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  1. Generally no, you don't really see enough from a cruise, however, it does depend on the country. For example, we rented bikes on our cruise stop in Grand Turk and were able to see the much of the island by getting around that way. I know there are other parts of Turks and Caicos outside of Grand Turk, but I felt that we saw enough in the hours that we were there. We spent two weeks in Thailand on a land vacation and still felt that wasn't enough time to see everything, so going there as a cruise stop definitely wouldn't have been enough for us.
  2. Personally, if checking and carrying on I don't put much in my carry on. Pretty much everything goes in my checked baggage. I may pack an extra change of clothes (in case the checked bag doesn't show up before dinner), electronics, paperwork, wallet and maybe a few other items I can't afford afford to lose, in a carry-on. That's about it. Last few trips for me were only 7-10 days in hot weather, so I only had a carry-on. Have a good cruise.
  3. I don't get bored however after our first few cruises we have found that we were not the biggest fan of sea days. As a result, when researching potential cruises, we always look for ones that have minimal sea days and long port days. By the time we get back to the ship, we are pretty exhausted. As for land vacations, we plan things to do and see from the time we wake up until it's time to go back to sleep. We don't have time to be bored since there is never an issue of filling the days up with things we like to do.
  4. I wear a waterproof pouch (assuming you are referring to water activities) around my neck that fits phone, a little cash, credit card, ship card and ID. There are plenty of options on Amazon but honestly I found one at Wal Mart that works great too. I've also worn this same pouch while zipling and doing other non water activities that required us to leave items behind. Depending on the excursion, we may also bring a small backpack or tote to carry a few things like a water bottle, beach towel..etc... We don't keep anything of real value in that though and would be comfortable leaving it on the beach, in a locker..etc..if needed.
  5. Not really. We try to be proactive. Fly in a day or two before the cruise, plan activities that will get us back to the ship in time,..etc... We do purchase travel insurance, so if something still goes wrong despite our best efforts, or there were a medical emergency, injury..etc... we'd be covered.
  6. I pay all my bills off a few days before they are actually due date. Different stokes for different folks.
  7. We have a separate bank account that we use only for travel. Every paycheck (every other week) we have a bare minimum that goes into that account. If there is money left over from other areas of our budget at the end of the month, we make another deposit. If we have extra funds due to a bonus or something, a portion of that goes into our travel account..etc... As far as paying for the cruise (along with flights, hotels, activities..etc) we use a credit card, but only for the purpose of getting cash back. The credit card is paid off using funds from our travel account before the bill is due to avoid interest. All cash back we received gets deposited back into that special account.
  8. I would go with this idea too. I've been to Vancouver twice within the last year. Once we had a car and other time we did not. Driving was easy but so was public transportation/walking around. Each of those visits were totally different so whether or not you will want car will depend on what you decide to do while you are there. For example, in my opinion, if you decide to stay in the downtown area, a car really isn't necessary. If I had 12 hours to kill after a cruise, even if I had a vehicle or went the organize tour route, it would still be nice to have a "home base" to be able to go back to later in the afternoon/early evening. I'd freshen up, maybe rest a little..etc.. before heading to the airport since this will turn out to be a fairly long day. Have a wonderful cruise!
  9. We don't really have anything we purchase specifically for a cruise, but once the cruise is booked, (or any vacation for that matter), we look to see what needs to be replaced from the last one and start buying those things little by little. This is a little different from what we use to do. We use to take inventory about a month pre-cruse/vacation and do our shopping over that last month. Now we are usually done before we reach that last month.
  10. We put our absolute favorite items in travel size bottles and containers and try to do carry on only. We also replace some liquid items with solids to ensure that we stay within the TSA rules. So we'll have antibacterial wipes instead of hand sanitizer, suncreen sticks instead of lotion.. etc. We've never done a 30 day cruise or anything, so would probably pack differently for something like that and also would most likely have to replenish things while in port. But for a 7-10 day or so cruise, travel size is enough for us.
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