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  1. Is there a microwave in the break room at your workplace? Has it been cleaned since it was purchased? Probably looking pretty nasty by now I bet. It is easy to clean, the problem is most don't get cleaned. And the USPH is pretty strict, so I suspect they would require very frequent cleanings, if not cleaning between each use, of any microwave that passengers could use at their leisure.
  2. You are more right than you give yourself credit for. In most states, retailers have to buy from a distributor. As a retailer, NCL would need to buy from a distributor. Now the duty free thing may throw it off, not sure if they are serving duty free alcohol and if so are they still required to buy from a distributor and not the manufacturer/importer.
  3. I know quite a few people that happened to when we started cruising. Personally we almost never drank on the ship until we got the UBP for free on our first NCL cruise, but a lot of our friends cruised Carnival and came home with drink bills that were more than the cruise fare.
  4. Ehh.. its not that hard to clean a microwave. That said, I doubt it would ever be acceptable to USPH. I suspect if passengers had access to it and it was in a shared area, they'd probably want it completely cleaned between each and every use to avoid any cross contamination. Also everything would probably have to be heated to over 140 F to be outside the danger zone.
  5. Thanks, I plan to. And I'll probably forget to even look for tax stamps on the bottles. Although I am thinking of posting while I am on board. Gotta get the internet this time for work.
  6. When I booked mine, Free at Sea was cheaper than Sailaway. Also, I was comparing against Carnival and I could find nothing remotely comparable that was cheaper, in fact most were more and I would have had to purchase alcohol or the Cheers Package too. It really just depends upon when you can sail, where from, what itinerary and what promotions are being run.
  7. I'm glad you mentioned that, duty free prices for their alcohol. I'm going to have to look and see if any of the bottles have a tax stamp on them. Also, with the volume they buy, they have to get rock bottom pricing too. Does anyone know in Florida if you have to buy from a distributor or if you can buy direct from the manufacturer/importer?
  8. I was thinking the same thing. They probably had to collect them from all the guest staterooms for dinner service.
  9. Actually... There are plenty of lower cuts of meat, although you rarely if ever see them served in a restaurant. I don't think even cheap chains serve lower than choice as a steak or anything other than ground or stewed, braised, etc.. Its possible that NCL is buying Select or even lower cuts, but unlikely.
  10. I'll probably regret saying this, but... What the passenger contract says, and what is advertised aren't even in the same universe. I get passenger safety is paramount and sometimes adjustments must be made to ports. In fact, not only do I get it, I appreciate it and I'm glad this is the case. However, no line should say, "Yeah well, contract merely says we have to transport you and feed you, everything else is optional."
  11. I love how everyone seemed to move to smaller and shallower pans a few years ago. It seems better on so many levels, the food stays warmer and fresher and there is less waste.
  12. Depending upon your perspective it makes perfect sense. Marketing's job is to get people to try the product. Once operations delivers, they should be hooked and continue to come back time and time again. Considering how many people hit the higher loyalty levels, it seems that this works across the board in the cruising industry. Then the promotions have to be just good enough to keep people abandoning en mass for a competing line's promotions.
  13. Seems like bingo, but poorly attended. Maybe it is a staff meeting and she just happened to have a bingo card in hand for some reason? But yeah, you'd think the curtain would be down if it was bingo.
  14. Isn't Burn the Floor Monday and Tuesday? It looks like it really takes a day to swap out sets. I guess they leave it alone on Saturday and Sunday with the effort directed towards embarking and disembarking guests. I find it surprising it takes NCL so long to change sets.
  15. Staff on land gets paid American wages with American taxes and benefits, plus a profit for the caterer. It would be extremely difficult to get the cost lower. People saying this just do not realize the economies of scale you get in a large kitchen. It is just like at home, unless you are completely willing to sacrifice quality, you can't buy prepared food for less than it costs to prepare. A large kitchen just takes this further. All those difficult sauces, etc. that need special ingredients and are kind of expensive to prepare at home aren't in a large kitchen because you will use an entire container, as in a 5 gallon container.
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