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  1. Vishnu is really the gold standard; Roy (if he is still on Seaside, he got married recently but was on our last Seaside YC cruise), for us, has been equally excellent (over the top, best at sea service, personality etc.) as well. Outside of the stateroom, almost all of the YC butlers will really do the utmost to attend to you. They are amazing.
  2. Had to look back at the doc's; it was YC 16009 for the B2B. We did post about our cruise quite favorably as it was our first MSC and YC. We thought the YC experience, venues, service was awesome. If you look at our posting history in 2017 you'll see all of the review aspects. The 'only issue we had was with our Stateroom shower; it was pure scalding water or pure cold. The couldn't fix it, didn't have the right mixer valve, had nowhere else to put us, so we just endured. I showered up on the one pool deck after the area cleared out for dinner. Everything else was fantastic, led us to two Seaside YC B2B's since then and two upcoming Meravgilia YC B2B's.
  3. Always follow your comments. We've cruised YC B2B's Divina and Seaside and really enjoyed the YC. We see some comments re: Meraviglia's YC that are not so uplifting and we are booked for 2 B2B's (December and March). In short, could you do a 'punch list of what to expect that is different on Meraviglia that you liked? Thank you.
  4. Updated status of FL airports. Been following the thread; thanks for all of the information. Lots and lots of passengers experiencing some pretty tough circumstances. GLTA.
  5. That's good to know. We pulled out of that category for the upgrade then. Thanks.
  6. OK, can you tell me why to avoid H7 on Deck 13 on Bliss? Thanks.
  7. Yep. It's been a great 10 year run economically, and booking ahead of the curve was the deal. We're almost complete in long ahead bookings, and with the election dynamics, China, Iran, etc. we've abandoned long-term ahead bookings and will go last minute. They (major CL's) have built so many new ships, and so many new ones are on the way, it is a classic set up. With economic consequences, 'demand could really cause the CL's a real financial problem. We'll see. Hope we're wrong.
  8. Agreed that food quality and range of offerings are declining; not only on MSC in the Yacht Club, but NCL (Haven), RCCL (Coastal), etc. AND specialty restaurants (more inconsistency re: such). With a specific plant based diet (with allowable fish and meat proteins), I look at the menu with our waiter/waitress on day 1 or 2 for the B2B, and select dinners we'll be at specialty restaurants, days we'll order off the menu, and days that "we requested substituted protein mains" (basically, offered on other nights, just special ordered ahead of time for the selected nights). We've also been lucky that in our many YC cruises we've had Arthur or Allessandra; over the top, whatever you want, and how you want it service (they've even sent a runner out to the buffet to find a 'green banana to make my green smoothie in the mornings). In the YC specifically, when they are 'cooking live on the floor, I can get "anything" added or done the way I want just by asking; spicy marina on bed of baby spinach instead of pasta for example. This seems like work, but it is just dealing with what has evolved across the lines re: food which is also highly subjective.
  9. We're really happy for you. Seriously. For the others that booked the Spa Balcony @ rack rates months or year ago; this is the NCL upgrade program potential dilemma (which other lines are also starting to follow). Again, great for you and have a great time.
  10. Wow. Saw it on the news and quickly to CruiseCritic; best source of information. Thanks all for the videos. There are couple of long time posters with extensive cruise ship experience and knowledge and hopefully they will weigh in at some point. To the layman, avid cruiser, it almost looks like (1) they signaled the river boat to evacuate; (2) the cruise ship appears to have intended to wedge the bow between the pier and the river boat; and (3) that they couldn't get the river boat lines off the pier but the ships crew was letting line out as fast as possible. Just a WAG. Thanks for all the information and videos. YIKES.
  11. Yikes, $4,000PP for 2020; oh no. The secret is out. We so lucked out trying MSC Divina, Seaside and booking Meraviglia for 6 Yacht Club B2B's really long ago for $2,500 "less" PP. 😀 Again, yikes.
  12. Thanks. Appreciate your input of your opinion.
  13. There are more topics in this post than the first paragraph. The replies below are regarding only the first paragraph. The inference is not fair, and also not correct. Also, I didn't characterize "anyone as a peon." You did. I'm not an instigator of social class speculation of people I don't even know at all. The first paragraph comment was simple and straight forward without underlying class warfare. It is simply nonsense, IMO, to book a Haven straight up ahead of time with the current bidding program that provides the upgrade alternative in which, "in all likelihood," can result in Haven passengers paying quite a bit less. That's all. It's an opinion, not intended to demean anyone. To the contrary, to "state, assume or proclaim" that all Haven guests that achieved such by the bidding program are "peons" is not only not fair, it is not correct. Finally, we're 2nd generation Americans, born into "dirt," worked our butts off to earn the American Dream, put three sons through college, graduate school and one even to law school, took care of each of our parents until death, etc. We routinely look to converse with passengers of all nationalities, color, race, etc. without even considering "what anyone is worth." We love talking to Europeans especially, U.S. military families and *handicapped passengers (including wounded warriors). We routinely push wheelchairs for anyone we see in need and even make trips to bars for elderly handicapped passengers for something particular that they want. Since I'm on a rant (sorry), I particularly enjoy talking, joking, etc. with everyone everywhere; elevators, morning coffee runs, morning visit to the fitness center, loungers, bar patrons, crew members, etc. I'll end, I think the inference was not appropriate to say the least. Please see the above. You used the word "I" about 13 times. That's fair as it is "your opinion." I was merely stating "my opinion." I believe both of you have taken it WAY out of context. I indicated "it makes no sense," which is not a "mentality." I never indicated such was "upset." I never indicated "getting mad." So, "mentality," "upset," and "getting mad" are characteristic attitudes that were NOT introduced in my post; rather in the above replies. Yikes.
