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  1. They didn’t cancel June yet because they want the final payments. We have a 7 night on June 19. Our final payment is due March 23. We are going to pay it because we want the full refund back instead of more FCCs.
  2. If staying in a resort in Cancun, what is the best way to visit Chichen Itza for just a couple of hours. I realize the drive time is about 2.5 hours each way, which means 5 hours driving time. We are thinking about 2 hours there so around 7 hours for the total tour. Most of the ones I have looked at include lots of stops at different places and last 10-12 hours. Can anyone recommend a tour that would be shorter?
  3. We can't do a lift and shift on this one. My husband and I had the same spring break for 2021 from our schools. We don't have the same spring break for 2022 and we can't take off a week during that time of the year. So I am not sure what to do. The other problem is that we have a flight booked to SJ, so if the cruise is cancelled last minute, I am sure our flight will not be refunded.
  4. We have a spring 2021 cruise booked on Enchantment of the Seas leaving from San Juan Puerto Rico. Has anyone heard any updates on if SJ is planning to allow cruise ships to start back sailing? I know they are going to begin doing some "volunteer" test cruises from the US, but I wasn't sure about SJ.
  5. These cabins say obstructed views from window washing materials. Does anyone know how obstructed? When I look at the deck plans, it looks like both of these balcony cabins have a balcony that looks way bigger than the other cabins. Is this only because of the window washing material or is the balcony really bigger?
  6. Not necessarily- They would get their deposit back if they booked refundable. If I cancelled right now, I would get my $200 deposit back in a refund. If I wait until after final payment, I would get the full cruise amount credited as an FCC as long as I cancelled 48 hours before the cruise. So I was just thinking that some people might choose to get their deposit back instead of having hundreds tied up in an FCC.
  7. Maybe they will make an announcement in the next few days. It doesn't matter to me personally. I was referring to the probability that Royal won't make a decision about July cruises until mid May so that they can make sure they get all of the final payments. I will make my final payment regardless because I can use the FCC on November or April. However, I know that everyone isn't in the same situation and would need to get the refund instead of making final payment.
  8. It is nice that they go ahead and give you some advance notice. I think Royal could do a little better with providing advance notice. With the 100 day extension, it seems impossible that Royal would be able to do any sailings in May and not resume until late June. I have one booked in July and honestly, I do not think it will sail either. I have until May 5 to cancel before my final payment is due. My guess that they don't want to cancel until everyone has made their final payments so that they can keep the money and issue an FCC instead of refund.
  9. Mine had nothing to do with the recent coronavirus stuff. The FCC was issued last summer when the possible Hurricane was headed to the east coast. They gave the option to sail or either get a FCC. We assumed the FCC total could be used to book another cruise for the two people. This is not the case since on the original invoice, it shows that passenger 2 was 60% off. In conclusion, passenger 1 (husband) got a FCC for the full amount, and passenger 2 (wife) got a FCC for 60% discounted amount. When they went to rebook another cruise, passenger 1 has a lot of leftover money on his FCC and passen
  10. My friend got a FCC for a cruise booked that was cancelled. It was one of the cruises where it was 60% off the second guest. She was booked with her husband in a cabin for 2. They were issued separate FCCs. Her FCC was way less than his because she was the second person in the cabin. When they rebooked a new cruise in a cabin for 2, the cruiseline would not apply both FCCs for a total price. They took them separate as in a per person rate. So now, she ended up having to pay more money and her husband has money left on his FCC. Has anyone heard of this happening? Is there anything that can be d
  11. April 4, 2021, 8:00AM-5:30PM. I know it is over a year away, but I was trying to make some early plans.
  12. What is the best way to get to Jost Van Dyke from the port? Are there any amazing excursions that you have used to take you there? We are only a group of 2 people, so booking a private charter or catamaran isn't really an option for us.
  13. We have been on Enchantment several times for the 4 night cruises out of Port Canaveral. I know it is one of the smallest ships ever. What do you think about the 7 night on Enchantment from San Juan? I love the port options for the April 3, 2021 cruise which visits: Tortola, St. Kitts/Nevis, Martinique, Barbados, and St. Lucia. Two of these stops are places that we haven't been before. I really wish this itinerary was on a little bigger ship. It is over a year and a half away, so I have plenty of time- and I went with the refundable deposit just in case we decide not to go.
  14. We were there last week on Mariner. Navigation was also there. I think it depends on what you mean by "crowded." We got off the ship around 10:30- there were absolutely no chairs available with a view of the beach at chill island. We looked for about 30 minutes. There were plenty of chairs available in the back areas with a view of a volleyball court or bushes. We asked the cabana rental person where we could find two chairs together and she told us to go around the construction zone to the newly reopened south beach area. We walked over there and found plenty of chairs, along with the worst r
  15. We did go by the pool area. There were plenty of chairs. We really wanted to spend the day on the beach though. I hated that it was so difficult to find the chairs. We didn’t want to spend money on cabanas or day bed rentals. Those did look nice. Navigator was also there when we were in Cococay.
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