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  1. I wouldn't do it, but that I just me! I think the question you need to ask yourself is "how fast will you recover from Jet Lag? Even though you aren't interested in Rome will you feel like doing anything if and when you arrive in Naples if for some reason your flight gets delayed a full day. Only you can answer if saving on a hotel room and meals is a good trade off for the possibility of peace of mind that you will be there when the ship sails! No matter what I hope you have a great cruise....
  2. We usually use HMC as a sea day without a lot of passengers at the pool! I don't remember being charged extra for drinks the last time we were on the ship at HMC.
  3. It is so sad that all the wonderful classical music is fading away. Any day now I expect to see a dj sitting in the explorers lounge taking requests for what pipped in music people want to hear.
  4. Just cruise on Zuiderdam and the music coming from the "American test kitchen" I think if was the bb king band was so loud my ears hurt just walking by the place. The fact that there are no more bb king on our next cruise -Rotterdam is literally music to my ears!!! Now if we could just go back to the three violins playing in the explorers lounge I will be a happy person!!
  5. We had been thinking of a cruise to either the Baltic or the med in 2021 to celebrate our upcoming anniversary, but after reading about this new visa I think we can scratch that idea off our list. We already did the med and there isn't anything there I would pay an additional 7 euro/pounds/ dollars to see. I think we are paying enough to each country already with the port charges we pay. I haven't been to the Baltic, but I guess I won't miss that either since I haven't seen it and also am not interested in paying anything additional after paying for our passports.
  6. I usually buy the FCD for the obc. Do you know if the longer cruise qualifies for a larger obc? I tried to find out on HALs website, but alas no luck. (useless site)
  7. Can you use a future cruise deposit as a down payment for a longer cruise? I want to take a 32 day cruise in the future. (2021 isn't available yet) anyway I would like to get some future cruise deposits, but when I called HAL the rep. indicated that I wouldn't be allowed to use them as a deposit for a cruise this long. Now I am not sure if she was referring to the one for $100 that I already have or what. I was going to call again, but it seems as if each time I call I always get a different answer to my questions. I have an upcoming cruise and I plan to buy them then. What is the amount I would need for a longer cruise like this? I know a lot of cc members have taken longer cruises so they are going to know for sure if they can or can't be used. Thanks Helen
  8. I have been bringing one for years!! They take up no space in the suitcase and add no weight. A win, win in my book.
  9. Honestly, with HAL's website anything can happen. For the cruise I booked on I did get a couple of different prices before the dreaded blue circle that keeps going round and round started and I couldn't get out of. So I finally called HAL and low and behold the price was even lower than what their website said! Guess which price I picked??? I have all but given up on HAL's website for anything but to check in online and sometimes that doesn't work properly.
  10. I haven't been to the casino on my last couple of cruises. No more Caribbean stud poker. And the last time I played 3 card poker I actually lost money on a hand I won! I am no poker expert but that is what happened. It was very odd. Anyway I picked up my money and went back to my cabin. Dealer explained but I don't remember all the details. the point is if I win I want to win money not lose any!!!
  11. Only if he has had a pedicure first! hehehe!!! Hay as they say. "anything goes now days"
  12. Pet peeve - People who give me a dirty look because when I see a person in a wheel chair or scooter I usually say "excuse me" as I slide next to them. I think they think I am trying to butt the line when in fact I am going to reach my arm in and hold the door from coming back and crashing into them as they try to roll over the ledges that the door rolls on. So many people have done this to me and then look at me sheepishly when they realize I am only trying to help. I saw a door roll back and hit a woman's arm once causing her a lot of pain so I made it a habit to do this when ever I see someone in a wheelchair or scooter. I know too many people will rush into the elevator before a person with a wheelchair or scooter can get in. Honestly in our world we all need to take the stairs more often and leave the elevators to those who truly need them.
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