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  1. You have had some great information, and I have enjoyed your information. So I talked with my TA who has been strictly a cruise TA for decades. She is very watchful of Viking right now, they were quite unkind to the TA community over the last year. With so many cancelations over the last year the TAs had a lot of work moving people off of cruises, getting cruise credits or refunds, work they were not getting paid for and while the mass market cruise lines took care of the TAs for all their work, Viking did not. The world has changed, I can't help but wonder that everything we knew about cr
  2. Loved full breakfast delivered to the room, last time we were on Princess they had stopped that, more of a continental breakfast.
  3. you beat me to it, sorry for the duplicate answer
  4. Are you talking the envomask just add a .com to that name
  5. Sounds good, and no worries, it is all about being safe! I just will put on a second mask. Actually surprised about American Airlines - I have a group of people at work, that have had to fly all through COVID and American Airlines has been very lax. 2 different times people have left the flight after boarding because of conditions of too many people on board and not enforcing masks being worn.
  6. So true, to date when I have gone anywhere that is strict about it (most places indoors lol) they usually ask if there is a vent and I just put on a second procedural mask over it . . . so I am thinking when they ask, I will just say there are no open vents and see if that work, if not I will just continue to double mask. no biggie . . all the other features are work it.
  7. I am sorry to say, you did make me chuckle on this one and I felt guilty after I did! LOL
  8. They now have a small cover for the vent, I just ordered that a week ago, so all the venting is now through the filter.
  9. We do have them and they are really great! The gel around the mask makes it really comfortable and keeps glasses from getting fogged up. They don't move on your face, so you don't have to pull them up onto your nose constantly. DH prefers the over the ear, I prefer the over the head. That and how much protection they provide, it was been well worth the price for us!
  10. Nooooo! I booked DH on Spirit once and he said Never Again!
  11. We have those, it is called ENVO - pricey but lovely mask, we love them (as mush as you can enjoy any mask lol). Does not slip off your nose and is highly effective, and no fogging
  12. Viking does look fantastic, but just can't afford that. I know that Princess has changed since Carnival has purchased them, but wondering if anyone has been on a Princess World Cruise in the last 3 or 4 years and what were the good things that you noticed. I was looking at their itinerary and was very excited about it for 2023.
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