
  2. Fantastic! Thank you Kalum and FLConnie for your replies.
  3. Just curious if anyone has recent experience with the internet speed on the NCL spirit? I had purchased the social media package in past on the Getaway and had a good experience, however NCL spirit is the oldest ship so not sure if it will be the same in terms of internet speed. Any experiences would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Thanks alisonslp and KeithJenner for being so helpful. This is great to know! This forum is great.
  5. Great to know. The rooms look quite small especially with the couch so I didn’t know if there was room to separate them. Knowing that it is physically possible to separate them will help relieve teenager angst!
  6. Our family of four (two adults, two teens) have booked adjoining balcony staterooms. Our teens will be staying in one stateroom. Does anyone know if the bed in a balcony stateroom can be configured as two twins instead (to avoid the horror of them having to sleep in the same bed)? Or is it physically one queen bed? thanks!
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