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  1. Got notification recently about my cancelled cruise in December, disappointing but I understand. They said they would contact me re refund or credit another cruise within 10 days, this they did on the 9th day and refund recieved today on the 12th Day. The shortest wait I had forrefunds from my previous 3 cancelled cruises with other cruise companies was 3 months.
  2. Ive just bit the bullet and paid my balance for my cruise on Explorer 2 in December. I like others will just have to wait and see what the next few months brings
  3. Thanks Pete those videos are very good and informative. We are hoping to be on Explorer for the 1st time in December (covid permitting). Is the verandah area on the ship an exclusive area or for anyone on borad?
  4. 2 days to go before we board. Cant wait to get bcak cruising albeit a very short one. (shame we cant visit anywhere). Really cant complain though looking at the forecast for the next week😎😎😎😎
  5. I have just replaced this with a 4 nighter on Britannia which leaves 18th July. I can but hope this one goes
  6. I have bit the bullet and replaced my cancelled Cunard Cruise with a 4 night trip on Britannia, which leaves the day before. Lets hope this one doesnt go the same way.
  7. Sadly just received notification that the 19th July is cancellled. Gutted!!!! Since March 2020 our priority has been to work with public health, medical and scientific experts as well as industry bodies and various Government departments to put in place an approved framework of protocols to protect the health and wellbeing of our crew, guests and the communities we visit, both during our pause in operations and once we begin sailing. These protocols, of which we are very proud, have proven to be very effective and we had no cases of Covid-19 in over 5,000 crew members until last month when a small number of cases were identified amongst new crew boarding the ship. Working with Southampton Port Health we have taken steps to successfully contain the situation and one of these actions has been to limit new crew joining the ship. This has meant we will not be able to complete final essential preparations or deliver our comprehensive training schedule to the full contingent of crew prior to our first few scheduled sailings as we return to service. Therefore, I am very sorry, but your voyage will have to be cancelled. We know how much everyone has been looking forward to these coastal holidays but we will not sail until we are ready to deliver the Cunard experience you’d expect. After such a long period it is critical that all our crew are trained in the new procedures and refreshed in the very special White Star service which makes a Cunard voyage so memorable.
  8. We are on the 1st sailing 19th July. We will still be going, we have to start living our lives again
  9. Ah Ok thanks for that, its raises my hope a little that my cruise in Dceember will go ahead. You would have thought they would have put all the latest news in one statement
  10. Try turning off pop ups it worked for me.
  11. I think its now safe to say my cruise on the ship from Montego on 7th December is not going ahead. Equally those sailing from mid November from the same place arent going. You would think they would cancel them all unless they are going to sail the ship down empty
  12. Ive had the same issues although I was trying to complete online details for the QE (Same useless system) I finally got the payment sorted, I just kept trying. I did have a problem with downloading the E tickets & Boarding Pass, but sorted that by inblocking pop ups.
  13. I thought that they would be leaving a disposable mask every evening, and a bag for the used one. I think I saw that MSC were doing it, so assume PO would do the same.
  14. Not so it also reduces the chances of you passing it on if you do get it. It is outrageous if true they are not checking vaccinations if it is a requirement of the cruise
  15. Sorry to hear you are still having problems. This works for me but I guess you have already found it not working for you. https://www.tui.co.uk/destinations/your-account/login
  16. QE on 19th July is showing available although the price has gone up since yesterday
  17. Funnily enough we have just booked a QE cruise 19th July, your right good prices.
  18. We have just booked on the 19th for 4 nights, its been 9 years since we have last sailed on her, lets hope Covid doesnt spoil it all.
  19. Based on this surely the other ships will be cancelled. We are on the explorer in December, so after seeing this Ive changed my optimism from 50/50 to 90/10 against. My guess is they are cancelling one ship at a time so to spread out the workload for refunds etc.
  20. About time they come into the tech world. I assume this will be available across the fleetnot just the new ships
  21. Sorted my deluxe cabin 'B' Deck on the Aurora online at 8-35 no problem.
  22. Thanks for the replies, if we get to go (lets hope) I will pack my Tux and some clourful dickie bows!!
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