  14. We have no interest in the Haven at the current and most projected cruises (Escape and Bliss) prices. It also makes no sense to book the Haven, then have a drink in the Haven lounge with someone who booked another stateroom and won a bid for a lot less than your booking cost. Thankfully, we found MSC Yacht Club before that started to go up and have enjoyed 3 B2B's (Divina and Seaside) and have 2 B2B's Yacht Club upcoming on Meraviglia. Seriously, when we booked these quite a while ago, we're getting 2+ weeks in the Yacht Club for the comparable lowest Haven stateroom at the time. We also really like the Yacht Club "venue." Quite nice. The Haven is also nice, the restaurant is probably a notch better, but the "venue" just doesn't have it close to the Yacht Club (dedicated lounge, overlooking restaurant, pool deck and bar and grille; front of the ship, 180 views). When we cruise NCL, recently B2B on Bliss and a cruise on Escape, we were quite happy with a mid-ship mini suite, a "spa week pass," and a "Vibe week pass," and enjoying the specialty restaurants (which we believe are really way above MSC's non-Yacht Club specialty restaurants). So, we schedule both NCL and MSC quite a bit. We already have two Meraviglia B2B's booked and are looking the the Bliss 21-day Mexican-Panama-New York in the fall for a nice pre-Thanksgiving cruise. Not the Haven though.
  15. The B2B is very repetitive. So you're experienced; can change it up 2nd time or try specialty. The pool grille is awesome and great alternative to the quiet sit down; almost takes breakfast and lunch at the YC restaurant out of the picture for many on our B2B. The pool grille also did 'change up the "live on stage pasta and/or seafood cooking" a couple of days also. Remember, all you have to do is ask for something (anything that is on the ship) if you give them advance request. We had Alessandra as our waitress. In our 2nd week I couldn't find something that thrilled me so she offered that 'lamb that I like so much the first week. It wasn't on the menu. It was really good. Again.
  16. Yep. It's happened. For those of us that dipped our toes in the MSC Yacht Club model ahead of the curve, we got 2-3 years of multiple B2B's for the price of a balcony on other lines. It appears those days are over.
  17. We're Food Republic addicted. A lunch or a dinner almost every day; with maybe just a couple of missed days. We've seen families custom order with assistance of waiters plain noodles with butter, plain chicken and rice, plain beef and rice or noodles, etc. It's a matter of just telling them what you think that your kids will eat and they will try to make it. We've also seen families come in with food for the kids from the buffet (mostly kids favorite pizza); although they have pizza there. Food Republic is really good.
  18. The Yacht Club Royal Suite on Seaside is the highest you can go. Your net of about $6,600/2=$3,300 for the best stateroom on the ship is worth it (we believe). Also, we believe that you'll have a dedicated cabana at the pool deck for the week; over a $700 value we believe. As a relative matter, we met a couple on our 2nd week of our recent B2B that paid almost $3,000/per passenger (2) 60 days out for an inside stateroom. So, we believe you did well. We've done the Haven, very nice. You'll be shocked at the Yacht Club venue; the elegance, the lounge, the restaurant, the pool and pool grille, and the 'staff. You'll have a great time. Make sure to get dropped off right at the Yacht Club tent (first stop) with your luggage. You won't have to do another thing until disembarking.
  19. Agreed. 🤐 Sooooooooo glad we booked two B2B in YC on Meraviglia before the prices started to go up (for Seaside YC, which we've done two B2B's, really up for some dates; we booked long time ago). We are lucky to be able to cruise quite a bit over the past 3-4 years. We totally look forward to our MSC YC cruises; it's "for us."
  20. Agree with either or both of these.
  21. Well, we thought this thread was interesting as the different perspectives are important and relevant. "Vibe Suites" is a totally new concept (to us) and a really, really creative thought. Thanks.
  22. John, my wife-shade-must say's that she hopes the sun doesn't get through. 🙄 I'll move around all day otherwise. 😉
  23. Let's agree 50-50; result of a combination of the Vibe process (and consequences) and the individual. 🙂 It's clear, NCL has work to do here. When I was injured, and later in the week displayed my side, an officer (not navigation, hospitality maybe) said "we've got to do something about this frenzy." We'll see, however your point is well taken. I am convinced, however, the frenzy overtook him; which is the point of the post I was replying to (which was a good point also).
  24. Oh, I believe you; I just stated we haven't seen it. Agree with your last paragraph as an alternative if they don't expand the Vibe. Put a price on it and even let early reservations buy them. The 'mob mentality is also correct. I had a B&B 8-10" mark from arm pit to hip bone from large Group 1 runner who grilled me into the rails at the top of the ramp boarding (where it's one person at a time). He honesty didn't even know what he did to me (he, maybe 225lbs, me at the time 150lbs). Spoke to him later in the Vibe and very sorry. NCL took care of our Vibe passes that day when the assisted me off the ground/ramp off to the side. Not much fun. But, honestly, it was an accident but caused by the Vibe process as you state that can be 'mob.
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