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  1. I think we could get a lot of walking in if we followed our wives. Mine is not such a good sport though. She gets frustrated if she starts going the wrong way and I correct her.
  2. That is kind of mean Ken, but I like it. I might try that just to see how confused my wife would get.
  3. this might be one time where it would make sense to book a cruise to gain a higher status for a future cruise. A new cruiser could book a short cruise, become a gold member after the first cruise then book a b2b ,solo in a suite and become diamond
  4. I would agree that with a larger ship you might get a better ride but I will also say that the roughest trip we have ever had was on Oasis
  5. To quote from a Bruce Springsteen song, “ I’ve seen better days”
  6. We saw Bowzer on Navigator. It was a good show. He played a lot of Sha Na na stuff but he also played some classical piano. Very talented
  7. Our group had 4 cabins booked for Oasis, May,2020. We have all got all of our money/fcc’s back
  8. I bought a $10 watch 6 years ago. I only wear it on cruises. Just change the batteries, still works great
  9. I have only ever paid the price shown on the cruise planner
  10. I did not think it was possible to book a cruise that close to the cruise date
  11. We got our cruise planner credit for our May 10 cruise a couple weeks ago but we have not received taxes and port fees yet.
  12. I guess that because we used a T/A we will have to have them make the call for us.
  13. this is for a cruise that we just booked. It is for August 2021. After we booked the 2 grand suites we got looking at things and realized the 2 bedroom GS is about the same cost. There are 4 of us on 2 different reservations. We each have a FCC for 1349 US$
  14. Ken, you mentioned on another thread that all people who wanted to cancel their suites and move to a different suite had to be on the same reservation. We have 2 different reservations so we would not be able to cancel both suites and book the 2 bedroom GS. Is this right? I get so confused at times.
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