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  1. I have read through the threads on this spirited topic. I have read and read. In one comment from a few months ago, someone said they asked for butter in the MDR and was told that it was not available. They said they used the cheese tray to eat with the bread. I just have one simple yes/no question for recent cruisers. Is there butter available in the MDR during mealtimes?
  2. My two cents are more port related. If Costa Maya is a port option, I love Maya Chan. You can look them up to see. The water isn't the best if you are looking for clear water, it has a lot of sea grass. But the place is fantastic! It's a cool hangout for a relaxing day with an open bar and a very tasty lunch. My daughters still talk about it. We are going again on a 5-day in March. When we are Cozumel, we do Nachi Cocom which I love (booked again, also and it will be my 5th time) but if I had to choose one, Maya Chan would be it.
  3. I have been to Nachi Cocom 4 times and have seen very few kids. There are less activities for them than some of the other beaches so it offers a great relaxing visit for adults. 😁 If you go, and I cannot stress this enough, get the vanilla ice cream for dessert. I am not a vanilla ice cream person, to me it's more like the plate to hold toppings if I do have to eat it. But this ice cream now occurs in my dreams. As soon as I know I have a cruise booked that goes to Cozumel, I book Nachi. Every time.
  4. I have reviewed the boards and the Carnival site but cannot find an answer to my question. I am hoping this thread is close enough to the topic. My inquiry is not about the Pixels package but about digital copies. On the Carnival site, they list the digital options as either being to your personal device (I would imagine this means on my phone with the HUB app) or a copy on a memory stick. Do they provide the memory stick? If not, do they sell them or should I bring my own? I would appreciate any direction for those in the know. 😁
  5. I left my ipod and headphones on a cruise. After several weeks, they were found. It cost $30 to have it shipped back to me. I think the packaging for a bear may be higher than that. I would check to see the shipping cost before deciding whether or not you really want your bear.
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