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  1. Thanks. i had a misunderstanding. I didn't read JR as Johnny Rockets. I read it as JS as in Junior Suite. That's why I asked you about a surcharge for a balcony. MY mistake and thanks for the help.
  2. I'm only going to be in a balcony cabin. I suppose then they'll be a surcharge in addition to the itemized bill. the burgers are good but not sure that they're that good. i don't mind spending the money but they certainly are hitting you for every nickel and dime.
  3. Does that mean when you go to Johnny Rockets on board Anthem it's like going to a land based Johnny Rocket? You pay for everything/ This is also on top of a surcharge for going to the restaurant? Why's Anthem different then other ships that have this restaurant? TIA
  4. The Fairsky became the Skyprincess in 1989 i believe. The Fairsea, Fairwind and along with what was the Fairsky were all scraped back in the 90s. The Fairsky though still on decent shape was filmed because of it being powered by steam turbines. Very expensive to run and maintain. I sailed on all three when Sitmar owned them. Loved the apps and cruise line. I don't think any ship or cruise line can compare to it today. Sent from my LG-H811 using Forums mobile app
  5. So the first night i just show up whenever? Then sometime either that night or the next day i can make reservations for the following day ? Sent from my LG-H811 using Forums mobile app
  6. Question what time is early seating on board the Oasis? Currently I'm with mytime dining but wait listed for early. I didn't know royal had already put me on for late seating upon what i said when i first made reservations one year ago. I forgot about that. Well the other day i booked our shows. All late figuring i would take early seating. I can no longer eat a big meal later on the evening. Plus i like the same table mates and the fact that the waiter know your likes in advance. My TA told me I'm set for late but could change me to mytime and wait listed for early. That is what he did per my request. With that in mind besides wanting to know the early seating time. How does one use mytime? Just show up at the time i want to eat or do i make a reservation for each night before hand? If one just shows up how long of a wait is there typically? Anything else and tips i should know about mytime? Thanks With that o.j. mind Sent from my LG-H811 using Forums mobile app
  7. thanks but how do I use the credit to pay for things purchased pre sail on Royal's website? Mainly dinner reservations. Thanks again
  8. I've asked this before but I'm still confused. I have a Royal Caribbean credit card. My cruise on Oasis is sailing on the 3rd of December of this year. They are currently allowing me to book 3,4, or 5 nights in a specialty restaurant at a discount. I'd like to use my onboard credit points that I've accrued to pay for the dining. My question is when you pay the only option is to pay by credit card. How do I go about paying and with my onboard credit? I'd like to make the reservations before sailing so I am assured of getting the reservation in the restaurants I want. I'v noticed that anything you ant to purchase in advance requires a credit card. So if i'm correct the onboard credit only is good for things once you are sailing. Which means you can't make reservations prior to sailing. Please explain and correct me if i'm wrong about anything. Thanks.
  9. Question when one orders the internet package for one device does that mean I can use my phone and then log off and then my girlfriend can then use the same log in? After all it's only one device at a time. Or do they have a means of knowing and only want the original device that was logged in to be used ?
  10. They seem to have available for purchase now as of the other tours in Labadee and the other islands on my cruise. Why only is parasailing missing ?
  11. Does anyone know why Royal Caribbean no longer offers parasailing in Labadee? I'm sailing on the oasis inn December 2017 and they don't show out as being available for that date. You can search and find parasailing offs available in Labadee but not on muy date as I just stated. What gives? I know at one time it was offered for I booked it on a previous trip. Thanks.
  12. I think they should have given these people the cabin by physical location not by cabin number.
  13. I rember being on my first Sitmar cruise aboard the Fairsea. It was a 11 day Mexican Riviera cruise at Christmas, While docked during our day and a half in Acapulco an American kid non passenger came on board and stowed away. I was told he slept behind the movie screen and ate at buffets and the like. They caught him a few days latter. i don't know what they did to him other than let him stay on until we were bac to Wilmington, California. tht's where they saied out of back then. I can see how easy it was for him to do this for there wasn't much security then. i remember anther time sailing from port Everglades and former passenger's of the Fairwind just came aboard to chat with the crew and any other friend's that they had aboard. Actually back then guests were allowed on board to have parties and say goodbye to their friends. So i suppose that's how these people got on board. no more will you hear the sayin "All ashore that's going ashore." None of these things i believe are possible with the strict security that goes aboard ship. I've been sailing three times now on Royal Caribbean since the ending of Sitmar all within thelast ten years. No matter how hard they'll try they'll never come close to Sitmar quality and luxury. I think though that in these times do to the economics of today and what people want and expect from a cruise no one will ever be like Sitmar. i'm wondering if even the premeir cruise lines even can for we know the main ones can't. Ron
  14. My girlfreind and I were on the December 12,2010 sailing of the Freedom of the Seas where we saw the Nelson's perfom. We both very much enjoyed the show. During the cruise they even had a photo op where we have photos of them with my girlfriend. Ron
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