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  1. We did this cruise not long ago. The weather was indeed windy and cold for the first few days, but it was no bother for us. They have blankets available for those who want to be on deck during the chilly days. There are so many activities indoors on those days (naturalist discussions, crafts, entertainment, etc) that we were never bored. We spent a few extra days on Oahu (Kailua on the windward side) before flying home. We very much enjoyed this cruise and it is on our list to do again in the future. One recommendation...if you decide to do the hula classes, they are cumulativ
  2. We did the reverse of your cruise last year Vancouver - Hawaii. If I remember correctly, the alcoves were available online around 60 days prior. I can say, however, that the weather was only favorable to use an alcove on the two sea days closest to Hawaii. Further north than that it was too cold to enjoy. Most alcove's stood empty the entire cruise.
  3. We are sailing on the Celebrity Eclipse on 5/17/20 and it is on the excursion option list for us. Booked it the first day it finally showed up!
  4. The ships excursion took us by bus (comfortable and clean) to Lubeck. We did a walking tour through the historic area and had good lunch at a local restaurant. Our guide was very informative and her English was very good (she was actually Italian!). We were very happy that we took a guided tour vs a "diy tour" because we learned a number of interesting facts that weren't in the guidebooks that we had read. The only negative for us was that we would have liked a bit more free time to wander the shops at the end of the day.
  5. Sure was! What was even more odd was that when I was originally pricing out the reservation my old MSC log in didn't work nor was my old club number recognized. I was told that if it is dormant for more than a certain length of time that it would fall off an you would have to start all over again. Needless to say, this was not a problem since I wanted to use the status match anyway. I received a email confirmation of my new club number and black status and this is what I booked the reservation under. I checked with guest services once onboard regarding the tendering and they s
  6. Both my DH and I received our status match (Celebrity Elite) in just two days to MSC Black level. Many months later and only a couple of weeks before the cruise (after we entered the non-refundable timeframe) I received an email saying that my status had been dropped to the lowest level because I had cruised with MSC once back in 2013 and was no longer eligible for the status match because they had recently changed the rules. My husband was able to keep his Black status because he was new to MSC. I called Voyage Club because I was confident that this was simply a mistake. Sure
  7. We booked the anytime dining (we had an Aurea cabin). We were able to dine when we wanted and had the same table each night. Yes, you can use your drink package in the dining room. If you drop by the MDR on your embarkation day you can take an advanced peek at your table size and location. If you aren't happy, speak to the Maitre D and they will try to change it for you.
  8. No covered pool. One pool is heated slightly and the other not at all. They will post the daily pool temp on a sign next to the pool. Coming from Georgia, we found the pool temp at the end of June to be 60.8 f! It was so laughable to us that we had to take a pic. The other pool was 71. On the upside...the hot tubs were never busy so maybe bring a suit for one of those? The Poesia was a beautiful ship with an awesome crew. Enjoy!
  9. We sailed on the Poesia in June in an Aurea cabin. A couple of months prior to sailing we upgraded to the premium package at a very reasonable price. When we boarded the ship our upgraded drink package was not shown on our cruise account so we were not able to get an upgraded drink. I showed the guest relations rep our email confirmation and even the credit card charge for the exact amount. They said that was all very nice, but if it wasn't on our reservation it didn't exist. The only way that we could get it resolved was to purchase the next level upgrade (very pricey). Once
  10. Thanks for all of the advise! My "trench" coat reaches just below the hips so it sounds that it will be just about right. Since we are planning on a couple of independent excursions in small rib boats, I will try to find some gloves to take along. I don't own a hat, so will just have to skip that one as it doesn't make sense to buy one to use for just a few hours.
  11. Good to know. I guess I better bring my "winter coat" aka a trench coat in other parts of the country! Maybe some gloves as well. With temps in the upper 90s for the past week, sixty sounds fabulous!
  12. Thanks for posting these. Please tell me that these weren't high temps for the day? This Georgia girl might need to bring her winter coat!
  13. We are doing the Norway itinerary on the Poesia in June and sailed the Baltic itinerary on the MSC Musica in the past. I agree, the boards are extremely quiet for MSC cruises. This is what we did on our Baltic cruise: Kiel: MSC excursion to Lubeck. Very good day Stockholm: Bought tickets for the Hop-On Hop-Off red bus (aka HoHo) since MSC cancelled our excursion the night before due to not enough English speakers to form a viable excursion. Tallin: Bought HoHo tickets to include city of Tallin and surrounding areas. In hindsight, just the old town was
  14. Got my upgrade! Same ship, different month, different itinerary (still southern Caribbeanthough), but we have a plan. Now I can relax and start thinking about rescheduling flights. Many thanks to CruCon for fighting the battle for us and to RCCL for taking care of a long time customer! Very happy!
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