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  1. Oh, weird! I was only in a Neptune on last fall's Grand Asia on Amsterdam, and I did definitely receive water daily, so much that I occasionally had to leave notes saying, please, no more water for a couple of days! Maybe that was just because it was an 89 day voyage? I just assumed that it was a regular Neptune perk.
  2. Yes, you will get bottled water delivered daily to your NS.
  3. Actually, it was just me. But I was on board for 89 days, and did share a few bottles with folks on board, so it worked out to be just the right amount. I didn't have to fly to the terminal, and I already had the wine in my cellar so the corkage didn't bother me, or else I wouldn't have done it that way.
  4. I took three cases onto Amsterdam on the Grand Asia last fall. I had alerted Ship Services ahead of time that I would be doing that, but I'm not sure that made any difference when I arrived. I only had to get the wine to the outside of the Seattle terminal, and the porters took it from there straight to the MDR, not to my cabin. I had made a contents list for each case and taped it to the box, thinking that would make the wines easier to find. But in fact they emptied the cases into a bin in the MDR storage and only separated them by white and red. Because I had made duplicates of the contents lists I was able to just cut them up into each individual bottle and take my choice for the evening to the MDR. This turned out to be very helpful as my wines were all European, mostly French, and the wine stewards had trouble with the pronunciation. That way I could just hand them a slip of paper with the name of the bottle on it and they found them easily.
  5. I look forward to reading this, as I'll be boarding her in Sydney in September.
  6. I just want to say again that I love this thread. I'm moving across the state in two days, so I'm too swamped to really participate. But reading the level of discussion here is very heartening!
  7. From my years working in the environmental regulatory business I can say with confidence that for many companies the cost of pollution fines is line-itemed under "cost of doing business." Depressing but true.
  8. When you see someone dump plastic bags in the water do you have an urge to do it too? Or do you try to clean them up so that whales don't die with their stomachs full of plastic? When your kid bites another kid because a classmate bit him, do you condone it? Or do you tell him that it's not the responsible thing to do, and the "he did it first" argument just doesn't cut it? People are known to do a lot of reprehensible things when they think they won't get caught, or that it doesn't matter. But climate change is going to catch us all, no one will be untouched by the ravages of environmental pollution. It's happening on our watch, and future generations, who will face horrendous things that we can only imagine, will judge us very harshly for not making a reasonable effort.
  9. Hi Gloria. I think that if the food comes from the Canaletto kitchen they should pay you the $69 to eat it!
  10. I think this is a great idea, and well worth the time it will take to identify reliable and verifiable sources of offsets. That doesn't detract from my wish that the cruise lines would step up and take this to heart. It's easy to be cynical about the influences on scientific practice today. It's much harder to do what it takes to protect and enable scientists in their quest to do pure science, uninfluenced by the forces that seek to shape the outcome of research through funding.
  11. We have only to look at the state of the world's coral reefs to see the fallacy in the "marine life can adapt" argument. Just Google "how much coral is dead" if you can stand to face the terrible truth.
  12. Actually, when I said that we don't go to Akaroa I wasn't entirely correct. The port is Lyttelton, from which evidently there are excursions to Akaroa instead of going into Christchurch. If you could only see Akaroa or Christchurch, taking into account that there's a lot of driving time to get to Akaroa, which would you choose?
  13. Porky55, thanks for that. It really seals the deal for me.
  14. No, neither Picton nor Napier. The ports are Eden, (Milford Sound), Port Chalmers, Christchurch, Kaikoura, Wellington, Gisborne, Tauranga, and Auckland.
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