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  1. Good Morning from a warm and breezy day at the beach. Yesterdays storm was a real rainmaker ( badly needed) and some winds. Other areas were hit stronger than us. Love grilled cheese, I consider it a real comfort food along with tomato soup. I also grew up in Massachusetts and we would go to Mt Washington every summer. Always real windy. Dont remember it not being very windy. I volunteer at our library. Mostly offsite stuff at this point. We have been open for awhile but numbers are way down and all programs are on hold. Hats off to the workers who go in ever
  2. Good Morning Everyone from an overcast day at the beach. We are under a severe thunderstorm watch with high winds. We badly need the rain so hopefully it will just pan out to be a good rainmaker. DH just moved some of my plants that could get blown over ( or away). We were going to barbecue today but I guess I will have to come up with something else. 8 track tapes! Have not heard that in a long time. Had quite a few back in the day. Probably still have some somewhere. Love all the pictures. Would love to get to Keukenoff someday. We were scheduled to go there
  3. Good Afternoon Everyone from a warm and sunny day at the beach. Very late to the party today. DS asked me last nite to play golf with him this morning. He said it would help his arm that was sore from yesterdays vaccine. LOL. Had a good time. Have been to several ports in Mexico but not that one. Enjoyed the pictures. Today is Saturday so it is pizza day followed by Lawrence Welk on PBS. I know I am really dating myself but DD loves the music. Be safe and enjoy today. Charlene
  4. A very Happy Anniversary to you. Hope you enjoy many more.
  5. What a wonderful day/ Happy Birthday and Anniversary ! Enjoy your day tomorrow.
  6. Good Morning Everyone from a warm and sunny day at the beach I enjoy zoos. It is really the only way for us to see some of these beautiful animals. Only been to Japan on a layover on the way to Singapore. So would love to see the pictures. Happy Birthday Sandi to you and your twin! Hope you have a wonderful day and a great and healthy year! Going to play golf today with a couple of friends. Have to try out my new golf sandals. Stay safe and enjoy today
  7. Good Morning Everyone from a warm and sunny day at the beach. Love caramel popcorn, although have not had any in quite awhile. Have not been to Greenland. Love to see any pictures. I am happy to see the celebration list longer than the care list! Debbie- that is a good story about your neighbor. Reminds me of growing up in New England, if someone went someplace, whoever was there went also. My grandfather was like the Pied Piper as he walked down everyday to check the building of the new church and school. Good Memories. StLouisCruisers- good luck with car
  8. Good Morning everyone from a bright and sunny day at the beach No Tartans here and I am not a beer lover. Like many others, I have been to Aruba a few times on a cruise. Since Florida opened up the vaccines to everyone , I was able to schedule both of my kids ( adult) for shots on Friday. Very happy! My DD is disabled and I have kept her ( and us) very isolated. Once I made the appointment, I went online and ordered Frommers guide to Australia and New Zealand. We are booked to go there in the fall of 22. So more optimistic! Hopefully something to really look forward
  9. Thank You ! Actually they have filmed here a couple of times. It is a small beach town on the barrier islands. Most of the time it is pretty quiet.
  10. Good Morning Everyone from a bright and sunny day at the beach. The ocean is blue again, instead of that steely gray it has been the last few days. Hopefully the weather will continue to improve. Although compared to most of you, I cannot complain! Another port I have not been to, I am beginning to feel quite sheltered! LOL I love pizza of any type. Not a fan of bacon. My nephew surprised me yesterday with a pair of golf sandals! An early Birthday present. I have been wanting a pair for about a year. Such a good "kid"! Off to water aerobi
  11. Good Morning Everyone from a bright and sunny day at the beach. Happy Easter to all that are celebrating. We are not fans of ham so we are having prime rib. Have not been to Italy so looking forward to the pictures. Went to sunrise services on the beach this morning with my niece. It was very well done and the winds are gone. So it was quite comfortable. DH had breakfast waiting for us when we returned. Nice surprise! Stay safe and enjoy today.
  12. Good Morning Everyone from a cool and overcast day at the beach At least the wind has died down . I love the taste of lemon anything. It is one of my favorite flavors, so the meal suggestion is a good one. Never been to Spain. Looking forward to the pictures. Was disappointed with the latest guidance from the CDC regarding cruise ships. It was sad watching the Disney ship sail across the harbor this morning. But must stay optimistic! So soon!! Be safe and enjoy today
  13. Good Morning from a cool and windy day at the beach Love Peanut butter and jelly. Could eat it everyday. I cancelled water aerobics today, there were whitecaps on the pool. Just too windy. Hard to believe this is April, more like January. Believe it or not, I have been to todays port! But no good pictures. Our friends called last nite and wanted us to join them on the Carnival Mardi Gras in November. We said No. Ship is toooo big! I will wait for HAL. Our stores are all open today. Publix is closed on Easter. Probably the only one that closes.
  14. Good Morning everyone from a warm and sunny day at the beach. Happy Fools Day! Hard to believe it is April already! Have never been to New Zealand but will be going there in 2022. Hopefully!! DH has spent a lot of time there for work but I was never able to go. We have friends who live in Christchurch and up until this past year, we saw them quite often here. Not going very far today, The place is jammed with visitors. Its crazy. People come here from everywhere and then complain how lax Florida is! The locals follow the guidelines. Stay safe and enjoy tod
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