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  1. I just noticed that Crystal are requiring vaccines to do their world cruises. I agree and I hope hal and all cruise lines follows suit.
  2. I read that you should have a card with a high limit. My limit is around 10,000, would that be high enough? Or will I need to bring a second card as a back up?
  3. Does anyone have any idea when Hal will put their 2024 world cruise? On my next hal cruise if I buy a fcd can I use it for a world cruise? What amount does it need to be? Thanks for any info. I don't want to call the hal world cruise dept. I waited on hold for 15 mins. only to be told booking was a take it or leave it situation for the 2023 wc. I am hoping this is a one off. When you are spending this kind if money you are surprised to be treated like that.
  4. Thanks everyone for your imput. This seems a daunting task for someone doing this for the first time. I have decided to call hal's world cruise on tuesday and have a long talk about some of these issues. I have a ta, but I have no idea if she has any experience with world cruises. I found a cabin that I would like, I am hoping that hal will at least let me hold the cabin until we can make a decision. I am very excited to just be able to do this. I'll post when I have more info. Helen
  5. I thought there was a place to get help/ discuss taking a world cruise, but I can't find it. DH and I are thknking about taking the 2023 world cruise. I have some questions. Ie: getting visas, packing, arranging tours. Would it be a good idea to call the cruise line directly? Do I need ta that specializes in World cruises? Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  6. I said yes. I have a cruise to the Caribbean booked for this Dec. I am not sure it will go. I have put money on an Oct 2022 cruise as a backup. Both cruises are to celebrate our 50th Anniversary! Both of the cruises had the cabin I wanted so I decided to take a chance.
  7. Good for you. I am sure you can hang in there until you set sail. And wish your mom a happy 60th birthday!!
  8. I wish you had told all the people moving here and the snow birds from every state noth of our border this!!! The beaches, campgrounds, highways etc. are filled with out of state plates. The state parks are booked solid. Even private campgrounds are full. The building boom is on in our area. There isn't a street without at least two new builds. We had so many out of state seniors here lining up for the vaccine the state had to make being a resident a condition of getting the vaccine! I just looked at our local hospitals covid info and the patient count is way down. It seems to me t
  9. Oh! Bill and Marianne, I was just saying to my dh that I wonder where you two would be if you were on the world cruise had gone this year!!!! I am patiently waiting for 2022's cruise!!! Helen
  10. I got another offer today, but it is the same discount that I already got when I booked the cruise!
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