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  1. People from other countries do. We live in Canada. Mixing Phizer and Moderna is routine and some so called experts saying mixing has some advantages
  2. we always take little flashlights, just in case there is no night lights
  3. I assume you can. According to Royals Q&A, you can bring 12 bottles of water or soda per cabin.
  4. We go to the Cheesecake Factory everytime we are in Fort Lauderdale. Always enjoy ourselves and the food. Where we live in Canada there isn't a Cheesecake Factory close to us so when we are in a city that has one we normally go there.
  5. I don't like the spinny guy, I do like the slack liners though
  6. nothing on the menu appeals to me, except maybe a couple desserts
  7. never seen it, it is twice the size of the Gold lounge.
  8. to get the drink package included in your fare, you need to book Star class. That would be like a Star Loft Suite. There are a few other suites that are Star class, I am not really sure which ones as I have never stayed in one. Check the info that Merion_Mom posted. I think that will help you
  9. I really look forward to the Vidalia onion tart and the strawberry bisque
  10. Indy is on her way to Galveston now, according to Global ship tracking. I wonder if they will have both Liberty and Indy at G Galveston at the same time
  11. I think if it is not visible then you might get asked by crew(maybe even passengers)where your traclet is. Some people would take offense to being asked maybe numerous times a day to show it
  12. how about French Onion soup and strawberry bisque. Outstanding
  13. I really like the Chicken Marsala as well. I have it every time it is offered
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