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  1. And should one of you have been given ship board credit that you wish to share with the other you can go to passenger services and move credits and charges back and forth. I've sailed with my sister many times and it was no problem at all. Jackie
  2. That's very good to know, I would never had thought of going to my bank or credit union for this. Next time I will stop by and see if they can fax the request. I've been snail mailing it over the years. Jackie
  3. There is a roll call for this cruise, come join it: regarding receiving the medallion in the mail, I'm guessing it only automatically is sent to those who have previously cruised on a medallion sailing because I had to request it through the app after taking a picture of myself for security and taking a picture of my passport. So without a smartphone you will have to wait until at the pier.
  4. Also free laundry. Very useful if not Elite. Jackie
  5. The Grand does not have a thermal spa, just steam rooms and sauna open to anyone.
  6. We had selected our preferences online before our cruise but they were not in our cabin when we arrived. A quick note to our stewardess (didn't notice the lack of bottles when we first met her) and they were delivered that day. Jackie
  7. I didn't book in advance for TK pre-cruise on the Encore. One day the menus for the other dining places didn't thrill so I called guest services in the late afternoon. They were able to fit the two of us in at a good time for us. Once was actually enough for me. My husband would not have minded going back but we liked what was on offer at the other dinner spots and never found another day to go to the TK Grill. Jackie
  8. You will need to call Princess directly in order to use your credits for another person. You can not do it online. But other than that, you can use them. Do you have the other party's booking number?
  9. Did you take Andrew's tour? We booked the train tour in Dunedin but are still considering this tour instead. The cancellation fee if booked online has prevented us so far from booking with Exploring New Zealand.
  10. Me too, printed them out, attached luggage tags but kept checking online to see if cabin changed. Twice now I've had to reprint everything as I was upgraded days before the cruise. The upgrades were welcome and it's just paper (and ink) Jackie
  11. Thank you. I'll be on the Encore so that works well. Looking forward to it all.
  12. Great thread. I'm making a list of the drinks I'd like to try. I have a question, can one get a drink at the TK Grill bar if one isn't dining there? The menu at the TK Grill doesn't thrill me so we may not have a dinner there but I sure do want to try the Old Cuban and now the Flame of Love is on my list. Jackie
  13. I second the suggestion to fill out comment cards and if you can, give specific examples of how they went above and beyond. I did that for one assistant waiter who, on top of being friendly and helpful, did go above and beyond when another staff member messed something up (not either person's fault) On my next cruise on the same ship I found out that the assistant waiter had been promoted to full waiter, I'd like to think my comment card (and probably others) helped in that promotion.
  14. What is the name of the company? The picture doesn't mention or have a website shown. It sounds interesting and a good value. As I'm there after you, I hope you post back after your cruise and we can later compare experiences on the Pacific Northwest. Jackie (jseagal @ sonic dot net)
  15. I received free gratuities for booking onboard once. I already knew I planned to book the cruise so was delighted to hear there was an extra perk above the promotion at the time. This isn't always the case but it doesn't hurt to ask. Jackie
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