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  1. Yes!! We used our Starbucks apps all week on Oasis. Loved our afternoon espresso runs. Enjoy!!
  2. On our Christmas week cruise there was menorah lighting. Also, Christmas carols the night of the 24th (crew passed out music sheets) and also Santa visited on the 25th. There is as little or as much as you want to partake in. Have a fabulous vacation.
  3. Carambola Beach Club is always a good option.
  4. Can anyone give me an idea of the average age of guests on this itinerary? We would love to take this trip but are mid to late 40s. 😉
  5. We have sailed in the Haven twice with NCL in a 2 bedroom suite. Awesome set up and we truly enjoyed the Haven areas-pool, restaurant, priority embarkation, disembarkation, show seats, etc. However, outside the blissful seclusion of this area, the ships are a crowded and noisy experience. To be fair, we have been on the Getaway and the Epic, both large ships but no bigger than the Oasis which never felt crowded or noisy. We will no longer be considering this line for several reasons. Also, I would not consider rooming outside the immediate Haven area. Having to haul your pool stuff and kids to the Haven to swim, relax at the bar or eat is not an ideal situation.
  6. Just a follow up for anyone needing clarification... we went to Pearl Harbor on Friday and I carried an NFL logo clear bag and sailed through the entrance line. No problem at all and it was nice to have someplace to carry our sweaty water bottles!
  7. We are taking a tour next week that includes Pearl Harbor. As far as clear bags go, is anything that is accepted at sporting events considered acceptable at Pearl Harbor? Think NFL game type/sized item. Thanks for any direction here!
  8. Yes-Oasis has a licensed Starbucks. I happily visited every afternoon on our cruise for a doppio iced espresso and earned points on my card for doing so. Major plus in my book and something I truly missed on our most recent NCL sailing. Enjoy!
  9. Thank you so much for the info and pictures! I guess I can expect it to be half as good as the Oasis last year 😉. That one is nearly perfect, under cover and a dedicated area. I’ll check it out and if it is too crowded will find a treadmill.
  10. Can anyone share info regarding the walking track on the Epic? We sail this weekend and I'd prefer walking the track versus on a treadmill. Is the track around an already occupied area (chairs, people to dodge) or is it a dedicated area with less traffic, conducive to getting a workout?
  11. I’d like to have a packable snorkel vest for my daughter for our trip next week. Have to order from Amazon. Can anyone recommend a good quality vest for her so we can both enjoy our time in the water? She is 15 but tires before the rest of us and ends up back onboard early. Thanks!!
  12. We are sailing Christmas week on the Epic. DS is receiving a small Nintendo game box from “Santa”. Are the TVs set up to be able to connect this to so he can try it out? Don’t worry-it won’t be a sit in the room and play video games all week situation, just know he would like to play with it and try it out. We are in the Haven if the TVs are different on this ship. Thanks!!
  13. An H4 Haven cabin is your friend. Two bedrooms plus a sofa bed if the kids don't want to share the bunk room. Extra bathroom as well. This is the only scenario that we use when sailing NCL. Other lines its two connecting mini suites or balconies so everyone has their own sleeping space. My opposite sex teens would not be happy to bunk together and the second bathroom is always a plus!
  14. Can anyone share photos of the Haven fitness area on the Epic? We are interested in what is in this location... cardio machines, weight machines, free weights, etc? Thanks!
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