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  1. Thanks for this informative post!
  2. No I use a CDN agent. I have been able to buy Celebrity insurance anytime. Obviously that is what I will do. My point was the lack of communication from Celebrity and to let other CDNs know that they too will have to look elsewhere for their insurance needs.
  3. I don’t know if they cancelled insurance for booked clients....I would hope not as I think that might cause a huge uproar!! In my case, they just wouldn’t offer it.
  4. I have travelled a few times with Celebrity and love it. I used their cruise medical insurance which I added before FP. While on a cruise last year, I booked a Caribbean cruise for 2020. When I went to add their insurance last week, I was told they no longer offer insurance to Canadians! First question - Why not? Second question - Wouldn’t it have been a nice gesture for Celebrity to let their booked clients know this fact when they changed their policy? It’s not like they don’t send notices for other reasons. Just this week alone, I have had 8 emails trying to sell me more cruises and deals!! I switched from another cruise line to Celebrity because they seemed to have much better customer service but now I’m not so sure I made the right choice!
  5. Drake, just saw this on CC. Looks amazing! We will be in St Croix early next year. 2 questions......cab ride there, how long and how much? Also, from the link to the website.....reads no stakes in the ground for shade umbrellas, but 1 of the pictures show a personal umbrella staked on the beach. Can we bring shade umbrellas or not, do you know? Thanks so much!
  6. THANK YOU everyone!! Now I am good to go!!
  7. Internet.......please and thankyou.
  8. Yes, I mean HAL’s website. It has been a few years since we travelled with them and back then they only had a price per day. I can’t see anything on their website that gives pricing by the voyage. Even the CC roll call for our voyage doesn’t have clear pricing. Someone there suggested I try the main board.
  9. Hello, We are heading out in March on the Eurodam, 28 day cruise. Can anyone out there tell me if the internet pricing is only daily or is there a package that covers the entire voyage? If so, what are the $$ figures? Thanks!
  10. Just to update everyone......I received a call from Corporate today and they are putting the cost of the shore excursion back on my credt card. They do read letters and do respond. Nicely done Celebrity!
  11. We saw this show on the Royal Feb 16. It was absolutely fabulous! Great entertainment...don’t miss it!
  12. Thanks to everyone for your feedback. Live and learn for me and I will take your comments to heart. To address some of them.....I wrote yesterday to Celebrity CEO....other than this issue, loved ABCs! We did day pass at Hilton Curacao which was great.....and eandj, you are right - having liquor does not make it a typical booze cruise, but the loud music and dancing from the open bar deck didn’t help matters....also, there were 5 of us who went to shore excursion desk to complain immediately after the tour. Next time, I will push while on board ship. Thanks again all!!
  13. We recently booked a sunset tour on our overnight in Curacao through the Celebrity Eclipse. We picked it over a private excursion because most of the private ones appeared to be ‘booze cruises’. Celebrity’s description made no mention of food or drink and noted we would enjoy an ocean sunset after touring the inner harbour.....not so!! After an hour touring outside the harbour (with many enjoying the open bar, so it was a booze cruise after all), we did go through the floating bridge at 6pm to the inner harbour.....and ended up in the industrial part of the harbour. We saw oil storage tanks, a metal scrapyard, freighters and cranes. We did not make it out of there for sunset so our sunset pics are not at all what we had hoped and paid for. The tour operator employee on our upper level deck even apologized to us when the captain announced we would not be getting out in time. She noted it was wrong, had even gone below to tell him he needed to turn around in order to make the 6:44pm sunset. We complained to the shorex desk and showed them our sunset pics when we returned and were given a 15% refund! Not acceptable. :mad:
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