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  1. I believe it was in the "Chops" vlog where he actually used the term "leftovers". He's a bright guy and I am sure he and the others realize that "top shelf" grub was going to be short lived. LOL! Good for them getting to enjoy it while it was available however.
  2. He was sure enjoying himself in Chops and the sushi place earlier this week. You could tell in his latest vlog where he said he was being sent home that he was none too enthused about it. I would think he is safer. They are all being closely monitored, having their temps checked daily etc. They are doing some cleaning but it sounds like they are giving them plenty of time to enjoy themselves. Much deserved but I knew they weren't going to allow them to "lay up" out there long term.
  3. This ^ I would love to hear their explanation of this quote, "The industry is resilient and has fared through far worse." What exactly has been "far worse" than a complete shut down and total shut off of income for who knows how many months?
  4. Majesty is headed to Gulfport as well. https://www.vesselfinder.com/vessels/MAJESTY-OF-THE-SEAS-IMO-8819512-MMSI-311734000 Looks like The Glory and The Getaway got the two slots in NOLA with the Valor and Majesty headed for Gulfport.
  5. Excellent news! The entertainers have very different lives than "Carlos" down in the bowels of the ship, scrubbing toilets in inside cabins. It makes me feel good knowing he may be able to get out and get fresh air and see some sunshine for a change. Hopefully they are also giving them all some good grub up in the Windjammer. We just gotta hope the heat slows this stuff down and they can get back to work after this initial 30 day shutdown. Unfortunately I don't see the cruise line just letting them all chill out there with pay for months on end.
  6. That sounds great! Hopefully they all do indeed get to have a bit of well deserved R&R during the middle of all this.
  7. You are very much correct in your assumption.
  8. LOL! They are going to be in for a rude awakening if they think the cruise line is going to let them sleep in and then lounge by the pool all day. "Attention crew, please report at 6 AM to receive your bucket of bleach and rags for your cleaning assignments".
  9. They have liquidity problems that are about to get a LOT worse. Waiting 90 days should come as zero surprise. Be glad if you get it within' 90 days.
  10. Soooooo much this. In what world would anyone want this company holding their money in their current financial condition. Grab any and all cash you can get!
  11. Which would possibly give them a way to avoid cash refunds and instead give out FCC's/IOU's.
  12. That came out of the meeting between CLIA and government agencies. My bet is the government wanted them to suspend cruises. They begged to not and pointed out their financial doom if shut down. CLIA countered with their plan if allowed to continue running ships. The 70 year olds and doctors notes was one of CLIA's counter proposals. Shutdowns of other non essential entertainment providers have since escalated. We are close to the point where the rest of the remaining cruise lines are going to have to shut er down.
  13. https://www.citynews1130.com/2020/03/13/feds-announce-flight-restrictions-cruise-ship-ban-amid-covid-19-outbreak/
  14. The NBA and NHL have suspended their seasons. MLB spring training appears to be shutdown, the season start has been delayed by two weeks. The NCAA basketball tourney has been cancelled. The SEC has stopped ALL spring sports, baseball, basketball conference tourney. I am assuming other universities around the nation are doing similar. Don't forget to mix in the closure of Disney World and Disney Land along with their cruise ships. At this point you have to admit the national "optics" and general perception of the cruise industry that has decided to just sail on with business as usual is not looking good right now. No matter your personal opinions on whether to cruise or not this just isn't a positive look for the cruise industry. It is getting increasingly difficult for the cruise industry to argue that they are not putting profits over public safety.
  15. I always just roll it over onto a CruiseNext certificate. That way it turns into "real" money and not junk.
  16. Shutting down temporarily is probably coming. All 3 major lines are loath to do that at this point. They are all leveraged to the hilt and desperate for whatever income flow they can get. The elephant in the room however is them having to hand cash back to a customer instead of an IOU in the form of a FCC if THEY do the cancelling instead of you.
  17. It is worthless and you now can use it as a write off for some of your more profitable investments.
  18. This! at that point you just look at picking up 100 shares as low key gambling. They hopefully comeback in time, you get the $100 OBC in the meantime. If they declare bankruptcy you shrug and write it off against your other stock gains.
  19. They got me once. Have booked thousands of dollars worth of cruises since with other agencies. Never looked back.
  20. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2741121-new-requirement-if-you-or-somebody-you-are-traveling-with-is-70-or-over/ NCL already rolling it out, so it's on the way...……….. Dear Valued Guest,To help ensure the safety and well-being of all guests and crew worldwide, effective immediately, all guests who are 70 years of age and older must provide a Certificate of Medical Fitness to Travel form prior to embarkation.This easy-to-complete form must be signed by a licensed medical professional and be dated no more than seven days prior to the date of embarkation or seven days prior to the start of a guest's travels if the guest is traveling for more than seven days before a voyage.If you are 70 years of age and older, please bring the completed form with you as you will be required to present the form prior to embarkation. Those who do not present the form will be denied boarding and will be issued a future cruise certificate for the value of their cruise.This update to our health and safety policies is being implemented immediately across our ships that embark or disembark in a U.S. port. While we apologize for any inconvenience, we are taking significant comprehensive preventative measures to maintain the safety and well-being of our guests and crew. We greatly appreciate your attention to this very important matter.Thank you, as always, for choosing Norwegian Cruise Line. We look forward to welcoming you on board.
  21. Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner. This is precisely what it is. It has been floated over the last few days that the government wanted the ships shut down till this virus is controlled. CLIA points out that if they shut the ships down they are all looking at bankruptcy. Government agrees to various concession to let them continue to operate. For now...…………. We are likely one or two ships from US ports being quarantined from having the keys taken away from all the ships.
  22. I "had" one almost the exact same week in June. For "me" it was a no brainer to get out before final payment. With everything going on right now do you want to hold your cash or do you want RCL holding it in the form of a FCC? "If" this all blows over in the next few months do really think the average Joe is going to be clamoring to get on a cruise ship. I personally don't think they will. If it does blow over just rebook the cruise close to the sail date at what I would bet would be a much lower rate.
  23. They absolutely will as will any other cruise line. https://www.elliott.org/blog/do-not-sail-list-banned-from-cruising/ Your odds of getting something handled are far greater if you catch the billing "error" on board and plead your case while on board. Once you get home your odds of getting cut some slack diminish greatly.
  24. Doing a charge back for charges you did in fact make will not end well.
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