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  1. Yep, it is hard to bridge anything in this discussion. Seriously, the experts track record at this current point is almost as meaningless as opinion. That is not really a knock either, IMO they honestly don't have the science down as how this virus spreads. Just a month ago the experts, and the adorning acolytes in the media, and in certain governance jurisdictions, praised one country versus others, one state versus others, etc. for the implemented response (to close and lock down versus to not). Yet, look at Florida (essentially and comparatively open) and New York
  2. Yep. If one looks at the 12/31/19 10K for the outstanding shares, adjusts for the new issuances and the convertible debt and promotional shares, for all of the big three, the dilution is massive. Then, looking at the typical stock portfolio brokerage, they always show 52-week low and 52-week high; which are generally not adjusted for the dilution. So, looking at NCLH's $60 or so 52-week high and looking at the current PPS, it's smoke. There were 235K shares I&O then. Adjusting for the above-referenced items, we're approaching twice that fully diluted. So, a $30 "high" is a
  3. We're now in the vaccine "discussion phase" after dealing with the "mask phase" for months. As I've referred to before, going against the "establishment" (both all medical and scientific and governance; except a couple of countries), was so taboo that medical and scientific research was "cancelled." Today, a well known "cancelled" research on masks was finally open to sunlight. If you read the study you'll see why all those in the "establishment" didn't want it out there. Take a look at the "differential" in mask wearing in the study. https://www.acpjou
  4. Really liked B2B 16003, totally quiet and uninterrupted with little notice to access to top sail lounge; no services room or interiors across the hall on port side. Also, like the southern bound early days for sunrise.
  5. Here 'ya on this one Dave. 🤨 I'm high up on 1b for not so proud, unexpected hereditary (genes they tell me) health reasons; we're both 64. Wife is down in the last group. So, like you, our three healthy, vibrant working sons and spouses (teacher, doctor, restauranteur, etc.) and 4 (including 3 week newborn) grandkids, are ahead of her. Haven't seen any of them since last Christmas. All of them have continued working since March, including the pregnant doctor working overtime right up to delivery date in big DC hospital (now on a very deserved 5 month maternity break
  6. Case numbers are irrelevant. Testing is so massively higher, in some USA states 10 times more than last month alone, and simple math is self-explanatory. But, unfortunately, there sometime is the case of P/scotoma where, like those in governance who have abrogated their responsibilities, only want to see, and want everyone to see, what they want seen. It's deaths that count (in finality), and hospitalizations as a precursor or indicator. Unfortunately, MOST simply do not understand the incredible mistakes that the CDC and NHI have colluded to recommend an
  7. I don't know what globe or map you're looking at, but the above don't appear to East Asian nations, Scandinavian, etc. that you referenced and relied upon in your, debunked, theory of "successes" (i.e., if such that were presented were the models of successes, why were experiencing such renewed and massive failures in the data after their heavy-handed government fiat based draconian lockdowns)? However, the mapping is important. It's continued evidence that focusing on "cases" by all applicable governance, of countries (or for the USA of each state's Governor's (they demanded it)
  8. Assertions with no factual links are merely opinions. I'll take a few from the opening paragraph but the actual facts per the current data make such assertions "look silly." Well, we've heard before about how the East Asian defeated it with severe restriction. But "not really." But let's exclude the untrustworthy; starting with China, no data from the Wuhan virus creator is reliable. Same with North Korea. The there is Taiwan, exempt from participation in the world by China re: Covid 19, is physically isolated and has always had massive restrict
  9. It's what they do. They have tried for years to get Department of Labor and other USA bodies to have regulatory "oversight" of the cruise lines, including when not in USA waters. IMO, safety is limited to those at risk of death from infection from the virus. The hysteria prompted for other purposes is out of the bag and, like a raging wildfire, can't be put back in conveniently. Safety first is correct, but an adult, especially a reasonably prudent person, would evaluate what the "experts" have advised from March to November and "grade the results" before continu
  10. Yep, not a good look. I was really worried that a small line (line, ship and financial and medical capabilities) would mess up and the MSM would use against cruise resumption (and continue to ignore successful European (Italy) and Asian resumptions). Was right to worry. This is not a good look. And this is a luxury brand line, with a successful summer season in Norway under its belts. Hopefully, the tracing will provide some answers. In the meantime, big anti-cruising sharks see blood in the water. "On Friday, a letter signed by Sen
  11. Looks quite nice. It appears the 21-day TA sailing went smoothly. A lot of protocols for sure. Looks like passenger family is the source. I wonder if they boarded in Barbados? Surely, couldn't have been onboard for 21-day TA? I didn't see if the ship was using contract tracing for close contacts as other resumption major cruise ships have implemented?
  12. Thanks for the input. There sure is a lot more to be disclosed about what they have learned. Another uptick in discussion is the monthly post vaccination 'at home test capabilities of various providers so that the duration of the effectiveness can be measured. A question (if you want to answer) ~ do you continue to be tested on any periodic basis for the duration and effectiveness of the vaccine response you've experienced? Again, thanks.
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