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  1. I'll add my experience and a little of what I heard. People who showed up early were sent to pier 90, then were assigned groups for boarding which if I remember right started a little before 5? Sounds like most of these people were never notified of the time change, I know no one from my group of 3 cabins was told. i only found out by reading it here. We delayed our arrival until about 5:00, parking at the pier. Upon arrival they wouldn't let us in the parking lot, so we found a place to wait them out and luckily they opened the parking lot in about 10 minutes. Seems like the late arrivals were ushered directly onto the boat instead of being sent to a waiting area. Walking through security was a breeze, the line to check in and get cards was a little longer, but after that we were sent directly on the boat. I believe when we boarded they had just called group 13? so people who got there early had to wait longer than us to board. We went from parking a little after 5 to being seated in the dining room a little after 6, so we definitely lucked out and got through super fast.
  2. I wouldn't wait that long.,. It's crowded but we're moving. Nobody is going crazy. I'd be nervous of being too late waiting till 7. They just called boarding group 5.
  3. So is parking not open yet? We're confused and they waved us past
  4. I did a mock booking through NCL and noticed the total price was only $60 more than my current total, so I called my TA and they processed the upgrade for $60. I had bid $160 more through the upgrade program but I don't think those aren't being processed yet for my sailing (in 1 month)
  5. It's weird that they allow prices to drop below what someone's bid is without accepting that bid first. I had a small upgrade bid of $160 ($80pp) to go from balcony to mini-suite. Today the price dropped so that it only cost me $60 ($30 pp) directly and canceled my upgrade bid. I guess they didn't want the extra $100 I was willing to pay.
  6. No, unfortunately they don't allow any changes unlike some other lines. Your options are either a paid upgrade at posted prices or trying to upgrade through the bidding program.
  7. I struggled to find a similar topic to ask this question in, but how are paid upgrades supposed to work when you've got a 3rd person in the room when it comes to the free additional guest promotions? In my specific scenario, we're inside the penalty period. We originally booked a guarantee sail away rate with 3 people, so 3rd guest is paid for and not free. I saw a specific cabin I was willing to pay the upgrade for, which also includes the free perks. However, in trying to process the upgrade we were told the 3rd passenger is treated as a cancellation since they were a paid guest and would now be free under the promotion. The cancellation of the 3rd guest fare caused an additional $99 penalty ($399 * 25% penalty) beyond the total fare difference so we didn't do the upgrade. Does that sound right? I know sometimes you get a different answer depending on who you talk to so I want to make sure I got accurate information.
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