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  1. Looks good with the numbers, although I am perplexed as to why my mother in law who is 95 has not yet been contacted at all yet?
  2. Due to sail on her on 25th May 2021, wishful thinking maybe. Picture of her arriving in the North East https://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/news/19014496.watch-p-os-azura-arrives-port-tyne/
  3. we will both be having it (both 63) so will have to wait. We have booked for May so hopefully will be all done before then. Anyone got thoughts on whether the P&O or any others will say you have to have had the vaccine (Certainly in the short term) before you can cruise.
  4. Yeah just booked for July 2022, £150 deposit so not exactly putting money in coffers. Prices are excellent though Booked last month for May 2021 again small deposit, I think with the vaccine news I may well pay for this one
  5. We are booked on her end of May, lets hope we finally get a chance to enjoy crusing again by then.
  6. Finally sorted for me. Day 102 for me, but cheque finally arrived today. A part of me is pleased I got into the 100 club because in cricketing times it much better than being out in the nineties. I did issue the legal threat 10 days ago and got an email in reply saying I would recieve my cheque within 10 days, it came with 7 days. Good luck to those still chasing in particular those who have waited longer tham myself.
  7. Thanks for that, I will be starting my legal claim online if nothing recieved by this Friday.
  8. Day 92 for me, can you confirm it is Carnival PLC you list as the defendant rather than P&O Cruises IK
  9. I paid deposit by credit card, but balance by debit card. I did however go through a travel agent so Im not sure how that will work.
  10. Finally managed to get someone to answer the phone at P&O. They informed me the latest mail was a mistake and I should have recived the cheque by now. Supposedly it is being escilated, I wonder where I have heard that before. I got the normal working from home, cheques only printed twice a week. Yes all paid upmonths before, travel Insurance is a route to possibly look at, but I guess until I get an absolute no from P & O they will just back heel me.
  11. Well al bets are off just now recieved this from P&O. I have never requested FCC, and did not have any correspondence with P&O until I recieved notification of the cancellation of my cruise on 30th March Firstly, we would like to thank you for your patience and would like to apologise for the time it has taken for us to respond to guest refund requests. The impact of Covid-19 upon our business has been extremely significant, and the complexity and scale of this task has meant it has taken us a lot longer than we would have liked. Unfortunately, we have be
  12. Recieved this on 8th June Thank you for your email. Please accept our sincere apologies for the delay in our reply. I can confirm that your refund request has now been escalated to our finance team. This will be actioned for you as soon as possible and you should expect your refund to be with you within around 10 days if not before. Thank you for your understanding during this challenging time. Kind regards Scot Guest Services P&O Cruises Now we are 15 days on from the email and 83 days from when I submitted the claim. Im going for the 100 club
  13. Now day 78, ten days up tomorrow🤡🤡
  14. No it went straight to my inbox. Heres hoping the cheque goes straight to my letterbox😁😁
  15. Wow looks great, Lockdown for some as proved quite productive.
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