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  1. I'm hoping the Pepsi contract expired and went back to Coke.
  2. Pizza is the go to place to get beer unopened. I never even had to ask. But, if the ship has a bar open near by, they can't get you beer. You need to wait until the bar is closed. They are so busy at this time of night, they just give you the beer and you sign and go.
  3. Better than the other way around, that would have been a missteak
  4. I recently discovered that Viking Orion is doing 7 nights out of Bermuda. The stops are all Bermuda and the same as Oceania from NY with the Dockyard added. NCL stated they plan to start cruising on starting July 4 in their letter to the CDC, and then a day later canceling the July Bermuda cruises from NY. Is there a possibility they will follow Viking and have a Bermuda to Bermuda cruise this summer?
  5. Looking forward to another great play by play. This will be different as the game has changed and could change many times before sailing.
  6. We are booked on the 16th to Bermuda right after you.
  7. They are shooting for July 4 startup https://www.marketwatch.com/story/norwegian-cruise-stock-surges-after-plan-submitted-to-cdc-to-resume-us-cruises-in-july-2021-04-05
  8. We have had an aft on the Pride and loved the view. When we wanted to see what was in front of us, such as how close to port, we would look on the TV. The only real downside is the vibrations mostly when coming into and out of port.
  9. Here's what I saw today. https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/ship-operations/nclh-test-cruises-could-start-early-january-full-fleet-ramp-may-take-6-9-months
  10. Carnival Pride out of Baltimore September 9, 2018
  11. We did when our Bermuda cruise went to the Bahamas because of a hurricane that our captain said impacted Bermuda and left flooding and power outages there. Actually the hurricane never touched Bermuda and we received 25% off another cruise if booked and sailed within a year. We were very unhappy about this decision because of the higher cost to go to Bermuda vs. Bahamas. This was our last cruise with Carnival as we were misled and overcharged. We will be sailing at least 1 more time with them to use up our credit card points, and that will probably be the last.
  12. I understand the contract an all. But, if after the penalty phase kicks in, and they add masks must be worn at all times, can only get off the ship if on O excursion, and something like bars will only be open from 7 to 9 pm. I'm not sure those are all covered in the contract when I booked.
  13. Ours is coming up in a few weeks for our February cruise. If our cruise happens after making final payment but has restrictions we don't like...don't believe we should be penalized since the contract changed from when we booked.
  14. I would think the new Covid protocols would require the roof left open for proper ventilation. Leaving it closed would better define petri dish.
  15. I am waiting for the sail to start as well. When complete, I can mark it sailed.
  16. Hopefully if required tours are the norm, they will add some tours that are more than just island tours. Wherever we go, we always head to a beach, there aren't tours available for just spending time at a beach. Where are they with final payments these days? We have a cruise scheduled for February 2021, but we need to know what the requirements will be before final payment. Also, when does the penalty faze kick in? When we booked ahead, there were none of these potential requirements, most of which will be deal breakers.
  17. Thanks for your help with this, I think we are good.
  18. We are planning on taking a cruise to Bermuda in July 2021. I know there are some big events that happen and draw a lot of people to the area. There is a yacht race, a cricket tournament, and some fishing events. I'm not sure when these events are scheduled to take place or if there are other events that would draw larger groups of people. Just looking for help and dates of any of these and other events. Thank You
  19. Just received a new mailing from Oceania. I have to be honest, they send so many that we don't always open them. Since it's been a while, we opened it. Inside was 2 pages dedicated to new protocols with regards to health and safety of staff and passengers. There was no mention of required masks. I'm thinking they are getting closer to sailing again.
  20. I look at it this way. His experience with all these other companies is proof that he doesn't stay with any for a long period of time. He's just moving on like he has done many times in the past.
  21. We miss it and would be in Bermuda right now. The acceptable part is that their is no cruising going on, so it is more bearable knowing that it isn't available. Our next cruise is slated in February 2021, but we have no idea if it will even happen. The downside is we can't look forward to it with the same excitement we would have had on upcoming cruises before this pandemic. We are hoping to go, but not counting on it yet.
  22. We have been on other lines as well. Our two biggest take a ways are: no smoking except for 2 areas on the ship, and no sales pitches for pictures, auctions and such.
  23. From our limited experience, as stated above you need to do the math. We use our Olife for the beverage package and then upgrade onboard. This has saved us money because the cost of Olife with the extra $20 per person per day is less then buying the package outright.
  24. We received 2 new emails from Bermuda Tourism yesterday. Thought it was odd, no mention of anything open or closed. Probably just an automated email that gets sent out periodically?
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