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  1. The Elite Traveler does come with a basket. The folding one does not, and doesn't even have anything available as a separate accessory. The design of the tiller doesn't make it possible to attached a generic basket, and it looks as though even attaching a bag wouldn't work terribly well, as the curve of it looks like any bag couldn't be attached tightly. I was hoping someone might have the folding Go-Go and has successfully rigged up something for storage. I've spoken with a couple of sellers and they just said there's nothing can be added. Guess I'll have to take it out of consideration. Than
  2. I'm deciding between a standard travel scooter (disassembles in 5 parts) or a folding travel scooter. I keep coming back to the Go-Go Elite and the Go-Go folding, so it will likely between those two. I'd much rather get a folding scooter, but my main concern is that there isn't a basket, or seemingly any way to add a basket, and it doesn't seem like a seat backpack will work either. Having something for storage seems pretty important, since I'll mainly be using it just while traveling, cruise and land, and will need to keep a water bottle, small bags while shopping, etc. I don't want to burden
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