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  1. IMO, it's not really about not paying US taxes (employment taxes by employers and employees, sales and drinks taxes and other fees in some ports, or federal and state (if applicable) income taxes). IMO, the real reason is that there are no votes to be gained from the ship employees to merit cause for consideration of relief, assistance or even timely protocol response.
  2. Thanks. We hear that from almost everyone that has been to Florida from the Fall through now. Heck, even one of our sons, with essentially shuttered hospitality venues in Boston, just went back down there for another 6-8 weeks to enjoy not only the weather but the seemingly stress-free comparative daily life. Funny about those vaccine colors. 😀 Funny here in our little state, vaccinations going as well as supply allows, it was just highlighted in the news how "thousands" are ready to assist in giving the vaccinations. Odd in that we get 17,000 per week, a
  3. I hadn't seen that, thanks. And, I do get it. My point was, there was total support from the MSM in regards to NY versus administration; so with anticipation the wait to watch what they say about Florida (risking lives, dangerous, no regard for the science, reckless...just a few descriptions expected). Again, I believe the federal government has the legal authority as cited, and believe that if the greater NYC area was quarantined at the outset of the pandemic it would not have traveled so far so fast. Heck Wuhan, a large metropolis about 2/3rd the size of
  4. It's all "relative." When NYC was the epicenter of the virus at the outset with thousands and thousands of cases, hospitalizations and deaths, and a quarantine was considered by the administration; it was rebuked by governor of NY as illegal, supported by the MSM and related allies. So now, we have a 180, as a small number of a "variant" (British, African or Brazilian, variant of the Wuhan, China 🤐 original virus) appear in Miami, in Florida. What do you think that those so adamantly opposed to the NYC quarantine would think about a quarantine on the STATE of Florida? 🙃
  5. 😀 Yep. We've got tons of "travel funds available." Also, we still have no idea what we're going to do with these either (or the companion pass). 😲
  6. I can understand the frustration. I guess we were reacting in real time as what we were told kept changing and getting pushed out. IMO, not all was based on the virus and the response, it snowballed and even continued into the vaccination phase, which also we were to believe would the light at the end of the tunnel (which now looks like we'll still be wearing double masks, social distancing, etc. and group or crowd activities, unfortunately and especially cruising, will be subject to the "cause to remove" Great Reset). It does look like, at 18 months, we will still be
  7. We know. Don't be so hard on yourself.
  8. It looks not everyone had the same experience (i.e., like "everyone in the YC"). LOL. MSC in 2019 over 2018 ~ MSC's passenger occupancy was a record 112.3%. MSC's passenger capacity increased 14.4%. MSC's passenger count increased 16.2%. MSC's revenues increased 17.5%. What every happened to Life Cereal?
  9. Not that I know of currently. The plan in the U.S. appears to be to just keep printing money. 😲 It doesn't really matter what the deficit (approaching 30 trillion) is as even that doesn't count the massive unfunded future obligations (estimated at almost 131 trillion) in the Financial Report of the US Government. Hope we get to cruise and travel before the proverbial economic reality (SHTF) sets in.
  10. The $25 billion in loans by the U.S. are extremely low interest, unsecured loans over 10-years. The airlines also borrowed tens of billions in the Spring market for 11-12%. So, the low interest subsidy is a factor. I'm not objecting to the airlines getting preferential treatment, just stating that they are only able to do so with the continued massive U.S. (mostly future taxpayers) support. Oh, and yes. I do understand the difference.
  11. Of course they did. And, a lot more than what most know. For example, regarding the Spring 2019 $25 billion was really quite a bit more ~ "The industry got $25 billion in payroll support, largely in the form of grants, and another $25 billion in loans, not to mention a subsequent $10 billion in both grants and loans for cargo airlines and industry contractors."
  12. Well, the airlines got $25 billion in the Spring of 2019 and $15 billion allocated recently under U.S. programs.
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