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  1. maybe people could just jump in the hot air balloon and take the short trip to the other island.
  2. that is exactly what happened with us. I had requested a sharps container and fridge. Neither was in our cabin when we arrived. Mentioned it to our cabin steward. Both items were in our cabin early in the evening
  3. I eat toasted english muffins with peanut butter almost every day
  4. I have to laugh when you say the new ships are too big but you love the Freedom class. When we were on Freedom we stayed at the back of the ship. I was looking for a shuttle bus to take us from the elevator to our cabin
  5. we are scheduled to be on Liberty next August. Hopefully we have the same luck as you did.
  6. this got you off the ship. What was it like getting out of the terminal. We have only cruised from Galveston once, back in 2014. We were in a line up for close to 2 hours before we finally made it outside.
  7. a few years ago we were on Harmony. We asked our waitress for home styled fried chicken. She brought out a platter of it the next night. It was very good.
  8. the banana might be good but the strawberry bisque is awesome.
  9. I thought Harmony was only due for her 5 year regular maintenance, no noticeable upgrades
  10. our last cruise was on Harmony, 2019 with out oldest son and our granddaughter, western Caribbean
  11. there is a lock at the top of the balcony door the balcony dividers can most likely be opened the door between the 2 rooms can be kept open
  12. that doesn't look very appetizing to me. In the part of Canada I come from, curd has fresh fries, curd and gravy, and it is awesome
  13. I know Liberty is in for dry dock now. I was wondering if she had been having a lot of mechanical issues or is just receiving routine maintenance
  14. we try to get a cabin near the elevators. No issues with noise
  15. People from other countries do. We live in Canada. Mixing Phizer and Moderna is routine and some so called experts saying mixing has some advantages
  16. we always take little flashlights, just in case there is no night lights
  17. I assume you can. According to Royals Q&A, you can bring 12 bottles of water or soda per cabin.
  18. We go to the Cheesecake Factory everytime we are in Fort Lauderdale. Always enjoy ourselves and the food. Where we live in Canada there isn't a Cheesecake Factory close to us so when we are in a city that has one we normally go there.
  19. I don't like the spinny guy, I do like the slack liners though
  20. nothing on the menu appeals to me, except maybe a couple desserts
  21. never seen it, it is twice the size of the Gold lounge.
  22. to get the drink package included in your fare, you need to book Star class. That would be like a Star Loft Suite. There are a few other suites that are Star class, I am not really sure which ones as I have never stayed in one. Check the info that Merion_Mom posted. I think that will help you
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