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  1. Viking agents are not the most knowledgeable about their own product. Ask 3 agents the same question and get 4 different answers.
  2. Linda- Your (our) Barcelona to San Juan TA is not really sold out. When Viking determined that all 2021 cruises will be "Welcome Back", they held back some cabins. The ship will not sail full. But it will be pretty close to one.
  3. You will soon be told how great getting a Guarantee is. My experience it was not good. Viking doesn't accept the industry wide understanding as to what a Guarantee means. Call Viking and ask if the cabin assignment is a random process assigned by their "computers". Meaning, you might get an upgrade but you can also be assigned a random cabin in your purchased category, even though higher priced cabins are still available. Sometimes it's best to pick your cabin.
  4. Lew, It's just my worthless opinion, but unless Viking marketed these three cruises as one, you have 3 distinct cruises. There is no benefit for you booking it as one. Without even considering the OBC, how does this scenario sound to you- If you already booked the cruise you have received Viking's generous offer of canceling much closer to the actual sail date. What happens if we still must deal with Covid and you get sick, or if perhaps there is some other need to cancel one these cruises at the beginning or end? Perhaps your travel insurance won't cover it. I booked two cruises with a 4 day gap in between. It also has different cities where I embarked/disembarked. My Viking agent wanted to call it one cruise. Bottom line- It's booked as two separate cruises. Just my opinion.
  5. On a recent Sea cruise, all the restaurants opened at 5:30pm. We had dinner at 6:15/6:30 at the Restaurant a couple of nights. Not busy and it made for a relaxing dinner. But it might have been rushed because the kitchen wasn't busy.
  6. I was on the August 30th Sea sailing out of Malta. 1-I received an e-mail from Viking, like 3 days before of the change. When asked why, Viking was coy. 2-Because of the late change, they added two optional tours at the last minute. Nothing like making money when you are giving your passengers less. I believe all the other tours were available on both days. 3- Yes. all of Croatia was open to explore on your own. A couple of thoughts- Dubrovnik city wall walk can be done on your own. Suggest early morning. It's about $30 US dollars Gozo- See the Citadel on your own or optional tour. Very interesting for a small island. Unfortunately, you don't spend a lot of time there. In Sibenik after the included tour we went up to see St. Michael's Fortress. It was a nice walk but there is not a lot to see inside. I believe that it was about $10.
  7. Just off the Sea the other day. The fitness center is open from 6 am to 8 pm. And is generally empty, except for the sea days when there is activity. I will also add that I did not "sea" staff consistently cleaning the used machines. They would come by to add a clean towel or replenish the water. No appointments were necessary.
  8. And let me expand upon my experience on the Viking Sea. Just back from the world Cafe. The place was empty and we sat outside. Service was poor. And I'm being kind. On other Viking sailings I never had the need to stick out my leg to get service. You almost do here. I will now say only 25% of crew acknowledge your presence. But all is not bad. Food at dinner is excellent. We have used the same station i The Restaurant because of a waiter called Evidence. Yes, Evidence. He is in the very back of ship. Two incredible bartenders are Gede in the Explorer's lounge and Iskra in the Atrium bar. The ports are interesting. Please...feel free to disagree with anything I wrote.
  9. Sorry GMA1, So there are not presently 125 Brits. It's 28. That comes from the Guest Services manager. Imagine, the Montenegro port was canceled for only 28 passengers. Screw the rest of Us! I use the word screw as a nautical term.
  10. Happy you think so. I don't. My stateroom had a half open bottle of tonic in frig. Hairs in a bath room drawer, dirty carpet and was missing airbugs for Quitevox. Perhaps half the crew acknowledge you with a hello. The security crew always smile. All the Jupiter crew in Iceland last month did. Bar service is good not great. The food at dinner has been excellent. Enjoy the rest of your cruise. And do you know the real story why we didn't do Montenegro?
  11. On the Viking Sea now. Waiting to enter Dubrovnik. I must say that I am very disappointed with the level of service on the ship. Food has been great. Service not so. I hope the home office reads those questionnaires. I hope to write more when home.
  12. Same policies will be in place for our Transatlantic! Please don't think of cancelling!
  13. Dear "Worldtraveler", No, I did not miss your point. I have 4 ocean cruises this year. For two of them I heard the recording first about 60 days. I ignored it, then booked my air with an Air Plus agent. It would be crazy to wait till 60 days to book your air. You have a choice to make. Those are my thoughts.
  14. Thanks Kent. You and JeriGail are just "beautiful people". Phil.....maybe. 🙂
  15. What everyone will tell you, is that you just need to call Air Plus and book your flights. Enough said.
  16. Hi JeriGail, On the cruise "we" are taking together, I am in PV2- 5014. Could you please tell me the layout? Thanks!
  17. The short of it- Just call the Air Plus Department. Don't contact your Viking agent or TA for this. Ignore the recording about 60 days. Give the Air Plus person your booking number and ask what other flights are available. They will speak to you and if available, make the change to your flights. Before you call, check on Goggle flights or some other platform, what other flights are available. The whole purpose of paying extra for Air Plus, is to have an input into selecting those flights you researched previously.
  18. You just made my hot, miserable day better! Thank you for the news.
  19. Question about transportation to and from port. I do not have Viking transfers. I arranged my air independently and did not purchase transfers from Viking. Apparently the taxi fare from the airport is fixed at 17 euros. You purchase a transfer at the airport. My question is about the return to the airport. Are there taxis at the pier. Do you buy a transfer first? Or perhaps you can purchase a round trip transfer at the airport? Anyone with any first hand experience would be helpful. Thanks
  20. I'm sorry to ask such a basic question- For the Malta and Adriatic Jewel cruises- Are we in a Viking bubble for these cruises? I hear that Croatia is open and want to know if this applies to Viking passengers. Thanks
  21. The Viking TA policy is very clear. Heidi13 was kind enough to provide you a link. You don't need to find a good travel agent to get the maximum allowable shipboard credit. You just need to find an agent who wishes to stay in business!
  22. Is it appropriate to tip the Captain of the ship?
  23. I notice that Viking no longer carries Christiana vodka in this bar. The Norwegian Cosmo had Christiana and now has "Viking Vodka". When I first tried it with Christiana it was "heavenly".
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