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  1. Is the Nieuw Amsterdam charted the week of 1/19-1/26/2020?
  2. No problem sorry if I elevated your hopes. Now I just need to go back to reading school!
  3. Yes sir that date is showing closed for all categories. Maybe setting up for a dry dock or a charter . .
  4. Just did a complete booking and had no problem booking a C2 cabin Your Reservation Summary Offered Reservation # 2950937 Date Created: 30 Nov 2018 Shop/Book ChoiceAir 20JAN2019 Celebrity Cruises 14 Nights Celebrity Eclipse South America 2 Resident Disc Total Price (USD): 7,394.80 Taxes & Fees: 596.80 Price includes all guests, taxes, fees and port expenses. Deposit Amount Per Stateroom (USD): 900.00 Due Date: 01DEC2018 Payment Schedule Final Payment Due: 7,394.80 Final Payment Due Date: 01DEC2018 Make Payment
  5. Many cabins available in many categories. I use the celebrity site reserved for travel agents but you could try the celebrity web site or simply call celebrity directly. If you booked through a TA I suggest you call them and have them do the work. Good lick.
  6. It’s available for booking right now with many available cabins.
  7. I don’t think you can bid below the minimum offer.
  8. Did you receive a celebrity guest copy confirmation from your travel agent? It is not possible to book three people in a cabin that will only accommodate two passengers. I know you shouldn't say not possible but really the booking system won't allow it. If the TA didn't send you a Celebrity guest copy ask them for one it will have all the relevant information, cabin number and a cost break down per passenger. Now if there actually was a Celebrity mistake and the guest copy clearly shows three guests it is Celebrity's problem to resolve if it doesn't then it's on your TA. Good luck and I hope it all works out.
  9. Now that not really a fair comparison. The Edge price is for a suite and the infinity price is for an inside.
  10. Well we see how open they are to criticism of the update. As I read it each critical thread has been shut down to further posting. Great way to stifle ideas cruise critic.
  11. So far this "upgrade" is terrible! No improvement that I can see and a lot of negative changes, font. contrast, signatures ect. Hope they can straighten this mess out or they have ruined cruise critic.
  12. bottom where? my screen only shows privacy policy and contact us. Theme link is missing?
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