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  1. Same for us. Received our refund to our credit card in June from a March cancellation. j Saw the same message on my account regarding the FCC. Trying to be patient but I am concerned. Even though I would love to book something , there are just too many unanswered questions.
  2. We cancelled our 35 day trip (scheduled to start in April) in March. At the time we were told 50% refund and 50% FCC. Received the refund to our credit card in mid June. No FCC, told it was being processed. A few weeks ago, a rep at HAL told me she couldnt see it but not to worry. Today on my account it states no FCC available! I called my TA and she is out of the office with an undetermined return. I sent an email to a FCC that I have dealt with before and she is out of the office until Monday. Not feeling good about all of this.
  3. We were on Fanning Island in 2019 with the Eurodam. It is a very interesting place. The locals have tables set up as you get off the tender. They take American dollars. No charge cards, no ATM. Very primitive but we really enjoyed it.
  4. Thank you for posting this. My dad and a few of my uncles were part of the D Day invasion. They like most servicemen of that era, did not often talk of it. The one thing he did say was that so many soldiers drowned because of the equipment and the fact that they could not swim. My dad made sure that myself, my siblings and every other kid in the neighborhood learned to swim very early. I was scheduled to go to Normandy this past April on the Nieu Statendam but the cruise was cancelled die to Corvid.
  5. We received our refunds today. We had cancelled on March 15th for a trip departing 4/19. All paid excursions had been refunded in April. So we are good and now anxious to book again.
  6. I live in Cocoa Beach, ( next to Port Canaveral). Carnival, RC, NCL and Disney are all parked here. The other day, an Oceania ship was here. They go in and out of port but mostly are just lined up across the bay. The captains are probably wondering who that fool is that is waving all the time!
  7. This hotel and the new SpringHill Suites across the street are both brand new hotels in a great location. Home2Suites was initially scheduled to open in April and the Spring Hill Suites in June. They are probably waiting until the restrictions with this virus have lessened. I could be wrong but I think they are accepting future reservations.
  8. Loved this! Thanks for sharing. We are booked on this ship for January of 21. Sure hope it goes!
  9. I would be packing for our TA on the Nieu Statendam to Amsterdam on 4/19. In Amsterdam, we had tickets to Keukenoff Gardens to see the Tulips ( something I have wanted to do for a very long time) Then off to Norway for a week followed by a 14 day thru the Baltics. Arriving home on 5/25. Had booked this a year ago. In all my thoughts of what could change our plans, this was not one of them. Today, I bought tulips at Publix and dream.....
  10. We were booked on a TA followed by a Baltics ( 4/19-5/24). We cancelled on 3/17 and received the TA portion the next day. It was booked as 2 segments. Nothing yet for the remainder. Spoke with my Travel Agent a few days ago, she checked with HAL and was told 60-90 days for the rest. I have received the refund for the excursions.
  11. Welcome Home. Many. many thanks for taking us on this journey. Glad you are safe and I look forward to your next adventure! Rest and be kind to yourself!
  12. Walked 7 miles on the beach today in Cocoa Beach. 5 ships are lined up across the bay with more docked at the port. ( Port Canaveral) They are constantly moving, going out to sea and changing places at the port. Hotels are either closed or very low occupancy. Bars are closed. Restaurants are take out only. Beaches will be closed starting tomorrow from 11am to 4pm. Guess I will be walking early! All beach parking lots have been closed for a week.
  13. Glad to hear you are home. Rest and take care of yourself.
  14. I went to a meeting at Cocoa Beach City hall the other night. One of the Commissioners from Port Canaveral was there. She said that the ships were rotating in and out. They go out 12 miles to dump gray water. The crew is being kept on board and being regulated by Customs and Border Control. I thought this was very strange as I see crew members at BJ`s and Walmart all the time. The port is open to cargo ships. Last nite there were 3 ships, ( 2 Disney. 1 Carnival) anchored off Cocoa Beach. There is another ship there today but I cannot see which one.
  15. Thank You, Thank You for taking us along on your travels. Safe travels home and I look forward to your next adventure!
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