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  1. Sad but true when, if, the cruise lines restart there may we’ll be too many ships chasing too few passengers. Cruise lines will start reducing their fleets removing the least efficient ( I.e. profitable ) ships. unfortunately Connie will most likely fall into that category. Pity as she is easily our favorite celebrity ship. Seems fitting that maybe we ( over 70) and Connie have both done our last Celebrity sail.
  2. Well, this being a USA website the assumption is the booking was made under USA rules. If that isn’t the case it would be helpful if the post stated that. My comment was meant as a reflection on the choice people make when booking in a NRD vs RD environment. If you want the lower fare then you assume the risks attached to it.
  3. Commission protection occurs when the cruise is canceled by the cruise-line and the reservation has been paid in full. If a reservation is canceled with the cruise with with confidence program, but has not been paid in full there is no commission protection. most travel agents don’t have a cancellation fee, more my rethink that after this crisis, but those that do clearly state it upfront so clients know what to expect. That now becomes a moral issue to waive or not waive the fee. Remember this currently travel agents are working twice as hard for in many cases no commission. Those two to three hour hold times are real,, and many many cruises that don’t have commission protection are being canceled or rebooked.
  4. Well I would say greed cuts both ways. Wasn’t it greed ( reduced fare) that started this process? The customer had the choice at time of booking to take a NRD or a RD and chose the NRD.
  5. Sorry but you need to look at that post a little closer. Poster stated they were not charged a fee for the May canceled cruise which the TA would have received commission for as the cruise-line canceled. They were charged a fee for the September cancellation which they chose to cancel as the cruise line had not at that point. so the TA receives no commission on that cruise thus per their terms and conditions whicH the poster accepted when he chose to book through them.
  6. I think that’s a good point. Cruising may well be very different when cruise ships start sailing again. what will the experience be like? If the changes are drastic many avid cruisers may decide the new reality of cruising is not for them. Right now it would be difficult to say when anyone would cruise again not knowing what the cruise would be like.
  7. For me it's pretty simple until the doctors note situation goes away we are done cruising, period.
  8. That's not what I said. I stated that the US government could issue a no travel order which makes current protections for americans abroad not available and most likely means US travels could not obtain travel insurance (therefore no excess medical coverage). The US government most likely can't stop US citizens from boarding a cruise ship in a foreign port but can impose conditions making it unlikely that a person would actually chance it.
  9. You are correct. I quote a post when I read it .
  10. News flash, I am not overstating the reach of the US government I believe you are seriously underestimating it. Do you really think any cruise line wants to get in a pissing contest with the US government? You know the government can close our ports, including Alaska and Hawaii to foreign flagged vessels anytime time they want? Translation, cruise line denied entry cruise line out of business.
  11. I would think that would be expensive as they would probably be charged canal transit fees for every lifeboat. It might be cheaper to send them by train.
  12. US may not have jurisdiction anywhere but the US however they have Hugh influence everywhere. Do you honestly think a mainstream cruise line such as RC wants to get in a pissing contest with the CDC? Think about it. RC decides to go against the order and the State department or the coast guard or every other Us Government organization collectively determine that no RC ship will be allowed into a US port maybe forever. I think the threat of that happening would deter Cruise-lines from sailing during the duration of this order. in addition the state department can issue a no travel Order for American citizens relative to cruise ship travel world wide. That one mean if a US passport holder were to board a cruise sailing from a foreign port they would have to do so without the protection of the US government and most likely would not be able to protect their trip with travel insurance. Who, in their sound mind, would board a cruise ship under those terms? Certainly an insufficient number to make the cruise cost effective for the cruise line.
  13. I would like you to tell me how you are seeing prices as being up, these prices for one year from now seem steady or lower. columns are inside, oceanview and balcony and suites. 05APR2021 5 RCC Independence Of The Seas Western Caribbean FLL 458.50 523.50 635.50 848.00 05APR2021 5 CEL Celebrity Infinity Western Caribbean MIA 802.00150 OBC 847.00150 OBC 1,077.00 1,749.00 05APR2021 4 RCC Mariner Of The Seas Bahamas PCN 570.50 650.00 730.00 964.50 05APR2021 4 RCC Navigator Of The Seas Bahamas MIA 534.00 613.50 704.00 994.00 05APR2021 10 RCC Quantum Of The Seas Far East NRT 807.50 870.50 996.50 1,528.50 07APR2021 5 RCC Adventure Of The Seas Western Caribbean GAL 385.50 503.00 639.50 1,091.00 07APR2021 9 RCC Jewel Of The Seas Western Mediterranean BCN 1,248.50 1,348.50 1,698.50 2,578.50 07APR2021 12 CEL Celebrity Silhouette Transatlantic GIG 1,609.00 1,759.00 2,409.00 4,999.00 08APR2021 4 RCC Brilliance Of The Seas Western Caribbean TPA 468.00 515.50 698.50 1,082.50 08APR2021Closed 5 RCC Quantum Of The Seas Far East SIN N/A N/A N/A N/A
  14. Well we will see won't we? since neither of us has a crystal ball we are only expressing an opinion. My thought was simply a cheap way for the cruise lines to raise cash. Oh and they can do both can't they? Why not offer very substantial price reductions, of say 25-50%, for a booking with a 500 or 1000 PP non-refundable deposit? RCL is already offering reduced fares tied to non refundable deposits so there is logic in expanding that approach.
  15. In the coming weeks and moths RCL, and all other cruise lines are going to need serious cash infusions to remain in business. As proved by CCL’s recent credit terms the cost of credit has reached junk bond status and those rates won’t be sustainable. So here’s the food for thought. RCL dramatically drops the price on 2021 and 2022 sailings but ties those price drops to much larger non refundable deposits. Isn’t the best source of interest free cash customer deposits?
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