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  1. accessofficeprincess@princesscruises.com Do you have to get approval if you rent through scoot around or special needs at sea?
  2. Yes, I removed the center piece years ago. I still needed to step across the center and had increasing difficulty with that. It was my problem and I solved it by getting a fold and go wheelchair. All scooters have a center section to step across. I now need the chair.
  3. I used a travelscoot scooter for over 10 years and I loved it. However, as my post-polio progressed I found I could not step over the center section of any scooter. I have been using a "fold and go" wheelchair for about a year and also so love it. It is strong, lightweight, and has good battery power. I find it easy to use as the foot rest does not need to be stepped over. You can google fold and go if interested further.
  4. Countries can make their own rules so it may not depend on Princess at all. Let's hope the recent uptick in infection rates calms down.
  5. I will miss Matt. When we did the circle South America on the Royal he was the CD. I have been using a wheelchair for many years and had never attended a dance class as I obviously cannot dance. He did these sessions and I attended to watch Matt O and his interactions with the cruisers. I had a great time.
  6. He is my favorite cruise director.
  7. I used the travelscoot scooter for about 10 years and was very pleased with it. I recently needed to replace it because my post polio progressed and I could no longer step across the middle section. I now own a "fold and go" electric wheelchair. It is also a very well built device. You can google either name for additional information. There is a board on cruise critic called disabled cruisers where you can find additional recommendations.
  8. MC app is somewhat improved on my end BUT whenever I go to it it turns off my hearing aids. I am beyond frustrated with that!!! I will not be able to use the app on the ship if this continues as not hearing is not only annoying but dangerous. I would miss emergency announcements, people saying "watch out" etc. I am not happy.
  9. I am sorry this has happened to you. There are rooms with appropriate dimensions to meet your needs. However, they are usually reserved very quickly by other individuals who are in equal need as you are. I had polio as a child and now use an electric wheelchair for mobility. I would suggest that you have your travel agent call Carnival's access department on a weekday and see if you can get your money back. The access department can in my experience do some actions that are not possible for regular departments. If a return of your funds is not possible, then see if you can be placed on a wait list for an appropriate cabin. If I was in your situation I would take any fully accessible cabin - interior, ocean view, or balcony - if I could not get my money back. In the future you might consider making a booking on the day itineraries are announced. You still might not get the room you want but may have better luck.
  10. No, the line does not provide oxygen. What do you use at home? A concentrator or tanks? If a concentrator is it a portable one or one of the larger ones? Your doctor or oxygen supplier should be able to determine what type of machinery you need to continue to travel.
  11. Yes, I get both of those and usually have a future cruise deposit I use and that gives credit as well. I like that Princess allows "stacking" of credits.
  12. We went over Christmas/New Year's in 2019 ending on January 4, 2020. There were several families on board with kids in the age groups you mention. The kids we saw seemed to enjoy the activities they participated in and I enjoyed watching them show off their projects to their parents and grandparents. The enrichment activities - lei making, hula etc. as well as some of the entertainment (specifically the hula show) and excursions would be for any age.
  13. That does not work for me. "Travel Documents" is non-existent in my sorry app. SIGH. I also cannot change the emergency contact, cannot accept the risk form, cannot update the health data, cannot chose an arrival/departure time and it turns my hearing aids off. I was able to order medallions and chose a dining time. This app is such a disappointment! Our banking, airline, hearing aid and other apps work seamlessly. Perhaps Princess needs to walk away from this app until such time as it actually works.
  14. I think your parents will be fine. I found it necessary to move around the ship to get the best views. I use a wheelchair and book accessible cabins. The place to be varies with what is happening. On approach to the old locks you need to be at the front of the ship to see the men in a row boat bringing the ropes which will be attached to the ship. After entering the lock it is great to go to the middle of the ship to see the canal walls. Then later it is great to go to the back of the ship to watch the gates close. For us it was a long hot day but so worth it. I recommend your parents keep their cabin and also that they read "The Path Between the Seas" by David McCullough.
  15. I continue to be disappointed in the app. I was recently able to order medallions (this was easy) and select dining options (after much trying). However, I have not been able to do anything with our passports and other boarding data. I have an updated phone and updated app. This app is a mess and I am going to ignore it for a few months - our next cruise isn't until January - and hope for the best then. I get so aggravated using it as it turns my hearing aid OFF.
  16. My strange problem is that starting the medallionclass app turns off my hearing aids. Of course I get the white screen and tech notice that everyone talks about. Anyone else having hearing aid problems? We cannot get into the dining requests AND I can't hear. So frustrated! We don't sail until January, 2022.
  17. I have been using a "fold and go" wheelchair for the past year. It is quite sturdy, easy to collapse, and fits in both our prius and SUV. It may be slightly above your price point. It is made in the US and their website gives a good overview of how everything works. They also offer lots of add ons.
  18. When we were in Bermuda we took an accessible tour. We were docked in Dockyard and went all over the island. I particularly enjoyed seeing the pink (or not so pink) beaches. There were scenic stops where I did not get off and shopping/lunch stops where I did leave the van. The van had a ramp and tie downs. At the stops we had some areas with curb cuts and some good sidewalks and other areas with broken concrete. Many of the shops had steps to enter and I cannot go into those. At the dockyard area most had flat entries.
  19. I also didn't think I needed a smart phone. However, as my age-related hearing loss worsened I needed hearing aids. The aids best suited for my loss work in conjunction with a smart phone. I've got the phone and my hearing aid is adjustable using my phone. I can increase or decrease the sound I receive, apply noise cancelling as the noise from plane engines and wind noises while driving. I can even silence the aids if I so choose without removing them, just using the phone. I am now a happy smart phone user.
  20. The large buses cannot go into the center of Rome. For that reason we used "Rome in Limo" for our tours. We have been three times and used them each time. They will do whatever sites you prefer. Their cars/vans go directly to the site which was so helpful to me.
  21. Not only do you need to bring your own supplies for the ship you also cannot depend on port pharmacies having the size you need. I don't know about the rules in Uruguay but in the US you can carry a bag with ONLY medical supplies (diapers, medicines, c-pap, wheelchair repair kit, etc) and not be charged by the airline for transport.
  22. This is very helpful. Thank you for finding this for me.
  23. I have stayed in a couple of Premier Inns. They are quite comfortable and very clean. We stayed in one near the St. Pancras train station when we flew into London and then took the Eurostar to Paris. We also stayed at one near the tower of London. We stayed at one at the Dublin airport as well when we had a layover on a trip home from London. All the hotels were fine and we enjoyed the meals at their restaurants as well. The accessible features were different but all accessible. My one criticism is that the beds are low, but I am quite tall so that quibble may be specific to me. The bed is slightly lower than the seat on my wheelchair.
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