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    Doesn't have a damn thing to do with anyone's skin color or language, it has to do with all the shootings, muggings, etc. Perhaps you should read the news once in a while! Yeah, there are a couple on here without common sense. And of course the majority who live in those high crime areas are good people, they're not the problem, THE GANGS AND DRUG DEALERS WHO CONTROL THOSE NEIGHBORHOODS ARE!
  2. TrentS


    And I maintain that's still the safest way to go, the rest of your rant should be common sense. Yes, were it me I'd have the cab wait the few minutes it takes to grab a few things. I'm assuming they're not going to be buying everything in the store. There are plenty of safe places to go in Miami without doing stupid things to put yourself in danger. Sending TOURISTS who don't know the area onto those trains at night and on weekends when they're sitting ducks for any thug is irresponsible when there are plenty of SAFE alternatives.
  3. On the high end lines maybe, but that will never work on the mainstream lines. It's high time "dress codes" be thrown out altogether. This is 2009 and you're on VACATION, wear whatever you want. My food doesn't taste any different if the people at the next table are wearing tuxedos and formal gowns or jeans, shorts and t-shirts! I'll never understand why anyone cares so much about what anyone else wears. :rolleyes: When I was brought up I was taught to mind my own business and not worry about what others are doing. ;)
  4. Since you're staying 2 days why not just rent a car?
  5. If you're coming from MIA just grab a taxi. Since you say "us" I'll assume there are at least 2 of you and a taxi is quicker, cheaper and easier than messing with a shuttle.
  6. What type of shopping do you mean? That has a few different meanings on here. There are no 3* or "beautiful" hotels that will shuttle you to the port. Only airport hotels have airport shuttles, any others that do are far from "beautiful" or 3*. I'm not aware of any that have free breakfasts unless you book a package that includes it, and that's going to be above your price point. What time of year are you coming? I'm afraid unless you get lucky on Priceline or Hotwire you're going to have to be a bit more realistic on your pricing. Problem is Priceline or Hotwire only works for 2 people, not 5.
  7. It's not the best choice, and there's nothing to walk to from there. It's too far north of South Beach to be able to walk to the restaurants, shops, etc. The other Marriott Courtyard on Washington Ave is a much nicer hotel in a better location, but it's not oceanfront, it's 2 blocks from the beach... http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/miacb-courtyard-miami-beach-south-beach/ If you want a less expensive oceanfront hotel try the Doubletree Surfcomber... http://doubletree1.hilton.com/en_US/dt/hotel/MIAOFDT-Doubletree-Surfcomber-Hotel-Miami-South-Beach-Florida/index.do You want to be south of about the 2200 block otherwise it gets to be too far north to walk to anything. There isn't anything north of the 2200 block except a few other hotels and a whole lot of condos.
  8. There's not a whole lot to walk to out there, and it's not the best area for walking either. The traffic is very heavy and the sidewalks narrow to almost nonexistant in some places. Walmart is about 12 blocks south of that hotel but between the two there are a Shorty's BBQ, Red Lobster, Longhorn Steakhouse, Romano's Macaroni Grill, and there's a Hooters & Chilis across from Walmart. They're all inexpensive chain restaurants. As for Walmart I haven't been in one of those in years and I don't have a clue if they sell Vodka, Gin, or Rum, sorry.
  9. Great timelapse of it going into drydock... http://www.honoluluadvertiser.com/section/videonetwork
  10. Yikes, I wouldn't count on no excitement! Places like that have everything from creepy crawlies to "hourly rates". ;) :eek:
  11. Sorry, I haven't heard of Alamo letting you return the car at the port. It could be something new, but I just don't know. I was always under the impression that Alamo was one of those where you had to return the car to the airport and then they would shuttle you to the port. :confused:
  12. The Renaissance on SE17th Street is a very nice hotel, just outside the northern entrance to the port. There are dozens of restaurants, shops, grocery & drug stores, etc. within safe, easy walking distance. Make sure you're looking at the Renaissance on SE17th Street in Ft Lauderdale though, and NOT the one in Plantation. There's nothing around the one in Plantation but office buildings.
  13. TrentS


    What you guys don't seem to understand is not everyone is like you, or can handle themselves like you. You say you "see tourists"... Yes, many tourists do tend to stand out like sore thumbs, and they're an easy mark for criminals. If you guys don't know there IS crime in the areas you seem to want everyone to blindly wander into then you're not paying attention to reality. Do you guys not see all the bad publicity Miami has gotten over the years because tourists have gone into places they shouldn't? And no, it's not the people of "other cultures", or the people speaking foreign languages that are the problem! I'm done with this subject, but if you want to guarantee everyone's safety then fine. I can't do that, and I think it's damn irresponsible to send TOURISTS who don't know the area, many of whom are older and/or are from small towns, into high crime areas. There are more than enough nice areas of Miami & Miami Beach for them to safely explore, they don't need to take unnecessary chances.
  14. If you want an airport hotel the Blue Lagoon hotels on the south side of the airport are the ones in the safe area. Hampton Inn Blue Lagoon is closest to shopping, it has a strip mall directly across the street with a Publix grocery, liquor store, and restaurants. There's also a Walgreens & CVS across the street... http://www.hamptoninnmiamiairport.com/
  15. Well the traffic is bad year round, at that time of day on a weekday you'll have very busy commuter traffic. And that's still Easter week so expect the airports to be very busy as well. There are times when 2 hours isn't enough, the lines can be incredibly long when the airports are busy, and it can be a very long walk to your gate once you get through security as well.
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