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  1. I'm a day trader so I plan to do some trading onboard. I'm not sure if the internet will be fast enough for my trading tools. I would prefer to use a VPN for more security.
  2. Thank you. Is it safe to use the internet onboard without VPN?
  3. Hi, Is it possible to use a VPN on board NCL? If yes, is it working well? Thank you
  4. Where can I do that? I don't see this option on the NCL canadian website.
  5. Hi, Is it possible to request an upgrade (inside to balcony) directly via the NCL website? If yes, what's the procedure? We are sailing on Sunday. Thank you
  6. https://www.cruiselawnews.com/2019/10/articles/rescue/two-crew-members-jump-fom-celebrity-summit-into-saint-lawrence-river/
  7. Early in the morning. As soon as the first passengers debark the ship.
  8. Keep in mind the operation had to be planned late Friday evening. What a contract to find 30-35 buses on a Friday evening to begin operations at 4AM. Also, all partners had to find staff to handle the operations (greeting staff, check-in staff, security staff, screening staff, porters, drivers, etc.). It was a pretty complex logistic to prepare.
  9. Hi, The turnaround was supposed to happen in Montreal on Saturday. The passengers will be bussed between Quebec City and Montreal on Saturday (approx 250 km). Any idea what's the problem with the ship? Thank you
  10. You will leave Quebec City on Sunday (as scheduled) if you are bused to Quebec on Saturday
  11. Any update if the turnaround will be in Quebec City or in Montreal on Saturday?
  12. I have seen some major websites selling shore excursions for cruisers. Is it safe to buy on these websites? I would like your comments. Thank you
  13. The Silver Wind from Silversea will dock in Quebec City in a few minutes (same dock used by Royal Princess). It is probably the reason why the Royal Princess left a few minutes ago. The Silver Spirit from Silversea is sill in Quebec too. This ship was supposed to leave yesterday.
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