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  1. I have Infinity booked for Jan, 2023. When I booked that cruise, Infinity was still scheduled for a revolution refit prior to that cruise. Since that refit was postponed indefinitely, I called Celebrity and asked if there will be cabin discounts available should she not be revolutionized by then. The agent said that no firm decision were made at that point but it would be reasonable to assumed that if you booked while the refit was still scheduled and not after the postponement that you would be entitled to some sort of compensation be it a cabin discount (I won't hold my breath for that) o
  2. We are booked to sail on the Infinity in January, 2023 in a CS. When we put down the deposit, Infinity was still scheduled for refurbishment prior to that cruise. The cabin furniture needed replacing five years ago and we can only imagine what condition it will be in two years from now. In a perfect world, they would offer some serious OBC for people who booked a "revolutionized" ship (or whatever they are calling it these days) but will get a dinosaur instead. Yes...we know that we are dreaming. That is why I have booked on Viking Octanis for the same time period as a back up.
  3. We got the same survey (one for each of us). We have already completed them and submitted. My DH had been to the Arctic Circle in the past and he was asked if he would be willing to complete an additional survey for that region. Since he was there as part of the USMC and not as a tourist, he did not chose to continue to the next survey as he didn't think his experience would be relevant for people looking for an expedition.
  4. I have the same message when trying to log into My Viking Journey, but I am not getting emails. Probably because our trip isn't scheduled until 01/23! After watching the video message explaining new procedures that Viking will implement for future cruises, my DH is not happy with sailing with Viking. Automated temperature checks in the hallways, mandatory daily covid testing, etc sounds pretty aggressive. I guess we will have to see how it plays out when they are actually sailing again.
  5. We are planning to book an Antarctica expedition cruise for January, 2023. I have reached out to Viking several times in order to discuss options, specific questions and ultimately to book. All I get are canned email responses with links to portions of their website which I have already scoured. Perhaps they assigned me to a lazy agent? Can anyone recommend a specific agent who will actually speak with me and if so an extension#? I really don't want to commit almost $50k without actually speaking with someone. Disney expeditions won't be open for boo
  6. We have done both a JS and balconies for our family. Hands down, go with two connecting balcony rooms. The biggest advantage is the second bathroom. If you can get one of the family ocean view suites, there is tons of room there along with 1 1/2 - 2 bathrooms and suite perks. Needless to say, the OV suite is much more expensive than must doing the two balconies.
  7. The infinity balconies have identical lay outs and sq ft as AQ and Concierge cabins. Concierge will gain you arguably a better location (very subjective to say the least), better room service menu, bottle of inexpensive (but cold!) sparking wine, canapes (usually less than delicious) and fresh fruit. They also have some sort of fresh flower (s) that varies. They come with extra captains club points if you are chasing those. Supposedly the toiletries are a bit better, but we always bring our own. The binoculars in the cabin are not great, if they are even there. If the price difference is
  8. I think it would depend on what class of Celebrity ship that you are looking into. The SSs on the Edge class are really nice with an open feel. The Millenium class SSs are much smaller than a JS with far less storage. We have not stayed is a SS on Solstice class so can't give you an answer on that one.
  9. We have stayed in this cabin a few years ago. The balcony is extra deep and the cabin was not noisy at all. We did not find the walk to the aft to be excessive since the ship itself is not very big. Our aft cabin on the Harmony was a different story though 🤪
  10. I have checked using the link that you provided, called my TA and also called Celebrity. All three methods resulted in a "no". I was told that only cruises departing prior to 5/4/21 are eligible for lift and shift program. The 5/4/2022 date floating out there is the "use by" date for the program. If they do in fact extend the eligibility date like many of us hope, the only comparable cruise for us within the 60 day window (30 days prior, 30 days after, plus one year) is an Edge class cruise and we are booked on the Reflection. I was told that you can downgrade ship
  11. We have a cruise scheduled on 5/5/21. It is one day after the lift and shift deadline, so we aren't even eligible for that! Our TA is going to try to extend our final payment day to give us a bit more time in hopes that Celebrity will extend the program. Our fingers are crossed, but not holding our breath
  12. We did this cruise not long ago. The weather was indeed windy and cold for the first few days, but it was no bother for us. They have blankets available for those who want to be on deck during the chilly days. There are so many activities indoors on those days (naturalist discussions, crafts, entertainment, etc) that we were never bored. We spent a few extra days on Oahu (Kailua on the windward side) before flying home. We very much enjoyed this cruise and it is on our list to do again in the future. One recommendation...if you decide to do the hula classes, they are cumulativ
  13. We did the reverse of your cruise last year Vancouver - Hawaii. If I remember correctly, the alcoves were available online around 60 days prior. I can say, however, that the weather was only favorable to use an alcove on the two sea days closest to Hawaii. Further north than that it was too cold to enjoy. Most alcove's stood empty the entire cruise.
  14. We are sailing on the Celebrity Eclipse on 5/17/20 and it is on the excursion option list for us. Booked it the first day it finally showed up!
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