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  1. I recall reading a post about the change of furniture in the Sanctuary. I realize that not everyone enjoys this place of peaceful relaxation the way that I do, but now that I am on the ship, I understand the disappointment of the previous post. They were clearly looking to update and provide a more sleek and modern esthetic. On that point, they succeeded; however, the furniture is low to the ground (making it difficult for older passengers) and the loungers are quite uncomfortable (no armrests, hard "cushion"). Side tables have been removed. Cabanas have been added, and all but 3 loungers on the front row are reserved for use by the cabanas. The 12 loungers in the front area get very little shade, but the attendants have been kind to move ours back into shade when the sun gets to be too much. Interestingly, this is the lowest usage I have ever experienced. Three of us are here today, a port day I realize, and I've seen a cabana reserved only once for a half-day - leaving all of the shaded "loungers" unused. Having sailed on both the Regal and the Royal already this year, this is a stark contrast. We have spoken to one officer already and he said this was not the first time to hear this. I hesitate to call this a complaint as I am booked for the entire cruise and happy to have a peaceful, quiet place to spend the days; however, I am hopeful that the choice of furniture will be reconsidered prior to the removal of the more comfortable, accessible, shaded furniture on other ships.
  2. I am currently on the Regal. I bought the band on Amazon and it does fit. I like it better than the lanyard. A couple of times I have had an issue because some hand-held devices used by the crew have a recess in them, and the lanyard set up works better. It's not a big deal. The flat pads used for most purchases and for getting on and off work great with the wristband. We love the medallion experience. Lots of Medallion crew are still onboard working out some glitches, but it will be difficult to cruise on a ship without it going forward. I'm a fan!
  3. I am on the Regal now. The unlimited internet is the BEST! I am Platinum, but I purchased the 59.99 pre cruise offer since I characteristically spend double that while onboard for terrible internet. The service is exceptional and a true game changer for me. No more panic about forgetting to log out. No waiting for websites to load. I am a happy camper.
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