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  1. Going by what was said on the phone I get the impression someone got a manual upgrade into a room that we were going to get and therefore we were downgraded. The woman I spoke to on the phone was not happy with this at all. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. Last year we booked a family cruise with P&O for the September school holidays (we booked early due to P&O limiting children on board) We selected an oceanview (window) room in the midship (for which we paid a surcharge for). Got our room assignment to find that we still had an ocean view room but we had been moved to the back of the ship in a cheaper room, with OBC for the difference. I called P&O's manilla based call centre where I was told that the terms and conditions allow them to do this (I checked, the section they cited doesn't allow them to downgrade you) and there is nothing I can do. I posted on the facebook page and was brushed off as well. I called the head office in Sydney and left a message as well as asking on a facebook group I'm in if anyone has a local number I can call. The mod of the page messaged me, got my details and passed them onto his contacts. Within an hour I got a call from a lovely woman at the head office who was as unhappy as i was over the situation and she gave us two options: 1 - $500 OBC (i'd actually talked to my wife and we decided this was the minimum amount we were going to take anyway) or; 2 - we can be upgraded to a suite (as all the balconies are full). we, of course, picked no 2 and we were moved into a suite whilst we were on the phone. Needless to say we are happy with the outcome, but IMHO it should not have gotten that far
  3. Tejas57

    Pacific Aria - Suite

    hope things iomprove. due to a screw up by P&O doengrading us (from OA to OF) and me actully looking at the T&C's they cited we got an upgrade at no charge to a suite. we are quite looking forward to it as the best cabin we had in the past was a balcony
  4. What I would do if you are worried is not link your card until you have to. Just use the onboard credit first and when that has run out take your credit card to reception Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  5. we have to have a window (at minimum) - due to having 2 intellectually impaired children we spend a bit of time in the cabin so a window is a must. next is location - needs to be between two decks of cabins (we cruised on the carnival spirit once and ended up in a cabin below the disco - was not fun). than it's price.
  6. this is an interesting conversation. we have cruised with P&O (Jewel and in September the Aria) and Carnival (We were on the 3rd sailing of the spirit when it relocated to sydney). We are already planning our cruise after the one we already have booked (i think we are addicted) and am seriously considering RCI. As we are taking the kids it's all about them honestly but i'm lead to belive RCI are pretty good there right?
  7. can someone explain to me how priority works? we have priority boarding for my upcoming cruise out of brisbane due to having an intellectually impaired child. does this mean we get an early check in time or are we given one like normal and we just have diffrent queues in the terminal to get though checkin and customs easier? also, whats the earliest time we can board? they obviously need to get all the incoming pax off first and do turnaround so i'm thinking 11 or 12
  8. Tejas57

    P&O Australia Prices

    october is also the time for school holidays as well. we are crusin on the aria on the 28th of september to the 5th of october and the ship is sold out for children (we booked a year in advance).
  9. Tejas57

    Pacific Dawn. Man overboard!!

    been anther today- https://www.sbs.com.au/news/search-underway-as-woman-falls-overboard-on-p-o-cruise-ship got my parents on board and we called and made sure it was not them. they are having drinks whilst the search continues (what else are they supposed to do?)
  10. Tejas57

    Brisbane Cruise Parking

    i have booked into portside
  11. Tejas57

    Brisbane Cruise Parking

    thanks for letting me know. we have priority embarkation and disembarkation (i got onto P&O and explained about the children's disabilities) we definitely don't want to be waiting outside so if it looks like we will be early we will just give the kids some extra play time at the macdonalds we are stopping at for breakfast
  12. Hi All I'm cruising in the september school holidays from portside in brisbane and wondering about parking. I'd like to book ASAP due to it being holidays and selling out (also as i have 2 intellectually impaired children and being in our own car would ease any issues that come from the disembarkation process). anyone have any recommendations as to where to park? I'm looking at portside as it's only a short walk to the terminal (if we went with portside i'd drop off my wife and kids, park the car and than head back and go though the check in process)
  13. Tejas57

    Pacific Jewel in drydock

    looking good. i took my honeymoon cruise on this and i'm planning on booking a suprise cruise for my wife for our 10th anniversary in 2020 assuming that it's still in the fleet
  14. theres quite a few islands in in the great barrier reef that have been abandoned - Brampton, Hook and Lindeman islands for starters. It's possible they could pick one of these up for a steal and make them private
  15. Tejas57

    The Edge pacific dawn

    can anyone confirm - i'm looking at getting an edge pass for a cruise i've got coming up but someone told me your restricted to 1 activity on a port day and 2 on a sea day. is this correct?