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  1. Yup, we just got ours today too, Jerry! I frankly wasn’t in any big hurry for the money - not all of us have the bourbon habit that you have. [emoji851] Sent from my iPad using Forums
  2. I feel very bad for the people who have had their cruises cancelled, have paid in full, and are frustrated in waiting for a refund. I think much of the anxiety I’m seeing here is due to fear that a refund might not appear at all, and many people’s financial status has worsened recently. I have an expected refund from Azamara, but I am taking a different slant on things. During this unprecedented time, the cruse lines are likely short on all manner of resources, are facing the challenges of staff trying to work from home (I used to be in IT and let me tell you, it’s harder to set up securely than it might seem) and have never before had to deal with such a volume of cancellations, refunds, changes, and shortage of cash flow. My wish is that the company continues to survive so that I can continue to enjoy cruises with them. I honestly cannot picture a happy retirement if the cruise industry disappears. I desperately want to experience another wonderful Azamara cruise. I was on the ill-fated March 2 Pursuit, and it solidified my option that Azamara has unparalleled on-board customer service - which reminds me, I need to write a love letter to Captain Carl). My thought is, then, what little things can I do to assist in the survival of the industry that brings me so much pleasure? For me, I am willing to do the following: accept a FCC over a refund, move bookings out if required, and exercise patience in waiting for any refunds/vouchers coming my way. I understand this action plan is not feasible or desirable for many, and I don’t intend to suggest that anyone else’s viewpoints are invalid. Long before COVID-19, I once waited over 2 months for a refund of a flight than an airline cancelled. I think during these exceptional times, a long wait is to be expected. Personally, I can wait for my refund a long, long time as I’m not spending any money hanging around my house - this month, I will have the lowest number of purchases on my credit card ever! 😀 I currently have cruises booked with Celebrity, Azamara and Crystal and I actually just booked a new cruise yesterday (and yes, paid a deposit). I am facing this trying time with the optimism that the industry will recover, and we’ll someday be able to experience the pleasure of cruising with Azamara again.
  3. I agree wholeheartedly! Until this cruise, we had not been on Azamara for quite some time, but the way we were treated during this difficult time was stellar, and I would sail with Captain Carl with confidence anywhere in the world. However, as much as I would like to see more of Chile, I don’t expect I ever will, because they did their best to make a bad situation so much harder. Our next Azamara cruise is this fall and I look forward to another great experience. A heartfelt thank you to Azamara’s officers, staff and crew who worked terribly hard to ensure we stayed healthy, happy and safe. And fat, unfortunately. 🤓
  4. Oh boy, on the Pursuit today, we had quite a colourful Kiss the Fish ceremony. Hard to describe, but it involved kneeling in front of Neptune and his queen, fresh fish (which people kissed or got slapped in the face with - Captain Carl definitely got it bad), being rolled in a gross pile of what looked like bloody animal parts, and then falling into the pool. The pool had to be closed and emptied - it was a mess! A mixture of officers and passengers got the treatment. I declined.
  5. We’ve got lots of supplies aboard Pursuit (bars are hopping at the moment). We hope to see the Eclipse behind us shortly (seeing as she can probably go faster than we can, I’m guessing Eclipse will pass us sometime soon).
  6. We are happily on our way to Miami. The captain made a brief announcement after I’m sure a lot of people freaked out when we came back. He said something about “paperwork” and said if we want to know more, we can buy the book he intends to write, coming out in 2021. I’d buy that book! Seriously, Captain Carl is a hoot! He has kept us informed of all the annoying shenanigans Chile pulled, but always with a sense of humour and appreciation for his excellent crew.
  7. I’m starting to be doubtful that they will let us off in Valparaiso, seeing as they won’t even allow us to dock to restock provisions (they offered some scheme to send small boats out to us to load supplies - Captain Carl didn’t find that acceptable seeing as the frozen food would be spoiled with that method.). Officers and Miami are working on another solution - maybe San Antonio, although I read in another thread that Eclipse had left there - I can see them right outside my balcony about a mile away). It’s all up in the air at the moment. Everyone still seems to be pretty upbeat although, with United, Delta and American cancelling all flights out of Chile in a few days, if we don’t dock soon enough, there won’t be many ways for us to get home - many are still struggling to book flights before the blanket cancellations take effect. We are all keeping our fingers crossed that we will be able to disembark and get home before none of our countries will let us in. It’s pretty ironic because no one on the ship is sick and we’ve been virtually quarantined since we haven’t gone near land in days - we are probably safer from the virus than most places on land.
  8. Looks like Chile changed their minds and will allow us to disembark in Valparaiso on Tuesday as long as we head straight to the airport and get out. Whew!
  9. The captain will be updating us at noon - I am sure they are scrambling to find a country that will let us in. All of us that arranged new flights home yesterday from Santiago are wishing we had waited. All in all, the atmosphere on the ship is quite jovial. We know we are safe from the virus while afloat, and I for one hope they just sail us right to the U.S. or Canada, saving us the long, miserable flight home.
  10. Oh no - we just heard that Chile has closed its port. Not sure what will happen to us now.
  11. I am also currently on the Pursuit and the staff, crew and officers have been magnificent. It’s unfortunate we have to disembark a week early, as I feel we are much safer from any virus while on board than on land. I hope that the crews of the empty ships will be taken care of. I have to say, I am impressed with how passengers are conducting themselves. I haven’t seen anyone looking angry or frustrated (although the slow internet certainly is trying at times). Everyone seems to be happy and smiling, and we are sure that Azamara will get us home one way or another. Cheers to all of you on land - the bars are open on the Pursuit and we are going to party till we disembark on the 17th.
  12. Jimdee - you might also check into the Experience More packages, which include an upgrade to the beverage package. It’s probably not worth it for a shorter cruise, but a transatlantic might be long enough to make it a good value for you. Experience More Packages
  13. BrendaJ

    New Survey

    I got the same survey. I suspect Azamara’s pre and post cruise options are nice, but, as others have said, the prices prevent me from ever taking them. Even the price ranges in the survey were much higher than I would consider paying for pre or post cruise plans anywhere other than a very exotic and expensive location. When Azamara charges $1200 per person for a 3 night stay in a European city where I can book a 5 star hotel for $300, they’ve lost my interest.
  14. We are embarking in Buenos Aires in a few weeks for a 5pm sailing time, and our check-in screen on the app suggests we arrive between 4 and 4:30. I expect there are some glitches with the process, as that is far too late. We will arrive shortly after noon and hope for the best.
  15. We ate at the Tuscan Grill on the Summit last night - great meal, but we were charged $70 per person. I thought it was no more than $55. Is there a holiday surcharge?
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