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  1. I guess we are part of the new mix having sailed only once. It took us a couple days to adjust and we really enjoyed our cruise. In fact so much, we have booked 2 more for next year. We don't save chairs.
  2. Similar question while on this topic. We failed to book onboard as we were new to Oceania and just weren't prepared to book onboard. We have since booked another Oceania Cruise within the 30 days. Is there a way our TA can still get us the $100 each from Oceania as OBC? Thanks
  3. We have asked for them unopened to take back to our cabin with a tip and have gotten them unopened. If it's a screw cap they usually just break the seal, but don't actually removed the cap as a courtesy if not asked to leave unopened.
  4. Sid Just read "most" of your reviews over the last week, don't know if I caught them all. Enjoy your writing style and what you have to say. So sorry for your loss...don't know what to say. Jim
  5. When we wanted beer on cheers, I would get a bucket of beer with them unopened. I always make connections with the bar staff and tip. I go to the bar and order 2 beers and explain that I want 2 more in 5 minutes in a bucket of ice. I jump in the pool and come back and get my bucket. When the first 2 beers are gone, I repeat so we have fresh ice and 4 more beers. We hardly drink beer anymore with cheers, but we do get some extras to take on shore to the beach.
  6. She meant how to figure out a package with better options, including better variety. On my cruise they only had 3 Bourbons: Makers Mark, Wild turkey 101, and Knob Creek. They ran out of Wild turkey and Knob Creek, so really only Makers Mark. That and the diet mixer options. Don't get me wrong, they make strong drinks and we made do. But this is the first cruise I had a hard time deciding what drink to order because of limited offerings vs. too many good offerings.
  7. Correct, this was our first cruise with Oceania. We had a wonderful cruise and have already booked another Oceania cruise. We obviously had the alcohol package, but were disappointed with what was available on our cruise compared to what we have had on other cruise lines. One of the Connoisseur cruise consultants we dealt with questioned as to why we would want Oceania's beverage package as, in her opinion, it's one thing they haven't figured out. We were just asking if this was the norm, or different.
  8. We saw True and another brand I can't remember.
  9. I should have known something wasn't quite right when the bar tenders told me the only ginger ale they had was Canada Dry. The weird part was that every bar had it in 2 Liter plastic bottles.
  10. I only saw diet coke on our Insignia cruise. I asked if they had diet ginger ale and was told only diet soda is diet coke. This was disappointing as I have to watch sugar and the rum selection was poor. I drink Myers at home, but the Myers they had was some off brand and not very good. The bourbon selection was also poor, but could have made do with diet ginger. I will take the advice and ask ahead of time for more diet selections, but if they only go in my fridge, how does that benefit me at the bars? Do I have to bring my own mixer to the bar?
  11. We saw 4 different shows listed, but all were not offered on our cruise unless i just missed them.
  12. We were on the same sailing, but it was our first Oceania cruise so we have nothing to compare it to. We did think most of the food was rather bland and needed more salt and pepper. We felt the dining room menu was very limited, while the specialty restaurants had too many choices. We ate once in the dining room and each of the restaurants and the rest at the Terrace. After we figured out how the Terrace worked, we were more than happy to have our dinners there. We just wish the layout was different. Having the same things on both sides and then meeting in the middle created a log jam because everyone then had to leave the area. It would be better if the entrance was only on one side or if the spacing between the food lines was bigger. Compared to other cruise lines we have sailed, there was more than enough staff for us. I prefer to go and get our drinks and get to know the bartenders vs. waiting for someone to come and take our order. Overall we were very happy once we adjusted and have already booked another cruise with Oceania.
  13. We recently sailed Oceania and received an advertisement for Gatsby's show. There were no showtimes listed. Has anyone seen the show?
  14. It was $45 at Tobacco Bay for 2 chairs with an overhead shade on each chair.
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