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  1. Speaking as a writer myself, I have to say that the excursion descriptions are now about 100% more enticing/convincing than they were before. But I was really hoping it meant a change in the quality of the excursions as well, which it sounds like it does not.
  2. Here's a question that shows I haven't been paying attention. I have started reading through the excursions listed on the 2023 World Cruise, and they say "in partnership with AFAR." The writing is much more descriptive than it used to be and makes the excursions sound much better than the last time I looked at HAL excursions, which was a couple of years ago. Has AFAR replaced ShoreEx, or is it a re-branding, or what?
  3. Interesting, Tampa Girl. I was hoping to persuade you guys to book it. There are a ton of ports I haven't been to already, so to me it is a super-interesting itinerary.
  4. I just booked this. Who knows what will happen over the next two years, but I hope it sails and that I am on it!
  5. I think it looks interesting. But I don't see it on the HAL site. Can someone post a link?
  6. Just to continue the slight hijack - KirkNC that one looks like 36 days to Dubai - is your plan a B2B?
  7. Is it allowed to name PCCs here? I would really like to have the name of a good one!
  8. I am booked on this trip, but would love to do a B2B. However, Journey will repeat the same itinerary immediately after my sailing, and the one before is all in Asia, which I would enjoy, but consists of at least 50% sea days, which doesn't interest me at all.
  9. Yes, definitely no clothes in my size in Japan. Not in many countries, for that matter. As a tall and plus-size person, I plan to buy earrings and scarves wherever I travel. My thought in doing a week-long pre-cruise land tour, called Traditional Japan, is that I would get to know the other people on the tour and thus have some ready-made friends when boarding. I don't make friends easily, and traveling solo is a real challenge for me, even though I've spent over 100 days solo on board. But I cruise for the itinerary, so anything else is a bonus. And the Japan Intensive
  10. I'm not much for ship's tours myself, so if you still have that list I might be able to put your research to good use!
  11. Thanks to everyone who's answered, and I'm happy to hear so many positive responses. I'm not a big city person and did spend two very full days in Tokyo a couple of years ago. The land tour appeals to me because it's seven days mostly not in Tokyo, traveling around quite a bit. I have to agree that the prices seem really high, but then, Japan is expensive in general. I will look to see whether any other lines are offering a similar itinerary, but I'm curious to try Azamara since HAL, where I've spent the most time, really isn't my demographic. I love the itinerary on p
  12. Hello - I'm considering booking this, plus the pre-cruise Traditional Japan land tour, for 2022. I'd be traveling solo and have spent a lot of time cruising, but only on HAL and Celebrity. Two years ago I did the HAL Grand Asia, 89 days, and my favorite stops were in Japan, so this cruise looks very appealing to me. I'd very much appreciate hearing about your experience with this itinerary, and as a first time Azamara cruiser, anything you think I might need to know about the land portion. Thanks in advance!
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