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  1. https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2020/04/03/coronavirus-cruise-employee-dies-2-royal-caribbean-workers-airlifted/2938721001/ not sure which RC ship this was- oasis of the seas has covid positive crew members, perhaps as many as 50
  2. Play it safe, cancel now for a full $$$$ refund, IMHO, cruising in 2020 is a losing bet
  3. Considering the US has not hit the peak of Covid 19, I would say June too soon to book, personally I will not book until Spring/Fall 2021. Just my thoughts 😉
  4. We were scheduled to leave on Sunday 03/15/20 on Liberty the Seas, I am choosing a full refund to be applied to my credit card as 125% FCC might be less of a value for a future cruise based on the lack of supply of cabins, itineraries and ships, just something to ponder. PS Trying to get by United airfare refunded now, wish me luck 😬
  5. We were scheduled to leave on Sunday on 3/15/20 on Liberty of the Seas, I am choosing the full refund to be applied to my credit card as 125% FCC might be a less value for a future cruise based on the lack of supply of cabins, itineraries and ships, just something to ponder. PS trying to get my United airfare refunded now, wish me luck
  6. Good point Wampuscat7- we are to board Liberty on Sunday, 3/15/20, flying out of MSP tomorrow afternoon. Thinking that there might be an email from Royal Caribbean after Trump declares a state of emergency canceling all cruises for 60 days like Princess did. I like others are in a current wait and see mode 😳
  7. What is the earliest time should we arrive at port to embark on the ship? I received an email from Royal Caribbean indicating that the US Coast Guard will be conducting a mandatory routine inspection on board before the boarding process may begin, As a result check in time for the cruise is now between 12 PM and 3 PM. Is this a normal procedure, US Coast Guard inspection? If we arrive at the Galveston Port at 10:30, what time do you think we can embark and be on the ship? Thanks
  8. We are embarking on Sunday too, Liberty of the Seas. A tiny bit concerned, but we are healthy, packing sanitizing wipes, extra books, deck of cards, etc if we are quarantined on our balcony. We decided we can’t live in fear, need to enjoy the one life we are given!
  9. What brand of hot tea does Royal Caribbean serve? Any flavor tea; any green tea and decaffeinated green tea? We are sailing Liberty of the Seas, em barking this Sunday, trying to determine if I should bring my own tea bags Thanks
  10. The single device Internet package is discounted 20% prior to cruise, not sure if I should purchase it now and hope for no quarantine or hope for free Wi-Fi if indeed Quarantine, what would you do?
  11. Preparing for the worst case scenario, being quarantine on the liberty of the seas which we are embarking on Sunday, 03/15/20,Can the single device voom Internet package be transferred from a Smart phone to a computer laptop later on? If we are indeed quarantine, my husband wants to stay connected via his laptop to continue working during quarantine. thanks
  12. I did check the Cozumel board but was not able to find an answer. Has anybody rented mopeds/scooters in Cozumel for the day? If so, would you recommend it, what were the positives and negatives about doing this on our own? I am looking at renting 4 moped/scooters from Ernesto‘s for approximately $20 which includes full liability coverage for each moped/scooter which to me seems like a good price. You can also purchase full collision coverage for An additional $20 per moped. any advice or input you could supply would be great, thank you.
  13. Has anybody rented scooters in Cozumel? Is it safe? If you have, would you do it again?
  14. Is it possible as an emerald level crown and anchor member to request the suite level shampoo, conditioner and body lotion if we are residing in a balcony state room? Will this request be fulfilled?
  15. I have downloaded the Royal app on my iPhone, is it necessary to purchase the Internet package in order to use the app while on board?
  16. Trying to decide between Infinity Bay beach day pass vs Rotan beach club (used to be called Havana Beach Club) day pass. Infinity bay beach is on West Bay while Rotan beach club is on the north end. Both have the same amenities, cost is similar. If you would have a choice which one would you choose? According to some of the reviews, west bay area is quite crowded with peddlers while the north area is not. Roatan beach club is advertised as a private beach. My concern is the north area the water is not as clear and water shoes might be needed to go into the water, possible rocky areas. Has anyone been to Rotan Beach club? thanks
  17. Hello – has anybody use Discover Roatan Excursion and Tour company? Did you have a good experience or not? We are looking to book a day beach pass at Infinity Bay resort on 03/18/20 from this company vs from the cruise ship excursions. I want to make sure this company is legit. Any additional help or information you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Happy cruising!
  18. Hello – I’m looking at booking a a day pass to Paradise Beach. Was curious what water activities are available to purchase à la cart? Looking especially for Jet skis/wave runners/ski doos. Are there private vendors at this location that have this water activity? Any information on what water activities are available to purchase besides snorkeling would be appreciated - Thanks
  19. Is it possible to use a water taxi from the port of Rotan to West Bay Beach?
  20. Before I get scolded, I did check the short excursion board however I was not able to see the answer to this question. Is it possible to take a taxi in Roatan and go to West Bay beach, pay the admission price to the beach, and partake in water activities as we so choose, not interested in snorkeling per se but possibleJet Skis and maybe parasailing. The excursion sites on Royal Caribbean and private vendors all have a Round-trip transportation, admission to the beach and snorkeling packages which were not interested in which leads me to my basic question of hiring a taxi, going to the beach and partaking in activities that we want. Is this even possible or do we have to book a private vendor or Royal Caribbean shore excursion that has the snorkeling component which we are not interested in? Thanks for your time in reading this and answering 😊
  21. Looking to book an Alaska cruise next year, summer 2021, during RCCI Wow sale. I will be booking possibly three balcony state rooms. Our party will consist of myself, my husband, daughter and son-in-law and adult son. We have never been to Alaska before, which is the best itinerary, northbound or southbound?, realizing that is subject to personal taste. Is it better to fly into Seattle and cruise north or fly into Alaska and cruise south back to Seattle? Is there a cruise that has both the embankment and disembarkment at the same port?And does it make a difference on what side of the ship to book the balcony state rooms for the best possible viewing opportunities? Any help, suggestions you could provide will be greatly appreciated! Happy cruising to all! 😎😊
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