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  1. I thought the Vatican was my biggest disappointment. The wealth displayed there would have cured world hunger for one thousand years! During my time there I kept thinking about the priest in our church chastising the parishioners for not donating enough to the church so the church could do "God's" work. And then to see a whole "city" and realize "God's" work supported this. Very disappointing.
  2. I actually got a message from the cc company saying that the "dispute" was closed because the vender paid the claim. I do believe that HAL was "prompted" by my filing the claim. My father always said. "The sweaky wheel gets the oil".
  3. HAL cancelled my December 9th cruise on August 11th. I called in August 12th and asked for a refund of my money. On October 13th I called the cc company and filed s dispute to have the money returned. I just checked my online statement today October 21st and found that the refund was posted to my cc account on October 17th. Thank you HAL/ cc company for my money back.
  4. Had one on Rotterdam for a 42 day med cruise. To say we loved it would bethe an understatement!!! Its like a balcony cabin without the dividers! As soon as soon as you step out you have a view up and down the whole ship! I was able to get some incredable pictures from lots of angles! We met lots of wonderful people as they walked by us. I would grab one of these in a heartbeat!
  5. This sounds like just what we are looking for. We will be there on march 18, 2022 according yo out itinerary.
  6. We will be on the HAL ship Zuiderdam. I am doing the snorkle tour with Patrick on Bora bora and I have already spent the night in an over the water bungalow at the hilton moorea on our 40th anniversary cruise. I was hoping to find a motu on one of the islands to just hang out, snorkle right off the beach and have lunch for the day.
  7. I would like to to a tour where you just go to the motu for the day. I would still like for the operator to provide lunch, but I just don't want to snorkle or ride around in the boat all day. I am already signed up for a snorkle tour on bora, bora. Has anyone ever heard of doing this on any of the islands???
  8. Thanks for replying. I have been thinking about everyone on that cruise and wondering how you all made out with getting your luggage back. I will keep my fingers crossed for everyone to get their luggage in the not too distant future... Helen.
  9. I wish hal had scheduled zaandam to do the hawaii/ tahiti cruise in 2022 instead of moving the passengers to zuiderdam!!!
  10. I have been wondering if the Amsterdam world cruise passengers ever got their luggage. I tried to follow the luggage, but where I spent the summer rarely had internet. If any one knows could you post? Also I am a bit bummed out that there will be on world cruise blogs this coming January anyone rlse already missing the dailybriefings blogs as the time draws near?
  11. My fear going to Hawaii/ Tahiti on Zuiderdam is that in the 7 tender ports it will take so long to get the 2000 passengers off that it won't be worth us standing in line for tickets! In most of the ports the ship leaves at 5 pm.
  12. I would pick another date. One of our Caribbean cruises had a large group and the ship closed the pool area on a sea day from 11am for the rest of the day to regular passengers. A lot of people were very unhappy!
  13. I was on eurodam on a new england and in (i believe it was bar harbour) tendering was so slow that we finally gave up around noon and went and got some lunch. Lots of people like us were never able to get off in that port. Some very unhappy people!
  14. MY concern exactly! There are 7 tender ports on the tahiti / hawaii cruise and the port time isn't that long. If people can't get off in a timely manner there are going to be some pretty unhappy cruisers. I also wonder about two of the ports Bora Bora and or Moorea on our last cruise on Rotterdsm we anchored in the lagoon, will Zuiderdam be able to get into the lagoon?
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