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  1. Thanks for the reply,. One more question and sorry if I have my ships mixed up. The blue man group do you have a cover charge to see them?
  2. Thanks for the reply!!!!! I'll have to search out some menu's.
  3. Nathan, I had jumped on the Norwegian thread by mistake thinking I was on the Royal site and started reading your report and was hooked then on to Don's and now think I might want to take a cuise on the Epic. ha ha. So I've only been on one cruise with carnival and thinking either this cruise or one out of Bayonne with Royal (wouldn't have to fly) but a long drive. So, I'm just a bit confused. I know there are 2 places that you can eat dinner for no fee. Is it like the main dining room on Carnival or more like 2 restaurants. If we didn't want to try the speciality restaurants would we be satisfied with those 2 places???? I'm sure we would do at least one or two speciality restaurants but just wondering. Did you get a soda card??? if so how much is it? and can you bring on soda onto the ship. thanks Nathan for the great review.
  4. thanks for the review your daughter is a cutie. I'm thinking about sailing on the explorer next feb or march. you mentioned the heated pool is that inside or an outside pool. How did your parents like the promanard room that is what I'm looking at to have.
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    Major Tom? (****************)

    We did the cave tubing with Major Tom in on March 24th and we were stressed getting back as well. Rushed to the pier and caught the last one going out. I we a bit bummed because I wanted to do a bit of shopping at the pier. I wouldn't not ever do a non ship excursion again in Belize if we ever go back. If they had seperated the zip lining and cave tubing and brought them back sperately there wouldn't have been a problem, we got done they give us a boxed lunch and said we had to go on the bus with it because we were running late and we sat on a hot bus for a good 45 mins waiting. ( the food was wicked good though, I will add, as was the cave tubing).
  6. you have me smiling though this whole thread, I'm looking forward to the rest!!!!! when you post the pic just scroll over the pic on photobucket that you want and then just put your curser on the bottom box of url and copy the bottom one listed and paste onto your report. if you upload the pics in the large size it a great size for posting.
  7. I'm looking forward to your review. I'm thinking about this cruise for next spring.
  8. yep, just sailed on the 20th and it is the first sea day Monday and Fri. Which was Roatan for us.
  9. Great review, I like reading about some of the islands you visited. we got off the legend on the 28th and that was our first cruise and now thinking about a southern or eastern itinerary. You both looked like you had a great time.
  10. [quote name='Froufie']Thanks for the info - do you know what cost was for chairs and/or umbrellas at Royal Palms? Also could you use the pool?[/quote] I think the chairs were $10 ea. You could use the beach I think there was a $10 min that you had to spend but if you rent the chairs you could of if not you could easily spend $10 ea on a drink or food. The pool did say adults only though.
  11. [quote name='crusing48/51']What a great review, and a lovely family! It sure looks like you made some wonderful memories. Thank you for taking the time to share them with us. DH and I will be cruising on the Legend in October. Your review makes the waiting bearable. Thanks again![/quote] Thank you, we booked our cruise last July and it was such a long wait so I do feel for you. It will be here before you know it though. I hope you have a wonderful vacation.
  12. [quote name='camper49']Our first cruise was ten years ago..was not sure and had to be convinced to try it. We just did our 16th cruise in Jan.....got the cruise fever bad!!! Did you book your cruise yourself?? Did you by chance use ES? This will be the first time i use ES and am not entirely sure that i want to. Great review!!![/quote] We did do ES but our cruise never went down in price. We paid for the adults $619 ea and a month before we left I got an email saying I can upgrade to a higher deck (we had obstructed view) for $40 a cabin, not person so I jumped on it and we got the extended bal for both cabins. I booked directly though Carnival. Wow 16 cruises I bet you've seen some places.
  13. [quote name='freddymale']Great review. I will be sailing on may 1st, going to the same ports seeing your pictures, and reading your review, just makes me want to leave so much more only 578 hrs till i cruise[/quote] Thank you, do you have any excursions planned?? I loved all the ports we went to expecially Roatan and I love Cozumel too and really loved Grand Cayman.
  14. [quote name='crusing48/51']What a great review, and a lovely family! It sure looks like you made some wonderful memories. Thank you for taking the time to share them with us. DH and I will be cruising on the Legend in October. Your review makes the waiting bearable. Thanks again![/quote] Thank you, I've nothing to compare it to but really think this was the best ship for us to have our first cruise. It was port intensive though and I didn't get to do a lot of what I wanted to do but it was surly fun.
  15. [quote name='nikita']What a fantastic review!! Thank you thank you thank you. I am enjoying every minute of it and love all the fabulous photos! Your grand daughters are so BEAUTIFUL! What a great idea to do your vow renewal on your balcony! You looked beautiful! Thank you again - we sail on the Legend next month so I'm very grateful for all the valuable information you have shared! You said you had an extended balcony on deck 7. So do we #7258 - by any chance was that the room you had?[/quote] we had 7254 and 7256 I think you would be the next one down on port side. If so it's wonderful there. When you get ready for dinner just take a right out of your room a and about 30 feet are the elevators that you can take to the MDR. One thing I found is they keep the doors to the dining room closed till right at 6 on the nose and there is a line that extends to the promanard getting off that elevator right at 6 you faced a few hundred people waiting so you either walk to the end of the line or stand there till the line gets into the dining room. The landry room is on the starboard side just go right across at the elevators then down the hall a bit and its there if you need to iron something or wash.